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  1. I weighed 160 lbs this morning. My son got married today. Mother-Son dance.
  2. Some may combat a degree of low blood sugar. I am having issues with my sugar dropping into the 30's and 40's. I find it very difficult to recover to a safe level. Any tips?
  3. So I recently started throwing up what I thought was blood. It was far more sinister. It turned out to be my first bowel obstruction since RNY surgery. Now I am no stranger to bowel obstructions as I have had many of them in the past as a 24 yr Veteran Survivor of CD. This one was directly at the site of reanastomosis. Any body else having any issues?
  4. CharlotteWebb


    I went through this. Your surgical provider needs to call your main insurance and have the 80/20 rule explained.
  5. CharlotteWebb

    May 2019 support group

    I had my RNY Mat 3rd as well [emoji173]
  6. CharlotteWebb

    May weight Loss Buddies

    May 3rd Glad it is over with.
  7. CharlotteWebb

    I'm in Onederland!

    Congratulations!!! I made it to Onederland this morning, too! Feels very satisfying!
  8. CharlotteWebb

    I Got The "Foamies" Today

    I had RNY May 3rd. Doesn't matter what goes down, foamies. I also have Crohn's Disease so I am wondering if I need to step back into liquids for a few days to see if maybe I have inflammation in my new stomach. I always take longer to heal than the average person. My tummy incisions arent healed yet. I assume it has somethimg to do with not being healed.
  9. 12 lbs down in 8 days. My surgery was 8 days ago. I will take it. I am NEVER HUNGRY and I have to make myself eat something. Protein is a struggle!!! I'm sipping sipping sipping. Best decision ever.
  10. CharlotteWebb

    Tomorrow is surgery day!!

    My surgery took 6 hours. Lots of complications with the hernias. I ended up with a collapsed lung and surgical emphysema (crackling skin chest neck face). Had a chest tube to allow space for my lung to reinflate, it worked. Had a rough first few days. Made it work. Lots of swelling and almost a week post op. One day at a time. It is improving. Tylenol is my friend.
  11. CharlotteWebb

    May bypass

    I had my VSG to RNY revision May 3rd. It wasnt bad. The gas was the most painful part. I am almost a week post op. Trying to get used to the smelly gas and the sharts. A part no one ever mentioned lol.
  12. CharlotteWebb

    I made it!!

    Thank you all. I am suprised that there is no pain. I had this surgery laproscopically. Maybe that is the difference?
  13. CharlotteWebb

    I made it!!

    I developed a collapsed lung after surgery. I had to have a chest tube jabbed in. After 2 day I am proud to say, "I made it to the losers bench!" I am on full liquids til I gor bavk and see my Dr on the 8th them we move to full liquids. I have little pain at all. Just some mild discomfort from swelling. Still taking some chewable gas pills.
  14. CharlotteWebb

    Tomorrow is surgery day!!

    Thank you.
  15. CharlotteWebb

    my journey

    Awesome!!! Keep going! You are doing a fantastic job!