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  1. borg/assimilated

    Extreme Measures

    I will be watching for updates. I might try this myself.
  2. borg/assimilated

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    I just ran across this today. It is so good to see some of my heroes posting again! I am four years out (nearly five), and, along with some of you, I have also had regain. I know it is as many mentioned due to stress levels- but also poor choices. I absolutely love Starbucks chai tea lattes. I am so sad at the thought of giving them up. I did give them up for Lent last year and lost zero pounds , so of course I went back to drinking them. I have started leaving artificial sweetener out of my tea at home( 4-5 cups a day). I probably am addicted to sweets mostly in liquid form. You all have given me some ideas for kick starting this whole weight loss saga into gear yet again, sigh....... Thanks for all of your posts and the wonderful encouragement you give to all of us out here on the journey.
  3. borg/assimilated

    Genes and pH and microbes

    @@Bon Appetit, Thanks for posting the link to this article. Interesting!
  4. borg/assimilated

    Thank you for being here

    Welcome aboard, Dale. We can always use another veteran sleever here.
  5. borg/assimilated

    Haven't been here in.... awhile...

    Great to have you back!
  6. borg/assimilated

    Interested to hear vets' opinions on this

    So many valid points in the article. Thanks for sharing it.
  7. borg/assimilated

    losing over 100 lbs has cracked my shell

    You look happy and confident, well done!
  8. borg/assimilated

    Well hello Onederland!

    Congratulations! You have done a great job and look fantastic!
  9. borg/assimilated

    Protein 101

    Thanks for reiterating the importance of protein in our diets. A good reminder for many of us.
  10. borg/assimilated

    Phew! Is it...

    Yes, I noticed that you took one on the chin for the cheese instead of Cheezits comment. Most of us know it was sage advice.
  11. borg/assimilated

    So, this fasting stuff works.

    Good to know, thanks for sharing. I'd like to try that soon, as I haven't lost any pounds for 4 months. My dietician was unconcerned as I haven't gained any weight for 6 months. She pretty much said I am healthy so be satisfied with what I have lost. But now you have me thinking...............
  12. borg/assimilated

    Tentative Surgery Date

    Surgery date will be here before you know it, then on to the loser's bench!
  13. borg/assimilated

    Onederland I can't believe it!

    Wonderful onederland! Congratulations, you have done well!
  14. borg/assimilated

    I'll try to be brief....I just need to vent

    @@her1981, That episode with your sister in law surely reinforced why you made the decision to improve your health through WLS! Sometimes it truly saddens me to see people live like that.
  15. borg/assimilated

    Back to the Beginning

    I do wish you luck! Going back to basics will be a good start, and you are right, one successful day leads to another successful day.
  16. Early on after my surgery I learned from some of the posters here to avoid certain aisles when grocery shopping as @@gowalking stated above. It has helped tremendously. I also like the idea you shared of the audible "no" when really tempted. I will try that the next time I am sorely tempted to eat something that I really don't need.
  17. borg/assimilated

    NSV: Bathing Suit

    What fun! Great NSV!
  18. @@VDB, Fascinating talk, and you looked great! How wonderful for that young man to have a team that was so persistent and wouldn't give up on him.
  19. borg/assimilated

    IMG 0381

    From the album: borg/assimilated

  20. @@Kindle, Great list! I am intrigued by the cottage cheese/ muscle milk idea. I will have to look that one up.
  21. Wonderful onederland! Congratulations on on your weight loss and even more so, your NSV's!
  22. borg/assimilated

    Reporting from my hospital bed

    @@Nurse_Lenora, Whew, that's over! Now it begins!
  23. borg/assimilated

    "Exercising" your self control

    @@Kindle, Good post! I agree with exposing your self to different "food situations". I have seldom gone to a restaurant and not been able to find something I am comfortable eating that still focuses on Protein ( usually on the appetizer menu). It does get easier and less intimidating as you try new experiences, and as @Babbs mentioned the initial stages are the most daunting.
  24. borg/assimilated

    Prayers Please.......

    Great news, congratulations!

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