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  1. Susanfnp13


    I love coffee. I started drinking it around 3 months post op. No problems. 2-3 cups per day. Helps with constipation, especially if you mix a little Miralax in with your morning cup!
  2. I'm four months out and still crushing my meds. Is anyone just swallowing them whole? I'm scared to try, but food goes down just fine.
  3. Susanfnp13

    Medication crushing

    Yea! I'm going to try to cut them in half and take them tonight. So sick of the nasty crushed pills. Thanks everyone.
  4. Susanfnp13


    Has anyone tried this after your surgery. It's suppose to increase your metabolism naturally? I bought some but I'm afraid it may explode in my sleeve! It's a brown capsule that smells very bad.
  5. Susanfnp13

    My Crazy Pills

    I have the same issues. My dosages have drastically decreased, but I still need them!
  6. Has anyone shrunk in height since their surgery? I was 5'6 when I had the surgery 4 months ago and now I'm 5'5! I take calcium daily! I'm only 44 years old!
  7. Susanfnp13

    Shrinking in height!

    Well I did have fat feet, but not an inch of fat. Maybe I need a bone scan!
  8. Susanfnp13

    More on Crazy Penny

    I wonder if Penny wants to be the star of the show, after all we all know who she is if you have ever watched the show. I want to climb through the TV to strangle her!
  9. Susanfnp13

    Going to the bathroom

    Always. Miralax twice a day and I'm good.
  10. Susanfnp13

    What is Your Goal Weight at 5'5

    I'm 5'6 and my goal is 160. I was that weight in my 30s and I was able to maintain and I felt good. 74 lbs to go. I've lost 76 so far. Long way to go!
  11. Susanfnp13

    Ah! Penny! Why?!?!?(My 600 lb life)

    Penny needs to see a psychiatrist! She is mean, hateful and in denial. I really got mad when she told the Dr. That her night grown was falling off. She kept not showing up to her appointments and she was a total B to her nutritionist. Her poor physical therapist! She stood up half way once and that was it. I wanted to climb through the TV and give her a piece of my mind!
  12. I did the whole cream of wheat thing on day 6 post op. I thought I was going to die. It took 8 hours to pass through my sleeve. I'm 10 weeks now and can eat almost anything, but I will probably never try cream a wheat again!
  13. I started drinking an occasional sugar free margaritas and they are going down fine.
  14. Susanfnp13

    Before and After HEALTH

    I was sleeved 10 weeks ago and I'm down 70 lbs. my dr. Took me off my BP, cholesterol and asthma meds. So far, I'm fine and feel good. I'm bipolar and my psych meds have been decreased by 1/2 and so far my mood has been stable.
  15. Susanfnp13

    Is this gas?

    I had the same thing up until a few weeks ago. Doc said it was normal, nothing helps but time.
  16. Susanfnp13

    Finally did it

    I also did the big closet purge and I had to go to the basement to dig out my skinny clothes. I have little tabs separating my clothes that are labeled "wear now", "wear soon", "wear this spring". I don't have much for spring, so I will probably be hitting the resale shops in the spring hopefully a few sizes smaller. Can't wait to go sandal shopping for my new and improved feet!
  17. Susanfnp13

    You know you lost weight when

    When all of the sudden you notice that you are sitting with your legs crossed!
  18. Susanfnp13

    You know you lost weight when

    When you take 22 bags of clothes that are too big to the resale shop and the lady asks you "Who's clothes were these?"
  19. Susanfnp13

    You know you lost weight when

    When you are at work late and it's dark outside and you see your reflection in the glass door and think someone is trying to get in. Happened to me last week!
  20. Susanfnp13

    You know you lost weight when

    When your driving with your 16 year old son and he looks over at you and says "you look tiny compared to me!"
  21. Susanfnp13

    You know you lost weight when

    When you can just plop down in a movie theater seat instead of trying to wedge your ass into the seat and hope you don't need to get up later to use the bathroom.
  22. Susanfnp13


    I added juice to my Isopure water and gained weight! It was all natural with no added sugar and only about 4 ounces a day, but it pushed me over on carbs. However, I think I'm really sensitive to carbs. If I want to lose weight, I can only have 10 grams a day. Crazy! You would think after having my stomach cut out that a few good carbs would not make a difference, but they did.
  23. Susanfnp13

    help! Stall for 4-5 weeks

    I've stalled too. I hate scales! I think I was eating too many liquid carbs. Now I'm trying to stay under 20 grams per day. Talk to your Nut. That's what I'm going to do. Good luck.
  24. Susanfnp13

    Slow weight loss - feeling very low

    I'm hating the scale right now. It's really bringing me down. I was sleeved on Dec. 15th and lost 36 lbs in the first 2 weeks, then nothing. The only thing I can think of is that I went back to work and I'm not getting enough fluid, calories or exercise. I did starting adding juice to my protein water and I think it's too many carbs, but I needed the nutrients because I cannot tolerate solid foods yet and my protein shakes are a little heavy to drink 3 times a day. I can only handle about 4 ounces daily. I need to make an appointment with my NUT, and maybe she can get me on the right track. Since it's Sunday, I'm going to try to get a good workout in. I know I'm doing something wrong, but what my sleeve can tolerate is so limited I don't know what to do. I feel your pain!
  25. Susanfnp13

    Back pain

    I am about 4 weeks post op and I am beginning to have upper back pain, between my shoulder blades. I know this is a sign of being full, but I'm back on liquids due to stacking. What could this be?

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