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  1. So last night I didn't get to go to the packer game but hubby brought me a present. It was a tiny little packer jacket that has tiny little arm holes. 4 weeks ago there is no way I would have gotten my big arms into that thing. Today, I slid my new beautiful arms in and there was even room. Hubby said, I knew you would have no problem with this! He got a big hug and kiss from me. What a nice surprise.

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    2. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      That's a triumph....I knew better upon reading your first line, but confess that it brought to mind the old, dopey joke: "My parents went to Las Vegas and all they brought me was this lousy T-shirt." tsm

    3. Djmohr


      LOL! I am obsessed with trying things on that I once couldn't because of my heavy arms. Now I look for stuff that is tiny in the arms. It's like a game of challenge. So far I have not found anything in my size that won't fit because of it. Before I was lucky if I fit in my size at all because of my arms. Yay ME!!!!!

    4. freelee


      Yes, YEY YOU!