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  1. Geez! I had a bit of red wine tonight while making dinner. I still cannot believe how quickly a few sips impact me. I guess that is what happens when you cook with wine and there is some left for you. Feeling mellow......

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    2. Djmohr


      I dont drink alot, in fact i just had my first drinks about 3 months ago and I am 2 years post op. I will say, I used to prefer bourbon and now i love me some wine! Going out to dinner at our favorite steak place tonight and will be drinking a glass or two and cannot wait.

    3. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      We have another shiddach here! Bourbon! And, Pirate, if you have a special liking for jazz, I saw an amazing documentary about the music and more. "The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith." It plays in non-mainstream theaters and is available on iTunes. I was expecting it to be about the music only, but it's that and more. Lots about it in google.

    4. shedo82773


      My drink of choice ( I didn't drink often) but I loved COORS LIGHT. I don't drink it now because of the carbonation. So just last month, I went to a family get together and had wine!! It is called STRAWBERRY VINES, just a cheap one but dang me it was good. You know how they say that after WLS drinks hit you fast well I'm here to tell you I got a buzz in just a few shakes. I think after my 1st glass I got warm and fuzzy. And this is from a person thck of beer and just barely get a buzz. I won't do it much but it sure was good. LOL