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  1. I just ran across this today. It is so good to see some of my heroes posting again! I am four years out (nearly five), and, along with some of you, I have also had regain. I know it is as many mentioned due to stress levels- but also poor choices. I absolutely love Starbucks chai tea lattes. I am so sad at the thought of giving them up. I did give them up for Lent last year and lost zero pounds , so of course I went back to drinking them.

    I have started leaving artificial sweetener out of my tea at home( 4-5 cups a day). I probably am addicted to sweets mostly in liquid form. You all have given me some ideas for kick starting this whole weight loss saga into gear yet again, sigh.......

    Thanks for all of your posts and the wonderful encouragement you give to all of us out here on the journey.

  2. My son came home from getting his Master's degree abroad. He had been out of the country for 20 months. I didn't tell him about the surgery. We had face time and pictures throughout that time, but I guess he didn't notice the changes taking place. When we met him at the airport, I started waving while a little distance away and he kept looking past me, didn't even realize it was me until he was about six feet away! What a startled expression he had on his face!

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