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    Nervous, Nervous, Nervous. ..

    You will do GREAT!! It goes by fast after the first week. I am 14 weeks out and down 64 pounds. I handle life with prayer - so I will be praying for you.
  2. His Fairest

    How do you know you're full?

    I hiccup when I am overly full. It is a great alarm system. Also, my stomach begins to feel full quickly now. I am 14 weeks post-op.
  3. His Fairest

    His Fairest

  4. From the album: His Fairest

    Down 58 pounds, from a size 26/28 to a size 18/20.

    © MAF

  5. His Fairest

    Madly in love but holding back info

    If it is true love, the truth won't change a thing.
  6. My first week was painful. A week after that it was tolerable. Now (9 weeks out) it is amazing.
  7. His Fairest


    From the album: His Fairest

  8. Thank you for sharing this. :-)
  9. To me so far, Nectar tastes better than Isopure.
  10. I had my surgery on Monday. Went into the OR at 7:50 am and the dr talked to my folks at 8:25am saying surgery was over and I did great. I was in recovery til 10, then walked around the corner to a recliner where I sat and took walks from until noon. They dismissed me at noon. I have the normal aches and pains associated with surgery but nothing major. I fall asleep at a moments notice and wake up as quickly. I walked to the end of the block and back this morning. Got 40 g protein in today. Sip slowly but constantly. Don't over do it. Enjoy your new life!
  11. My surgery was yesterday at 8am. I was discharged at 12:15pm. I am struggling to get my water in. I feel confident i made the right decision though.
  12. I have researched thoroughly. I have kept all my appointments. I have clearance from the insurance. I have a surgery date - April 6th. I have filled out ALL of the paperwork for everyone. I have lost 9 pounds in 9 days on this pre-op diet. I am ready in every way. BUT... This morning I have had two panic attacks. Anyone else have these? Advice? Encouragement?
  13. His Fairest

    5 days to go and having anxiety

    Thank you so much!
  14. His Fairest

    5 days to go and having anxiety

    Thank you so much. This helps.
  15. His Fairest

    Pre-Op Protein/Meal Replacement

    I love nectar Protein shakes. I've tried vanilla and Strawberry-Kiwi. Both sweet and yummy. I am scheduled for April 6th and am just over 350#. All my best to you. You've got this!! -Melissa
  16. One week to go until sleeve day!

    1. Goatfarmer


      I remember well where you are as I am almost 5 weeks out now. I have had a smooth course and you should expect the same.

    2. His Fairest

      His Fairest

      Thank you!! I'm excited to start this journey - AND to hear about YOURS!!!

  17. His Fairest

    Almost there... with pics

    Looking good!! My surgery date is April 6th. Thank you for this motivation.
  18. His Fairest

    Pre-op Diet! successes? struggles?

    Katie, We have the same surgery date and it looks like the same pre-op diet. I did great the first day, yesterday I had a piercing headache all day long. I have a bit of a headache now. I think this is because I was a diet soda addict before. I am realizing how awful my diet used to be and how much better I believe I will feel once I get back to eating healthy and once some of this weight comes off. I'm right here supporting you. :-) -Melissa
  19. I just stopped and prayed for you who are having surgery today. My surgery is on April 6th with Dr. Nicholson. Keep me updated with how your surgery went? -Melissa
  20. His Fairest

    Any April Sleevers?

    April 6th here.
  21. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 6th. I have my EGD tomorrow morning (March 20th). I start my pre-op diet on Monday (March 23rd). I'm feeling excited. I've been working toward this since the week of Thanksgiving, 2014. Everything is happening so fast all of the sudden.
  22. His Fairest

    Any April Sleevers?

    I'm scheduled for April 6th!!
  23. His Fairest

    Waiting for approval

    I have Cigna. I called them and they said they'd gotten the paperwork on March 9th and approved by March 12th. I then called the place I am having surgery through and they got me scheduled quickly. I would definitely keep on top of this yourself. To the doctor's office, you are another case.