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  1. borg/assimilated

    How is getting sick different now?

    I find I rarely get sick anymore since surgery, maybe it's the vitamins keeping me healthy? I have vomited twice though. I agree with the above posters; comes up much easier, less volume ,kind of foamy and not quite as vile aftertaste .
  2. borg/assimilated

    Extreme Measures

    I will be watching for updates. I might try this myself.
  3. borg/assimilated

    I buried my 15 year old grand-son

    Kathy, How shocking for all of your family. Such a tragedy. I pray for God's peace to surround you and your family now and in the coming days. Barbara
  4. borg/assimilated

    Back for support - nearly 7 years sleeved!

    I just ran across this today. It is so good to see some of my heroes posting again! I am four years out (nearly five), and, along with some of you, I have also had regain. I know it is as many mentioned due to stress levels- but also poor choices. I absolutely love Starbucks chai tea lattes. I am so sad at the thought of giving them up. I did give them up for Lent last year and lost zero pounds , so of course I went back to drinking them. I have started leaving artificial sweetener out of my tea at home( 4-5 cups a day). I probably am addicted to sweets mostly in liquid form. You all have given me some ideas for kick starting this whole weight loss saga into gear yet again, sigh....... Thanks for all of your posts and the wonderful encouragement you give to all of us out here on the journey.
  5. borg/assimilated

    Genes and pH and microbes

    @@Bon Appetit, Thanks for posting the link to this article. Interesting!
  6. borg/assimilated

    My work here is done

    @@4MRB4PHOTO, Agreed!
  7. Congratulations, you have done well!
  8. borg/assimilated

    Hello again....

    God bless you for what you are doing for your mother. She is probably recovering well due to your interest and care! Many of us women have been in that caregiver position, and while it's difficult at the time, you will never regret the days you had/have caring for her.
  9. borg/assimilated

    Thank you for being here

    Welcome aboard, Dale. We can always use another veteran sleever here.
  10. borg/assimilated


    Wonderful onederland! Congratulations, you have done well!
  11. borg/assimilated

    Haven't been here in.... awhile...

    Great to have you back!
  12. borg/assimilated

    Interested to hear vets' opinions on this

    So many valid points in the article. Thanks for sharing it.
  13. borg/assimilated

    What Is Your Beverage of Choice?

    I also like Vitamin Water Zero, lemonade flavor. I use Mio ( not the ones with caffeine) drops occasionally, Crystal Light, flavored waters, black tea and occasionally Chai latte in the Keurig. I will drink plain water but it is unappealing. Aside from Hot drinks like tea, all my liquids seem to be most palatable to me at room temp., weird huh?
  14. borg/assimilated

    Getting serious again

    I hope going back to Protein shakes works to kick start the losing again. I may have to do that too. I have been stuck around the same weight ( +/- 5 lbs.) for 6 months now ( 19 months out). I rarely lost over 5 pounds a month after the first few months. Good luck! Let us know if it works!
  15. borg/assimilated

    losing over 100 lbs has cracked my shell

    You look happy and confident, well done!
  16. borg/assimilated


    That's commendable! You have done well!
  17. borg/assimilated

    too much, too soon....

    That sounds so much more tasty and probably a healthy method of preparation too.
  18. borg/assimilated

    NSV: Massage

    Here's to flipping over on the massage table with ease! Congratulations.
  19. borg/assimilated

    Let's hear it for the girls

    @@proudgrammy, Well you are cute as a button no matter the outcome. I am hoping for the best for you.
  20. borg/assimilated


    Well, congratulations! That must feel great to have "diabetic" taken off your chart. Your surgeon is in the same group as mine!
  21. borg/assimilated

    In ONE WORD...

  22. borg/assimilated

    Do Protein Bars Trigger Your Sweet Tooth?

    I have not found them to be a trigger food, and I'd have to admit sweets are very appealing to me. I do use them fairly often as a meal, i.e. lunch. It's great to be able to get that 20 gr. of protein without much thought about meal planning.
  23. borg/assimilated

    Protein bars ?

    Ditto the above, Quest bars are my go to protein in a pinch. I like double chocolate chunk. The cheapest place I've found them routinely is Hyvee stores in their health food section.
  24. borg/assimilated

    What Is Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure? (Food or Not)

    Chai tea lattes, whether from Starbucks, independent coffee houses or my own Keurig, I have to be careful not to "treat" myself too often. I can see this developing into a very bad habit, and yes, I do feel guilty about consuming them, but they are quite pleasurable.
  25. My son came home from getting his Master's degree abroad. He had been out of the country for 20 months. I didn't tell him about the surgery. We had face time and pictures throughout that time, but I guess he didn't notice the changes taking place. When we met him at the airport, I started waving while a little distance away and he kept looking past me, didn't even realize it was me until he was about six feet away! What a startled expression he had on his face!

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