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  1. I was that envious sister once Out of my mom, my sister, and I, I was always the smallest (always between a size 12-16), but we were all overweight. My sister though was the heaviest, at 300. She decided to have RNY 3 years ago and my mom freaked out (worried about the risks, etc) and tried to show my sister that she could lose weight on her own without WLS, so she went on a major diet and started losing weight. My sister went ahead and had her surgery anyway. Before I knew it, both of them were wearing a size 6, and all of a sudden for the first time in my life, I was the fattest one I was envious but not mean to either of them, I love them both and we all have a really good relationship. But I secretly thought my sister took the easy way out. I rededicated myself to trying to lose weight again on my own, and eating healthy. 2 years later though and I still haven't made any progress (actually gained). We both have PCOS and managing our weight is near impossible. Long story short, I see how fantastic my sister looks now and how she is handling it 3 yrs post-op, and finally decided to have surgery myself! I definitely know that when people around you change for the better, emotions emerge that you never even realized you had... it's definitely interesting how we humans behave and react to one another. You learn a lot about yourself when faced with those situations. Not everyone is good and dealing with those feelings.
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    Anyone else 5'0" and 205?

    Thanks for your help, appreciate it! I am currently as of this morning 39.9 bmi. My appt is this afternoon! I have just finished eating a very carb heavy lunch, along with 3 waters so far. I have all my heavy jewelry on, jeans, etc..! The funny thing is, my weight fluctuates a LOT with Water weight. Just 2 weeks ago, I was 218 without trying. It was all water weight, right before I started my period. Go figure. I am right on the borderline of 40 bmi. I am hoping the surgeon scale weighs heavy (who would ever think I'd be wishing for that, for once in my life!) I have to weigh 219+ to be at a 40 bmi. I hate it that I feel this way, but I am desperate. 20 yrs of trying, I need help. I am 100 lbs overweight, give or take a few lbs. It would be silly to not be able to be approved for this because I was just under the bmi limit. I might not have comorbities at the moment, but I am sure they will happen eventually if I can't get rid of this weight.

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