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  1. Coming up on my one year anniversary of Sleeve Gastrectomy. Thought I would post an update. Weighed 348 on day of surgery. Been steady for a month at +-210. Down from 3-4X to L-XL in shirts, and from 48-50" pants to 34-36". Went from being a daily, heavy drinker and a glutton (of some renown!) to no drinks for six months, and 1-2 a week since. Started a walking program immediately after the surgery, then started a C25K app, and ran (jogged) my first 5K on my birthday in May. Moved on to a 10K trainer app, and have since run (jogged) 4 10K's, each one posting a better time. I exercise frequently, and for the first time in my 45 years, I don't mind it! (Honestly, I don't love it, either!). I have been doing a six week 100 pushups workout, but can't get past 45, even though I've been doing it for 10 weeks! My original goal weight was 240 (Doctor suggested), but I had a "dream weight" of 225. I've beaten that by 15 lbs, and think I still have a little more to lose, although I'm more interested in tightening stuff up. Lose skin in my belly, boobs, and thighs...some under my arms. I miss the social aspects of drinking and eating, and I am still trying to figure out my new personality. My wife has been fantastic support and has been instrumental in keeping my meals healthy. I would NOT have the success I have had without support at home, I am sure. I have no food intolerances so far, and the adjustments too my diet haven't been nearly as hard to stick to as I once worried. I'm now considering doing a half marathon in February, although that may be biting off more than I can chew. Sex drive has dramatically increased, although sometimes I last too long, and that can be frustrating for my wife. For years we've had perfect "timing" when it comes to sex, and we have had to adjust expectations, but it is definitely better, more active sex. I feel a bit more comfortable in my body, which is great, and I don't sweat anywhere near as much! I'm a different guy now than I was last year, and feeling mostly great about the journey. I hate to sound like a shill, but I wish I had done it ten years earlier. Getting healthy has been wonderful, but it doesn't solve all your problems. It's not a "quick fix." But it is wonderful to have one less thing to worry about, especially when that one thing was almost 140lbs!
  2. Bob B

    GUYS ROOM-- Recovering from Vasectomy...

    Congrats on your easy vasectomy! Unlike my smooth Sleeve surgery (which was super-smooth), my vasectomy was rough. I was promised a 15-20 minute procedure, and it ended up being over an hour, and I was miserable the whole time. The post-surgery bruising was horrifying. The pain was bearable, but certainly not comfortable. 3 months out, I felt fine, and sex is better knowing we won't have another little one running around. Totally worth it, but not the breezy in-and-out procedure I'd hoped for.
  3. I did it! 48 hours removed from my Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, and I honestly don't know how much more smoothly it could have gone. I had nerves up until they wheeled me in, but when I became conscious again, I was shocked at how good I felt. Sore, for sure, in the stomach, but certainly manageable. The scars from the laproscopic surgery (There were five of them) were so small they were covered each by little bits of surgical tape. When my chest hair grows back, the scars wouldn't even be visible if they never healed! I had two 60 second session of dry heaves, but no vomiting, no acid, no nothing. Started walking a couple hours after the surgery with NO problems (although the sore stomach made it a little slower getting up and down, the actual walking was no problem). I tried to just sleep and walk as much as I could the first day. Day two brought the gas pains, which actually were worse than any of the surgical pain. They came on hard and sharp, and lasted anywhere from 2-5 seconds. I understand this is normal, but thought that since my first day was so trouble-free that I might not have to deal with them. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The gas pains came and went during the night last night, but while uncomfortable, it certainly wasn't awful. Long story short: If I could guarantee my initial recovery story for anyone else getting the surgery, a LOT of people's worries would be put to rest. I know that this is a life-long game, and I just came out of the chute, but I can tell you that my procedure and initial recovery experience has been VERY positive. We'll see where it goes from here!
  4. Bob B

    My nerves and the Last Supper.

    The "Last Supper" thing was mostly me trying to be clever, but there still is definitely a "saying good-bye to the old me and hello to the new me" of this week. My goals? To live longer. You go to the beach in shorts and a T-shirt? Then you are MILES ahead of me. I'm lucky enough to be in relatively good health for my size. But I feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette and had 4 safe runs. I think it's smart for me to take initiative now, BEFORE something terrible happens. I don't have "final weight" goals. I don't have swimsuit goals. I think my goal would be to know that, from here on out, despite all the mistakes I've made up until this point, that I am doing what I can to live longer and healthier for my wife and son. BTW I'm still super nervous. I was actually just crying a bit. It's hard, huh?
  5. First post, guys. 10 days from surgery. I've been in the restaurant business all my life. I own two currently, and don't really know any other businesses. At 348lbs, it's time for me to make the leap. I'm excited, but scared. My biggest concern is losing my identity. My whole life, professionally and personally has revolved around food. (FWIW, my problem has never been overeating at work...it's Drive-thru eating (2-3 times a day) that did me in. I'm not worried about being tempted at work (although our food is BOMB), but I AM worried about the implications of the guy who sells you food needing WLS. I realize that this is an ego thing more than anything, but just wanted to know if anyone else was having similar job/identity issues. I've been "The Food Guy" for my adult life, and I just don't have any idea what I'll be after WLS, when multi-course tasting menus, "whiskey nights," and food festivals are no longer part of my life. How did YOUR personality evolve?
  6. Bob B

    Food Industry Vets, Identity, and WLS

    Sorry if I wasn't clear... I'm not really worried that the customers will have a problem with it. I am worried about my sense of self-worth and my identity. I'm the "food guy," both personally and professionally. It's what I do for a living AND what I have done socially and as a hobby for about 30 years. I know that there are people out there who do things other than eat food, sell food, talk about food, and research food, but I'm not that person. My biggest fear is "losing myself." I know that this is addict talk. I've heard alcoholics and drug addicts wonder aloud what they would do with their time if they couldn't drink, but I know this is the right decision for my health. So has anyone had issues with identity struggles after surgery?

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