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  1. I wish! its not that simple for me. I can be stuffed full and still "want" sugar. I have regularly gone without it for long periods of time and it does not reduce the craving. Every day, 3, 4pm it sets in, soooooo strong. It does not matter what I eat for Breakfast and lunch, more Protein, less protein, carbs, no carbs, it is so firmly entrenched in my psyche - relaxation in that tired part of the aftrnoon = coffee, sugar and putting my feet up. Nothing cuts the craving for me. I also find that when I undereat now - like the 1200, 1300 it takes to satisfy physical hunger with the band, the cravings kick in till I'm up to 1700 - 1800 calories which seems to be what my body likes to maintain itself on. Then they cut out, like that! The trouble is a 1700 or 1800 calorie a day level tends to equal about 154lb for me, and I like to be closer to 140, sigh.
  2. Well, i still dont want the lights on!
  3. Jachut

    Hysterectomy Surgery With Lap-Band

    Sorry, phone typing
  4. Jachut

    Hysterectomy Surgery With Lap-Band

    Similar experience. My band got through a few surgeries and chemoradiation for rectal cancer empty and the worst that occurred was i struggled to find good restriction again - although a big factor here is that at over six years banded, when you think youre eating a lot youre really not! Anyway, i filled back up and then found out i needed abdominal repair for ventral and inguinal hernias after having had n ileostomy for nine months. My band surgon said dont unfill so i didnt. Since the tummy tuck the pressure in my abdomen from the newly repaired and tightened muscles has caused increased band tightness but not to the point Id call "tight" and constant heartburn. Ive had a smll unfill which hlped somewhat. But my poor pelvic floor also! It got though major pelvic surgery, radiation and three *** babies but the added pressure fro my tight stomach - thank god no prolpses but i now hav obstructed defecation. I have no rectum, its a created "pouch" and badiclly, without jose push muscles i am totally laxative dependent right now, i also find urinating difficult. So..... Yes. Surgeties can have very unexpected side effects!
  5. Jachut

    Favorite Exercise? :)

    Running and spinning
  6. Hang in there. I had a bit of a rough time last year with depression after cancer, got on top of it partly due to hormone treatment and backslid a ling way after my tummy tuck which was over three months ago. Its been awful and has taken a long time. Its pretty normal to one degree or another. My drains were only in three days so yes, four weeks is a long time. But youre only human and dont need something else to stress about!!
  7. unfortunately I still CAN eat all day - if I graze I can put away over 2000 calories quite easily. So obviously, I have to avoid doing that. At one sitting - a small sandwich would really fill me (I hardly ever would eat one), whereas before i'd eat that, a piece of fruit and a piece of cake or something at one sitting. I could easily go out and eat a three course dinner, now I'd stick with an appetiser and a coffee. I eat my dinner off a bread and butter plate and dont load that overly. Before I ate off a full size plate. I eat Cereal often in the morning, but I have a small bowl for that - I'd only eat the 1/2 cup serve listed on the pack. Before I had a massive bowl full.
  8. Jachut

    After Weight Loss, Does It Get Easier?

    Hmmmm, well if i ran the same 3km circuit at the speed i started at six years ago, it ould be laughably easy. So yes. But you keep challenging yourself. So now i run twice as fast and four or five times the distance. Aking a spin cass and not staying for body pump feel ack. So i still work really hard and m exhausted when i finish. But its rarely nauseating or o hard i cant front up again the next day.
  9. Jachut

    My Stomach Is "flipped Over" Wth??

    It would be a HUGE emergency! First of all, your stomach cant flip unless you happen to posess a few extra feet of esophagus. It can twist, and that must be what they mean. This is an emergency. You have a partial blockage, which is dangerous enough, it could progress vey quickly to a full blockage, which presents the possibility of rupture. Ive had several obstructions in the smll intestine and have always been hospitalised immediately, NIL by mouth and under obsrvation till it clears. This is unlikely to just clear! Id be seeking nother opinion.
  10. Jachut


    I eat"whatever i want" which doesnt mean I dont eat healthy! Eating whatever you want desnt necessatily mean you eat lots of junk. I think the whole nutritionist thing is personality dependent and that its GREAT if you find having a supportive tool. Keep it up! Me and nutritionists ...... meh. Its not my scene. I am very negative towards the whole idea of paying for information I already know, both in terms of my behaviour and what i should eat. I get really pissed off at being given photocopied information too. I had to see a dietician just after surgery for the full liquid, mushies to solids routine and that was necessary and helpful, she was good but very rude and disparaging about my goals, warning me id never achieve it. Dumb woman, i smahed my original goal out of the park. Ive since had to go during pelvic radiation for cancer, not articularly helpful nd now ive got an appointment in a few weeks to see if i can improve my bowel function, im going purely coz my surgeon wants me too. I already know what she'll tell me - metamucil. I lready know that neither my guts nor my lapband tolerate it. I know she'll want me o eat more, not understanding my band. I already know I wont follow that advice. I hav a TERRIBLE attitde, im on the defence and i havent even been yet. Im stubborn and hate being told what to do. It cant work with my negative attitude.
  11. Jachut

    "fat Bottomed Girls"

    Well, you could ....... but your reputation might suffer a bit. Elcee, you'll probably get this - and rooting reminded me, lol. We watched Puberty Blues the other night, lordy what a laugh. EXACTLY what growing up in the 70's and 80's was like.
  12. Jachut

    Uhuh Duck Face

    I have a 15 year old son too - and a 17 year old - and I am friends with them on Facebook and YES! A million stupid identical looking girls pulling duck faces and taking photos from above with their mobile phone. And for variety - two girls, two duckfaces in the one photo! Its stooopid. Anyone that needs to take that many photos of themselves AND publish them is vain, self absorbed and vapid. That's forgiveable for teenage girls, but not for 20 and 30 somethings.
  13. Jachut

    Constant Confusion On Calorie Intake

    That leaves you with a 1000 cal deficit which is about what you need to lose 2lb a week, that doesnt sound extreme to mee. Lapband patients dont have differnt "needs". Our bodies work the same as evetyone else's - we're just better at sticking to diets
  14. I never needed to drop below 1500 - im 5 ft 10 and a runner, i just didnt need to go as low as many others
  15. Jachut

    "fat Bottomed Girls"

    Karen, its winter and bloody freezing here! We still call the thongs, a rubber is something you erase pencil mistakes with and durex is sticky tape!
  16. Id forgotten so many of my dreams until reading this, have lived them long enough to take them for granted! Lordy my feet used to hurt the first few steps in the morning or when getting up from sitting.
  17. Jachut

    1000 Jumping Jacks A Week!

    1000 a DAY might do something. I had to try it, I did 100, it took about two minutes. Nuff said.
  18. Jachut

    Stomach Muscles

    You'll have a large degree of swelling and bloating from surgery still. Stomachs are weird. Having had a flat stomach anyway, or so I thought, after my tummy tuck its virtually concave. It looks *almost* six pack-ish. Very impressive. Yet after all those surgeries, and having had a stoma for 9 months, its weaker than its ever been, my core strength is really poor at the moment. Much less endurance and strength than I had when it was fatter and rounder.
  19. Jachut

    "fat Bottomed Girls"

    Well...... hmmm, a "fluffy fanny" would be something quite different here, wouldnt it? Something more along the lines of someone who hadnt kept up with the landscaping? Looking at the time, should you have been working when you came up with this little gem, lol? I'm on LBT whilst my grade is doing a boring comprehension worksheet! Its one of those afternoons, I'm too ratty (reports were due today), they're too ratty, its nearly the end of term, snoooooooore.
  20. Jachut

    ? For Spinners

    I just dont get the calorie burn spinning claims. I have a membership that allows me to attend two venues. One has great bikes that dont have computers and a really good manual gearing system. At the other gym they have on board computers, but just generic you dont enter your personals into them. But at 66kg, id be around verage weight for. Woman. Im fit, i work hard, in moderately high gears, and i end up very sweaty, tired and sometimes even dizzy. Yet the bike has never recorded over 400 calories! Its gotta be inaccurate, surely?
  21. Jachut

    Carb Amount?

    I dont restrict at all
  22. Jachut

    Eating 6 Meals A Day

    Doesnt work for me, id rather eat one good satisfying meal than two small unsatisfying one. But its an individual thing and if it suits you i dont see why you shouldnt do it. Personally, i think ou end up eating more. I mean half a lapand meal is literally two or three bites or some people.
  23. Me too Dawn. I wasnt a terribly unhealthy eater, just ate too much overall nd allowed too many treats. I also had the attitude that if i was out to eat I may as well REALLY enjoy it! All i really did to my diet was tweak the balances and reduce the overall intake. i probably make people a bit sick with my attitude to exercise. i will move heaven and earth not to miss running ir the gym, i have kept it up through cancer and chemotharapy, holidays, bd weather, busy periods, i dont know where tjis dedication has come from, i never had it begore! But again, in reality I am a moderate exerciser, yes, running s strenuous but at my fitness, i trot long enjoying the scenery, its not that hard. Im not interested in hoiking huge weights at the hym, putting pressure on myself for better paces and race times. Apparently, my body will get used to tjis and stop responding. Jeez, i guess thats why after five years all i have to do if i gain a pound or two is run a little more, eat a little less! So diet and exercise i set at a level i can do and forget perfction
  24. Jachut

    1000 Jumping Jacks A Week!

    Id highly doubt it. It might at first if youre very sedentary, but it wouldnt burn enough calories to get rid of a pound in and of itself without diet, and your nody would adapt very quickly. Thats not a lot of exercise in total. I run 10kms or more a couple of times a week, do a couple of spin classes and one or two Body Pumps as well and these days thats just for maintenance. I find it takes an hour of hard cardio at least five days a week to mke maintenance eay for me.
  25. Jachut

    Gaining Weight After 4 Yrs

    I have had a similar experience after seven years - after I had to totally unfill for another surgery. My belief is that small changes, slacking off every so slightly that its not even noticeable, add up to weight gain over time. I've not "gained" per se - in that I ended up at about 150lb until I got sick - and I'm still 145. But I dropped to 130 - really really thin for me at 5ft 10 and havent been able to hold that weight (why i wanted to is a whole nother story, it looked awful). Its been due to a reliance on slider foods, eating more overall, less restriction from my band. I had a tummy tuck 12 weeks ago - which I didnt unfill for - and the necessary reduction in exercise afer that was the final straw - I bounced up 8lb to 145. I have this lovely flat stomach but my love handles are hanging over the BACK of my jeans now, grrrrrr. The only answer is NOT to slack off. Get off those slider foods, get back in the gym, it takes work your whole life to maintain this new weight. We were discussing this in another thread but what seems to happen is that veteran bandsters get to the point where they cant "feel" tightness or restriction, think they need nore fill and end up with reflux and heartburn. It has certainly happened to me. I know I cant have more fill than I have - so I have to work with it. I was astounded yesterday - barely eat sandwiches coz I dont like bread much and particularly dont like sandwiches - but that was what was on offer yesterday for lunch, so I had a tuna sandwich. Down the hatch in minutes, easy as. I was full yes, I only wanted one, i didnt eat again all afternoon but I could never have done that 2 years ago! My doc said to me that I may have to accept being slightly heavier (My BMI is 20) - dont want to but that may be the way it is.