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    Tummy Quakes

    Protein shakes can be hard to digest, just google protein farts, it's. Common phnomenon
  2. I found my weight loss just got slower and slower until it petered out and I began to maintain on less calories than I initially ate to lose. I mean, I eat about 1500 a day which is about 1000 a day less than what all the charts and experts say I should be eating at my height and activity level. I eat way less than people around me, by and large, apart from perhaps teeny women like my 5ft sister in law. Meaning after you have lost weight, your metabolism is shot (and I am a regular exerciser, a dedicated runner). You will never be able to eat normally. Which is why you need your band forever and why most people continue to need Fluid in it and continue to need small top up fills occasionally. That's a fairly depressing outcome for all your hard work, but its just how it is. Dont get me wrong, I can cope with the odd 2000 calorie day - all that takes is a couple of drinks and some handfuls of chips on a Friday night - and I dont gain weight. But to run 8kms or so most days or the week, or go to a spin class, and eat 1500 a day just to maintain 145lb? That's nuts. I shoudl be able to eat so much more. So in short, I've never had a problem with continuing to lose. I'd have to stop eating for that to happen!
  3. Jachut

    For Anyone Debating To Convert To Sleeve

    I would do exactlyt the same thing. I know I couldnt keep ALL of my weight off without the band. I think it'd take a while to get back to what I was but at some point, like the first time round, you just give up, dont you? You just think you cant beat it and you just completely let yourself go. My trouble is, I have a deal with my surgeon, where I am covered for life for all aftercare and any revision surgery. And my clinic does lapbands only. So I'd have the problem of convincing another surgeon to do the surgery, at a BMI of 20 or so, and I'd pay for it. Whereas I'd be getting another band at no cost and no questions asked. Which is probably all it would take to head me down that path again. I've been very happy with it. But I was so fearful when i had to unfill it! And you live with the fear that somethign could go wrong at any time. At least with a sleeve, once its done, its done. Nobody can take it away, or force you to unfill it when you have some other health problem and they think you're too thin or anythign like that. and it cant break!
  4. Jachut

    Why Is It..??

    short answer - no, probably not! At seven years out, I am not happy with a size 8 (I'm five feet 10) and keep striving for those moments where I briefly fit into a size 6. I think my ass is big, I hate my saddlebags, I'm fretting over baring my winter flabby white body in a bikini in Thailand in three weeks time, I have cellulite on my thighs, ....... Need I go on? Everyday is still a diet for me - I get up, plan to be good, fail to be as good as I planned! Yet obviously as I maintain 145lb give or take, I'm doing what I need to. Its so weird. On the one hand I am ecstatic with having lost 120lb and kept it off for seven years. On the other, I'm just as unhappy with my body as I ever was. I have accepted that I am nuts and will never overcome this particular issue. A lifetime of weight battles leaves its legacy.
  5. Jachut

    Eating After Exercise

    I've never been able to eat much after exercise. I do it on purpose - run or go to bootcamp and work HARD right before dinner!
  6. Jachut

    For Anyone Debating To Convert To Sleeve

    I wasnt objecting to anything you were saying or suggesing that you were bashing th band, merely pointing out a few exceptions to your "data". I would indeed consider a sleeve myself. No need to be so fricking defensive. Jeez.
  7. I totally get the thin thing - totally. I've regained from a BMI of 19 to 21.5 and feel like an elephant. I hate it. I want to be that thin again. Its not the first time I've heard of tubing puncturing the skin. But not without infection. What I'm struggling with is the treatment, in a first world country. Unless I'm seriously misunderstanding. There is simply no way tubing would be pushed back inside in an office procedure - unless you mean just a tiny portion above the muscle. Any bariatric surgeon is going to understand that infection will travel up the tubing and lead to erosion. An removed port and open tubing is so risky! If that is seriously the truth, your troubles are probably far from over Model. I would even guess the entire tubing should have been replaced and a new port added. And truthfully, from your photos, your port was tilted and half unattached anyway. That's what mine looked like (not as bad) at a BMI of 19 - it was visible all along, right from a BMI of 36. plastic surgeon removed the back off it and sewed it back down at a different location and you can barely see it now. People arent mean, they just dont like to feel they're being made fools of by a troll. And your story is less than credible, which makes people suspicious. If its all true, then you really do need to face the prospect of losing that band at some stage and need to start getting your head around how you will cope with that. At the very least, you probably need a new port and tubing to save the band and make it functional for the future.
  8. Jachut

    For Anyone Debating To Convert To Sleeve

    Whilst its great that you're happy, some of those stats are a bit dodgy. The sleeve hasnt been around for ten years - oh, there might be some early experimental patients but it is almost impossible to state that the sleeve keeps weight off for longer than the lapband - even the band hasnt really been in common use long enough to make that comparison. That said, lapbands often work and work well but they ARE a pain in the butt. Mine is acting up after seven years, I have no doubt some kind of revision surgery is on the cards for me. I definitely do not feel this thing will be in me for another twenty. I would not change a thing about my journey and I always understood that lapbands didnt last forever. I think I would be brave enough to convert to a sleeve - my initial reaction of reluctance towards that surgery is kind of overshadowed now by the major surgeries I've had since. i live perfectly well without half my bowel so I wouldnt mind saying goodbye to part of my stomach in the name of health and normal weight for the rest of my life. The only thing about the sleeve is that it IS permanent and it ISNT really known what the long term outcomes are. It probably wouldnt stop me and it shouldnt necessarily mean that you dont do it, I mean so what if something better comes along if its working well for you? But its a bit early to go out shouting how much better than the band it is. Also, if you only had your band for four months, again, your right to convert and your gut instincts may well have been right for you. But you hadnt even had it long enough to gain proper restriction yet! It may well have kicked in better for you down the track.
  9. Jachut


    I'm seven years out and I have truly awful sugar cravings at times. Eating properly is the key to preventing them getting really out of hand. i find with the band, I may not feel physical hunger, but my body knows that it's not had enough energy and nutrition. I mean, I might get up and run 8kms, get ready for work, get the kids ready, make the beds, put on a load of washing, feed the pets, tidy up, get to work, run a sport lesson, teach for the morning - all on half a cup of yogurt! Then I might grab a small tin of tuna and five or six crackers for lunch, perhaps somewhere in there I'll eat a piece of fruit. And then I wonder why I cave on the way home at 5.30 and call in at the supermarket for a feast of sugary carbs, and scoff an entire packet of biscuits before dinner? Stupid, when you think about it. PROPER meals during the day doesnt prevent the thoughts of late afternoon sugar for me, but it does make me able to resist. My 140lb active body cannot live on 500 calories for an entire day until dinner time! I dont get actually hungry, but my appetite gets out of control and I end up binging. I think a lot of bandsters seriously undereat. Yes, we want to lose, but if you want to lose fast and eat 800 calories a day AND exercise and never binge or pig out on bad foods, you're still going to need some serious willpower, because I dont think our bodies can be fooled for that long that we're underfeeding them. I had no trouble for the first year or two and then my body kind of wised up! Not that I havent managed to lose all of my weight and maintain that loss, but the cycle of undereating then binging is really not what the band is meant to encourage.
  10. Jachut

    Minimalist Running Shoes

    Im intrigued but in reality yoo afraid that they will cause injury and i wont be abe to run at all. Ive been managing a knee issue with a foam roller and lots of stretching of hip nd buttock muscles.
  11. Its kinda hard to get through the prep just because its the kind of stuff you would like to be able to hold your nose and skull, but you cant with a band - its fizzy and filling and you have to sip it (and taste it unfortunately). Other than that, no nothing special. I've had major surgeries since being banded and they've all been just fine.
  12. Jachut

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    You know, its funny, I had a real thing for bright, jewel coloured bikinis, bought a red one and a green one and a gorgeous blue. They look AWFUL on me. My behind is where I got loose skin, I still have saddlebags and love handles, I'm small, but I just have flab there. And my ass looks HUGE in a plain bikini bottom. I've had to go back to the incredible disgusing power of pattern! It looks like I have an entirely different body in a good pattern.
  13. Jachut

    3-5 Foods You Can't Niw Live Without:

    Greek yogurt. I live on yogurt. I have to "delactose" it with drops, but I love the stuff, any way. Rice Cakes. They replaced bread totally for me. I even make toasted sandwiches with them (they dont ignite in a sandwich press, but dont try toasting or microwaving them). Muesli. I make home made toasted muesli, full of good stuff like ground flaxseed. Coconut. Just coz. Coconut flavoured anything. I adore the stuff. Nuts. Another staple which replace entire meals for me. And.... coffee. Always the most important thing in my diet. I'm not a confectionary coffee person though, strong, black and unsweetened is my thing.
  14. Jachut

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    Do you know, I got there quite a few years back now and wear mostly whatever I like to wear - although we all have some limitations and some things that just dont suit us. What is really really good though is not having to shop in fat stores. I still appreciate the freedom of being able to shop anywhere - particularly my one or two favourite designers and being able to go on holidays and fossick around in resort towns and stuff like that. I'm not even taking my old bikinis to Thailand in a few weeks - can buy nice new ones there! I never could have dreamed of doing that with anything, let alone bikinis. For me anyway, this was one of the BEST things bout weigh loss - I wasnt on medication, nor did I have any real comorbidities. But not being able to buy nice clothes was a truly dreadful dilemma!
  15. Jachut

    Help!!! Menopause. :(

    Its hard to say - I was having treatment for cancer which caused the menopause and I lost a lot of weight throughout that - about 10kg, taking my BMI down to 18 for a while there. I did regain that, mostly due to stuffing my face with sugar - but I managed to get it under control before I got heavier than before my diagnosis. Its been much much much more difficult to keep weight off since I went through menopause. So although I have finished menopause at much the same weight that I was say, two years ago, I definitely did not finish at the weight I started! And I think I would have eventually gained that weight anyway. Also, until I started on the testosterone, i definitely detected that the weight was going on around my belly! I have never been apple shaped, always been slimmer thorugh the middle and had larger hips and thighs and that was definitely changing - still had the hips and thighs but was getting a belly too - OMG, not cool! Hormonal treatment has returned my body to its normal shape.
  16. Jachut

    Help!!! Menopause. :(

    HRT!!! Yes, i know it carries some risk, but i was soooo miserable going through a radiation induced menopause. I am also using testosterone cream. I have NO plans to stop either any time soon, especially since my menopause occurred at 43. I was majorly depressed, had foul hot sweats, very disturbed sleep, rock bottom libido, was losing my fitness by the week, had ostopaenia (disvovered when i broke a rib adjusting the knob on a spin bike) and really scary confusion and brain fog, not to mention uncontrollable sugar cravings.
  17. Oh come on model, you've had your fun, but the game's up. Eveyone knows this is bs now. Tubing coming thru skin is not unique, nor is shortening or trimming. But they are surgical situations. Your description of your treatment has gone over the line. Nobody is going to believe you now! I would love to give you an award for the most successful troll, but alas, youve buggered itup by getting carried away. Shame, you started out pretty well.
  18. Jachut

    Working Out Hardcore And Starving

    Perhaps 1500 and including some carbs would be reasonable? You do need more if you're burning that much and whilst it woudl seem easier to exercise less and just eat less, in the end, you'll be uber fit and able to do that sort of workout without getting really tired which means you can eat like a normal person and still maintain your weight loss. My ability to run 15kms at a time really gets me out of some indulgent situations!
  19. I avoid them. They upset my guts anyway. But I look at it like this. Sugary foods should be a small part of your diet. Sugar is empty calories. But so are artificially sweetened foods by and large, just less empty calories. If you use artificial sweeteners so you can survive on crap like soft drinks, Cookies, cakes, sweets and Desserts then you're better off giving them up. If you use them for a once in a while treat to save on a few calories then go for it - but neither artificially sweetened nor sugar foods should be on your menu at every meal.
  20. Jachut

    Mirrors Vs. Pictures

    I havent gotten around this in seven years! I look in the mirror and see imperfection, fat, love handles, wobbly thighs, and a big bum (trying on all my bikinis for thailand in a couple of weeks!). Snap a photo of myself and see something entirely different - not perfect, definitely someone with "problem" hips and thighs, lol, but a tall and thin person! See a photo of myself next to someone else I consider normal sized and cant freaking believe it!
  21. Jachut

    Cardio Vs Weigth Training

    In an ideal world, you do both. But I think cardio offers health benefits away from body composition and weight loss that are harder (not impossible) to get with strength training - especially the type of strenght training that most women will commit to. But strength training offers many benefits that cardio doesnt. For pure weight loss, if you dont particularly care about having muscles, cardio wins. It torches calories and makes you thin. It also makes you not very muscular or strong but you will be very tough and have great endurance. I'm biased because this is what I value - I love to be able to run 20kms, I dont give a rats ass about being able to bench press a certain weight. I like being thin, I dont want more muscle than what I have. But I also know my bones are quite weak, and I'm not very strong and I really COULD benefit from strength training to protect me going into old age, keep me strong, agile etc. Too much running will probably end with more hip and knee problems than I would otherwise have! But that said - to lose weight and get thin (and I lost 120% of my excess) I ran and ran and ran. And still do. Its the reason I get to eat 1800 to 2000 a day to maintain and never ever had to limit bread, Pasta etc. I also love it, so its easy for me. And I'm not flabby or completely muscle-less, just not what you'd call a curvy. Which at 5ft 10 suits me fine - dont want to look like a footballer anyway. At the end of the day there's no point in comparisons - both have advantages, but both build different sorts of bodies and you can go either way really - its all exercise, and both will do you loads of good.
  22. Choose your parents wisely and never ever go in the sun. Seriously, the loose skin, if you are going to have it, has already happened, whilst you were getting fatter. You cant undo that now. Sad but true.
  23. Jachut

    Brad And Angelina...

    Yawn, who cares?
  24. Jachut

    Net Cals

    I dont eat them back in totality but i do use exercise to create the deficit i want rather than just cutting back too far, if that makes sense
  25. I didnt need much in hospital - a good book is the most important thing! I didnt have to do a pre op diet so I had a post surgical experience which is probably what everyone imagines but not everyone gets. I lost weight rapidly and dramatically, 17kg (40lb or so) in the first three months which was actually HALF my excess weight. I went on to lose well over 100% of my excess weight (meaning I went right past a BMI of 25, down to about 19). The rest of the weight loss was really slow, it took me three years to lose 120lb. But those first few months were easy, automatic, effortless weight loss. It was really the band that did it all. After that it took work.