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  1. Jachut

    Port pain in jeans?

    Most lower rise won't cause this problem, even mid rise jeans should be ok. The only other thing is to perhaps consider maternity jeans with a soft top - we all could usea pair of these occasionally!
  2. Jachut

    Can get back to Green Zone :(

    I've had to learn to live with less than perfect restriction. Before I unfilled my and 2 years ago for cancer surgery, it had been trouble free for five years. Since then, I either able to eat enough to gain if I leam self or I am too tight so that I have painful heartburn. I've learned to control my appetite enough to control my weight, simple as that. It's possible to maintain but you'd have to be superhuman to lose. I cannot let up on the exercise. It's just never been the same - but it is still doing something. I was just lucky I was at goal.
  3. Jachut

    Maintence Weight Calories

    I lost on about 1500 and now maintain on 1500 to 1800 - opulent want to eat 1800 every day. I'm 5 ft 10, 150, run and go to he gym.
  4. Fast forward seven months, sure enough, my ferritin has plummeted to 9. I have been feeling deathly awful,freezing cold and mentally foggy and quite depressed so iwent to the doc for testing. Even being post menopausal and losing no blood monthly! I eat red meat several times a week. I certainly hope I have no unnoticed GI bleeding or that it's chemotherapy induced, I finished 18 months ago. It really probably is just the result of three big surgeries and not enough ion in my diet.
  5. Jachut

    Lapband Versus Adderall?

    In my experience of appetite suppressants - duromine and tenuate back in the 80s - not similar at all. Those drugs made me buzz,I was super duper efficient, high energy, absolutely ploughing through my tasks and getting o much done, forgetting to eat in the process. I could look at food and feel no desire for it, never got cravings and easily lost 10kg quickly. Yes, I was prescribed tenuate at 16 years old for a 10kg weight problem!!!! The band just allows me to gt full on smaller amounts, I still crave things, still am prone to making a bad choice because I saw something yummy, still occasionally over eat for my capacity because I don't want to stop, but my capacity for old is less and desire is slightly blunted, once I'm full I very suddenly stop wanting. I don't get inappropriately physically hungry but my body still sends urgent signs that I need food - with the drugs I literally could have starved with no protest at all from my body. I liken having a band to my third pregnancy wher I ad a booming 9lb breech baby sitting up under my ribs - I wanted and needed to eat but only small quantities old fit.
  6. Jachut

    Losing my hair....still!!!

    Check your ferritin levels - 10 is the lower level of norml but tht low I have all the debilitating issues of iron deficiency nd major hair shedding. I really struggle with iron and my hair falling out has been my signal three or four times to gt it checked - I'm always norml hemoglobin, low ferritin ( which I basically your storage)
  7. Lol, seven years ago I was on mashies. I had my turkey, roast potato nd veggies blended up with gravy!
  8. Jachut

    too late to go to gym?

    I probably wouldn't be abl to sleep if I went that late, hard exercise hypes me up too much
  9. You'll know if you're overtraining. You won't recover, you'll lack energy, not sleep well and you may get depressed too. Maybe your immunity will take a nose dive and you'll pick up annoying colds etc.
  10. Jachut

    Don't care who i offend......

    Ha, love it. We're doing lots of Christmas stuff at school which is a bit risky for a public school in Australia!
  11. I can't - ie been anded 7 years nd off wheat six months. It doesn't make things difficult at all! In fact I'd gien up do many wheat based foods anyway.
  12. Looked like half a golfbll under my skin and you could see some tubing too. I gad it repositioned to be in that natural pad of contouring round the belly button rather than o the side where I am more hollow - its still visible but only as a vague lump.
  13. The people that appear to lose really fast to me always seem to be low carbers, or those really strict on the Protein first thing. Personally, I'd rather lose slower, lol. But what really worked to keep it coming off for me was running - an hour six or seven days a week. I dont do quite so much cardio now, more mixed up and spaced out with things like circuit training and gym work. But to shed fat when you've got lots of it, running really works.
  14. Jachut

    Sweet cravings

    No ands if or buts about it, when I have. Craving it cannot be satiated without a LOT of sugar. One or two little chocolates won't cut it, nor one cookie. I have to eat until I can really feel that drug hitting my bloodstream, I suspect the cravings that hit me each afternoon have a more biological origin in my body than just fancying a bit of something. Easy answer for me, tough it out. I cannot do sweets in moderation.
  15. Jachut

    fills/having trouble getting enough

    Oh god, you're lucky. Menopause has wreaked havoc on my health and as a result my weight! I have no energy, my legs feel like lead and my athletic ability and performance has steadily declined. I don't recover and simply cannot physically handle the same number of sessions and the same intensities that I could a year ago. I have lost muscle and gained fat, in the past six months I have gained 10lb and it's ALL gone on my bum and highs (thanks HRT). It's no mystery why ive gained, I have insatiable sugar cravings, the likes of which I've never in my life experienced, and that's really saying something for me. I'm lethargic, listless and depressed. I have fibroids growing in my uterus too, I suspect I'm in a terrible state if estrogen dominance, but am not sure who to turn to for help. Menopause and hormones have a very real and traumatic part to play for many women!
  16. It took about two years before I stopped serving myself too much. Nowadays I panic my band isn't working and I'm eating more because I'm not finishing th meal stuffed with food left on my plate. In reality, I've got the serving size right!
  17. Sounds like reflux - the pain is acid burning your eophagus. You might need an unfill or to take proper medication for it.
  18. Jachut

    Endorsment for Running....

    The naysayers that insist cardio wastes you away a doesn't lead to fat loss are talking sh*t. Running is the bomb! Yeah yeah, we do need strength work and once you're fit you can really slack off and still be jogging with our heart rate really low and not get much benefit fat loss wise but if you run regularly an eat well, you wont be fat!
  19. Jachut


    I just dragged my tired self down to the cricket oval. Ran sprints, did pushups,pull ups and triceps dips on the barriers, step ups on the seats, lunge wlking and finished off with sprints and jumping jacks. The puppy came with me, as I'd my daughter nd a neighbourhood friend. Didn't wanto go but feel awesome now!
  20. Jachut


    I wish I knew how to deal with it. Its seriously bad for me, since I hit menopause my sugar cravings have gone out of control, I'm like a homicidal maniac intent on my prey. I can withstand three or four days but then I just go hogwild. I've gained 20lb - I was very underweight so that's not such a concern. But I'm afraid it wont stop! I'm not "hungry" after about 1000 calories a day with my band. But I eat probably twice that at the moment - trying to fill up on good food as I thought maybe I was undereating. But no, the cravings still hit. I just work my ass off in the gym and out running and at least I earn most of what i eat.
  21. Jachut

    Menopause, HRT and our bodies

    I'm sure I'll be having a hysterectomy, having had a large tumour right adjacent to where this growth now is, they're not going to muck around. I'm having an ultrasound tomorrow and one in three months to measure change - because fibroids shouldnt grow after menopause. But the HRT kind of explains that - dont worry, I'm in the hand of a gynecological oncologist. There's also the fact that since my bowel surgeries I suffer from obstructed defecation - meaning I cant have a bowel movement without an enema or a large dose of lactulose. My colorectal surgeon feels the growth (which is on the left and towards the back might be blocking my altered bowel. The gynae didnt think so but the condition is so awful to live with that I'd be willing to have an op just to see if it made any difference! I dont want to stop taking HRT partly because my bones are fairly bad - I've had two broken ribs this year but mostly because by the end of last year I was so depressed and anxious I was having serious suicidal thoughts. That and testosterone really made me feel loads better, but I'm just so terribly afraid of feeling that way again if I stop. But the weight gain and heartburn - hmmmm. I'd love to solve those issues! Thanks for listening. My forties has been the hardest part of my life so far - definitely more challenging than having babies! But I've got loads of support and am really very blessed.
  22. Getting old sucks! I have had a radiotherapy induced menopause at age 43 2 years ago and started HRT a bit over 12 months ago due to horrible symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia and anxiety and depression. In the last year, whilst I've recovered well from rectal cancer I feel my health has steadily declined in a non specific way. The worst thing I've noticed though is my rear end and thighs have balooned and I'm certain its the HRT. A recent CT scan also picked up that a fibroid (we think) in my uterus has grown very quickly over the past 12 months. I've also had horrible heartburn and stomach pain and have been depressed to be on regular Nexium. As well, I dont think the HRT has done all that much for my mood (or libido). I had a tummy tuck back in march and it seems like this normal menopausal weight gain now cant go on the tummy and I'm really really unhappy with my shape now, I'm very very pearshaped, even though I'm still slim. All I can say is thank god I was virtually skeletal after cancer treatment since the 20lb that has come out of nowhere has just brought me back to a BMI of 22 or so but its ALL in my rear end! I really need to shift 5kgs, I'm a fine boned build and 154lb is just too heavy for my 5ft 10. I've also noticed my athletic ability decline sharply. I cant run as far as I want to or could and dont recover. I've taken up strength training due to bone density issues and it wipes me out completely. I'm not used to being this weak! It really sucks. I've not taken my HRT for the past few days and wonder of wonders, I've not needed Nexium either. I wonder if I stop will the fibroid shrink (thus avoiding a hysterectomy) and will my ass do likewise? Or will I just become an axe weilding homicidal maniac again?
  23. The band is not a static thing, fill needs and levels change all the time. I think you were right at the time, tight, loose, whatever if you cant keep food down an unfill is probably necessary and I find it hard to imagine a doc would insist on going by what an xray says and not by your experience! That's pretty insane. Whatever the case, you've gone on, lost more, the band will have loosened as a result of time and weight loss and it is no admission of anything to go back and have a fill now!
  24. Jachut

    Latte Coffee

    Mst of the coffee I drink is instant or filter with. Dash of skim milk. But I make room for. Skinny latte most days - here they're 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk, and they come in cups, not buckets. Only 75 cl for a small skinny latte with no sugar, I don't see how tat could e a problem !
  25. Jachut

    Running. . .

    I've got a washboard stomach from running! I never do any specific ab exercises.