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    Vegas, Baby!

    I'm getting on a plane in a couple of hours to go to Vegas for a work seminar. Some good things so far: Able to pack everything I need in one carryon bag, because my clothes don't take up as much space. Not worried about who I'll be sitting next to or if I'll make them uncomfortable. Some not-so-good things so far: Nobody to go with me. Some maybe good things: I've lined up a date for while I'm there. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Some not-so-good things: What happens in Vegas sometimes shows up on youtube! LOL!
  2. It's a financial issue. The surgeon gets 100% of the fee schedule rate for the sleeve surgery. Any other procedure done during the same operating session, that is even vaguely related, he gets 50% of the fee schedule rate. If there is a third procedure done during the same session, for some insurances, he gets 25% of the fee schedule rate. Schedule them on different days, he gets full fee. It's called the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction rule. Getting around the "vaguely related" premise would mean having a sleeve done and having a broken leg set during the same operating session, for example.
  3. Sharon1964

    I'm calling BS

    I had sex a week after a C-section. My husband wasn't too keen on the idea, but I told him to lay on his back, put his knees together, tip his hips, and shut the hell up. He did as told. I unintentionally sprayed him with milk. I did not take pictures.
  4. We've all experienced the typical ways of not fitting into the world... restaurant booths, airplane seats, amusement park rides, chairs with arms, student desks, regular sized blood pressure cuffs, etc. Friday I had to have a cardiac stress test in order to get cardiac clearance for VSG surgery. It's one of the last steps I have before getting insurance approval. In the nuclear medicine area of my doctor's office, there is a waiting room with a little alcove where they put the IV port in. There is no door on this alcove. I can hear everything the tech is saying to each person as he explains the procedure and puts in the IV and then sends them back to the waiting room.. Most of the people there are over 65 or so, and I know some of them are hard of hearing, just from observing them in the waiting room. I'm 50, and definitely not hard of hearing. So when it's my turn, and the tech stars his spiel, I stop him and tell him I've heard him give it about four times now. Then suddenly he stops, and in that same loud voice, says he's not sure I'll fit into the imaging machine. So when there is an empty machine he takes me in there to make sure I'm going to fit. It does, just barely, go over me. When I come out of that room to go back to the alcove, every eye in the waiting room is on me. I don't get embarrassed easily, and being fat doesn't embarrass me. I wasn't embarrassed that everyone knew that I might be too fat for the machine... they all have eyes, they can all see how big I am. Normally, I would have schooled the person on how they should treat fat people, so that other fat people aren't embarrassed. But for some reason, this time I didn't. I'm not really sure why. I have a followup appointment in two weeks and I might bring it up then. Anyway, yet another example of how I don't fit into the world. That's my main reason for getting the surgery, I want to fit into the world.
  5. I feel like I should say something brilliant, but I got nuthin.

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      come on Sharon... you can do it.... Dig deep girl

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      You! Where ya been? Wait, I can guess. The burn marks will fade in time.

  6. Sharon1964

    I need a MUCH better fig leaf!

    I'm disappointed in all of you. DISAPPOINTED I TELL YOU!!! Four pages, and NO ONE said "what this thread needs is some personal photos". FOUR PAGES! You all make me sad. My girly parts are crying. :blush:
  7. Sharon1964

    I'm a mess!

    I'm about 13 months out. It is SOOOOO worth it. The early days will fly by, your body will stop being flooded with hormones, and the changes in you will be amazing. You can do this!
  8. Someone said that my pics looks matronly. Soooo NOT the way to get into my panties. Srsly. Dude.

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      That would NEVER be a word I'd use to describe you!!!

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      Of course it isn't the way. The way to get into your panties is to follow the bread-crumb trail.

    4. WLSResources/ClothingExch
  9. Sharon1964

    Blue Shield of Ca six month diet

    Do you have a PPO or an H*M*O*? Blue shied of California removed the 6-month requirement in June of 2015 for PPO plans.
  10. It's not a secret that I take an antidepressant. It took me a long time to be open about that, as my family are "just snap out of it" kind of people. My brain just doesn't handle serotonin well on its own. Without an antidepressant, everything and nothing makes me cry and I can't feel joy. With it, I feel and act, like a normal person (HEY! no comments from the peanut gallery!). Last week at work was a week from hell. Patient almost dying in the parking lot, another patient having a psychotic break and calling constantly with delusions of grandeur and racing thoughts (and I got to take his calls), several interactions with the police regarding that same patient, dismissing two patients (one for combining alcohol with her meds on top of a positive drug test for pcp, another for increasing her meds on her own several times)... you name it, we went through it. I take my medications (antidepressant and vitamins) after I get to work; it's part of my morning routine at the office. With all the chaos, I forgot to take them on Thursday. Then I forgot to take them on Friday. Then I went out of town on Saturday and forgot to take them. Saturday I went to an adult, Disney-themed party. I went as Milady de Winter, the spy from The Three Musketeers that plots to kill the king of France (if you've seen Disney's version with Tim Curry, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, etc., it was the part played by Rebecca DeMornay). Years ago when I was doing Renaissance stuff, I made a beautiful Italian Renaissance green and gold gown, underdress, etc. So I wore that, and everything I was wearing I had made myself, with the exception of my shoes. Roughly half of the women at the party were wearing as little as possible. There was a costume contest, and I came in second, behind a girl dressed as Belle, in a very short dress with major cleavage. Think "adult Halloween costume" versus historically-accurate gown that you might see in a Renaissance painting. It left me in tears, and it shouldn't have. It was clearly a cleavage contest, as a number of people expressed in surprise to me afterwards. I have no cleavage anymore. I used to fill out the bust of this dress and then some. I was able to tighten up the bodice a bit, but still no cleavage. I couldn't believe how stupid I felt for being in tears over something like this. Something that doesn't matter. I'm usually very careful not to enter contests that are not based on skill, because I want to be judged on ability, not popularity. Just as we were leaving the party to go back to the hotel, I got a massive headache. Great. No sexy time for me. So we're laying in bed, my head is killing me, and tears are streaming down my face, and I can't even tell him why. Thankfully, he's a patient guy and he just held me. The next morning, I realized what had happened. I had no antidepressant on board, and it takes about two to three days for any changes to be noticeable, positive or negative. I still had a headache, but it was just kind of around the edges, not as bad as it had been. I was able to articulate to him what the problem was, and I got some gentle sexy time (which, if you know anything about me, is not my preferred "speed" ). So I made stupid choices and got a stupid outcome. This was not my first rodeo, and I know better. I know I have to take care of myself. Uggghhhh.
  11. Get a copy of your plan's policy on bariatric surgery.
  12. Sharon1964

    I'm firing my surgeon.

    I believe the surgery has a 90-day global period, which means routine followup within 90 days of the surgery is included in the fee paid for the surgery. At 5 weeks, they are not getting any more money for seeing you (unless you have complications), which is why most surgeons use PAs for this. You should not have copays for visits in this time period either.
  13. August 8, 2015, surgery day. 403 pounds. July 8, 2016, eleven months. 229 pounds. Wow. Just. WOW. I truly thought I would fail. Never thought I would see size 18 again. WOW!
  14. I didn't go to Mexico, but my one year was yesterday.
  15. Womens sizes tend to be more amply cut than Misses sizes. Unfortunately, there is no standard to sizes. If I go to Catherines or Lane Bryant or any other place that has plus-size clothes made exclusively for them, I wear a smaller size. If it's Levi or some other national brand sold in various stores, I tend to wear a bigger size. I don't know how old you are (I just turned 52), but I tend to prefer classic styles. http://www.theviviennefiles.com/ is who I recommend for classic fashion. You can spend hours and hours reading her posts.
  16. I'm one year today and 223 pounds. The size 18 - well it depends on whether it's a woman's 18 (yes), a misses 18 (sometimes), a who-knows-what 18 (no way). Sometimes I have to go larger because the arms feel too snug.
  17. One year ago today was my surgery. One year and 180 pounds ago.

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      It takes a lot less rope to fasten you down.

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      Congratulations. That's amazing


    4. Sharon1964
  18. Sharon1964

    My story of screwing up. Support? Ideas?

    Jeez, with support groups like that, who needs enemies???? You didn't ruin your sleeve. You temporarily lost your way, and now you're back on the right path. I find it courageous that you came here and admitted what happened. Keep that courage and you will do great!
  19. In my experience running other boards, blanket "play nice" threads, while well-meaning, don't reach the intended audience and usually serve to upset those who it is not aimed towards. I find it much more effective to warn the offenders privately. I do the same thing at work. Blanket warnings or directives to change behavior don't work. You have to speak to the offender directly. Just my two pence.
  20. If your county has a "bad check recovery program", then one of the rules on which cases it will take is, was the check current or post-dated. The program in our county won't take post-dated checks for recovery. Our program was run through the district attorney's office, and it was recently disbanded. All bounced checks in my county now have to go through small claims court. That's why I said they probably would not take a post-dated check... if it bounces, the hospital may have no chance of recovery.
  21. Sharon1964

    Vacation July 2016

    From the album: Sharon1964