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  1. Congratulations on having your surgery and your success so far! As far as Mom is concerned you might simply tell her that you have had stomach issues and the doctor has you on a strict diet. You are losing the weight through diet and excercise which is not lying it is the truth. She doesnt need to know you have had surgery, that will only lead to more questions and comments. Just remind her that you have been ill and eating right and losing weight is making you feel so much better. It is not a lie and will leave you feeling better about things. Best of luck with Mom!
  2. Djmohr

    Bypass w/ minor issues

    You are likely very weak if you are having a hard time with drinking Water. Did they say you were dehydrated? That could definately cause your feelings of weakness and even the nausea. I would call your surgeon and let him know that you are feeling like crap. When you say you are having a hard time with water you can try the following: - Try different temperatures. (Many cannot tolerate the cold, in fact my pouch actually spasms if I drink ice water or even cold water from the fridge). I still 28 months post op, drink room temp water and it goes down well. - If it is the taste, use enhancer drops like Stur or even real fruit - If it is water in general try non calorie drinks like crystal light. Anything to get fluids into you Where is your Protein at? By now you need to really start getting that in. I had a lot of trouble with protein until I found what worked for me. You have to try different kinds, brands and approaches - What worked for me was switching to a ready made shake called Premier Protein. At first it was very heavy so I was told by my bariatric nurse to milk it down using fairlife skim milk which has added protein. Initially I would use 1/3 Protein Shake to 2/3 fairlife. After a week I was able to do half and half and them flip it to 2/3 protein shake and 1/3 milk. Finally a week later I was able to go completely to the shake. You have to find what works for you. But water and protein are the most critical things to help you start feeling up to par again. If you need to be put on a anti nausea medication you should call your doctor. Zofran works fantastic and it should help with the dry heaves.
  3. I am anxious and excited. Headed to Vegas on Friday. After 30 years of going there at least twice per year, we have made many friends. I have not seen them nor have they seen me since 10 weeks after surgery. Many don't know and I am somewhat unrecognizable. Looking forward to seeing them, have to decide what I share and what i don't. It will be fun though, it is vegas afterall!

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      I feel terrible for you -- such a fun dilemma. Your LV friends will be thrilled for you. I'd think that telling whole truth, if you're so inclined, will be well met -- it's usually pre-surgery that the negative comments flow. Anyway, put something on 25 Red for me, okay?

    3. Djmohr


      LOL. 25 red! You got it. I am certain they will be happy for me. My husband is the one that freaked me out a little. He reminded me that some of them probably won't recognize me. I am fine sharing my story and you are right it would be harder if I had not lost the weight. Plus, I got some great new outfits to wear!

    4. mmrennau


      hope you had a good time!

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  4. Djmohr

    15 years out

    I am 28 months post op. Got down below my goal to 158. Over the holidays i gained now nearly 10lbs back. I know 100% it is because of my choices and it is hard to get back on track but doable. Just remember your pouch is still there, you just need to use it properly. I also hate the idea of the 10 to 15% regain.....I am going to fight like hell to get back down where I was when I reached goal. The only advice I can give is get back on the plan. High Protein, lower (good carbs), lots and lots of Water and move as much as you can.
  5. Djmohr

    Too Much Too Fast? Kinda Freaked out!

    @@UpandAtom Sorry to hear about your leg. I know what that is like, I had a 3 level cervical spinal fusion 9 months after bypass. And then.....my activity of course came to a screeching halt for a while. Having surgery can cause the blues for sure. The thing is, you need to up your Protein so that you don't lose muscle mass. That will leave you feeling very weak and will cause you to work much harder once you get going again. I would not be worried about the weight loss overall, you are still moving toward a healthy weight and guys do lose faster than women. Try to reduce your carbs a bit and increase protein, drink lots of Water and try to get some activity even if it is just chair exercise at this point. I am headed into surgery in 9 days and I know how I get post surgery when it feels like you are back sliding. It should getter better over time. Incidentally, my surgery is to get rid off a lot of loose hanging skin that actually bums me out. So maybe I wont get the post surgery blues. LOL I hope you feel better soon!
  6. Djmohr

    One Week Post Op

    You will continue to feel crappy until you get enough fluids in you. Keep sipping Water, sf water enhancers....anything that is sugar free that will get you drinking fluids. Most of us had to work hard to find a Protein that works for them. I spent a small fortune on powders that first week and could not tolerate any of them. I called my bariatric nurse and she recommendation premier Protein shakes. She told me to milk them down with either regular skim milk or fairlife skim milk which has added protein. I would use 1/3 Protein shake and 2/3 milk. Then about 3 weeks I was able to complete convert to the shakes. Each one has a whopping 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and 160 calories. To this day it is the only protein shake I can stomach. Hope you feel better soon!
  7. Djmohr


    Oh my gosh! C-dif is horrible, my hubby got it and ended up in the hospital. I cannot imagine what it would be like for a WLS patient given we already get dehydrated. So sorry you are going through this!
  8. Djmohr

    This little thang..

    Its so much fun when you start to see your bones......all except the tail bone! That sucks and they say you will get used to it but my butt hurts whenever sitting. I do love the collar bones, and hip bones, ribs....etc. I never knew where they were. Congratulations!
  9. Djmohr

    Head Hunger!

    I would bet it is absolutely head hunger. It makes it worse if you are watching tv commercials for the food channel. You will have to work at distracting yourself, unfortunately head hunger is the thing that I fight most even now 28 months later. I knit, crochet, read, play on my ipad, take a shower, do the dishes.....anything to take my mind off it and it usually works.
  10. I did not eat for a week. I was on clear liquids only, not even a Protein shake until week 2. You definately dont have to worry about eating but you do need to worry about getting enough fluids. It is very easy to get dehydrated after WLS. Small sips all day long literally.
  11. There are sites like this one that can help guide you through questions to ask your surgeon: http://www.yourbariatricsurgeryguide.com/choose-surgeon/ This one actually allows you to find a board certified bariatric surgeon: https://asmbs.org Best of luck to you!
  12. Djmohr

    There sure are a lot of beaches on this board here

    @@Babbs I am all about the dessert too! After my father n law passes, we will be moving to the Las Vegas area. We are looking at Green Valley and Summerlin. That being said, I also LOVE the beach specifically in Hawaii and would love to go back every few years. Its so darn expensive though and we like to take our granddaughter who loves traveling with us. That makes it even more expensive but we won't go withou her now. LOL
  13. Djmohr

    Weight loss surgery

    @@pvechiola It sounds like you are in a situation where you likely cannot move out for several reasons. I get this as I am caring for my FIL who is 87, hearing impaired and has big time memory problems. Fortunately we are not living with him but it may come to that in the future. We could do it but it would really be a lot to handle. He currently has a senior helper every day, 5 days per week and then hubby and I are with him the other two. It is hard on us because we work as well. Hubby out of the house and me from home. I seriously would not get anything done if I live with him. We will see what the future holds as his health issues progress. That being said, I hate to say this but you will have to get a thicker skin. Our parents don't always behave the way they taught us to behave. Of course that gets worse with age as well. If you are considering weight loss surgery, the comments might actually get worse given your diet will likely look a lot different. My father n law loves the fact that I am now thin but is always making comments about the fact that I don't eat a lot or I don't eat the same food. He will constantly push cake, Cookies, pie and ice cream at me. I have just learned to say no thank you politely and of course repeat myself everytime he asks because of his memory issues. After I say no thank you, that will make my tummy hurt he lets it go. But will usually say something like: "thats a dirty rotten shame" Rinse. Repeat. I just remember that he loves me and doesn't know any better right now and I suck it up. I of course have a lot more patience than my husband who will get mad and yell: She doesnt want that! After he has asked me 4 or 5 times. Oh and I almost forgot, his filters are completely gone. So if he gets a caregiver who has a weight problem he shakes his head and rudely comments about how fat she is. This is painful for me because it makes me wonder what he thought when i weighed 310lbs. Apparently he likes the way I look so much now that he is constantly trying to slap me on the backside or tells me how pretty I am. This does make me very uncomfortable but I have learned not to get within butt slapping distance. LOL...see....filters are gone. Thick Skin and lots of willpower. That's the only advice I have.
  14. Djmohr

    Airport Security Curiosity

    I had this happen frequently before my weight loss, now I have zero problem. I am not sure what the heck causes it.
  15. @alexbrecher I have also noticed that when you post there is quite a lag time before it grabs the post. I have double posted several times over the last few days and had to go in and delete them. I thought maybe you guys were working on the site and it was slowing down. I had the problem both on my ipad and my laptop.
  16. Djmohr

    Dry skin...lotions?

    It is all about the fluids. You may think you are getting enough but you likely are not and it is effecting your skin. There are quite a few posts about this over the last couple years I have been on this site. Drink lots and lots of Water, we dehydrate easily without even realizing it.
  17. Djmohr

    There sure are a lot of beaches on this board here

    Not the beach but headed to vegas on friday. Haven't been on a vacation in more than two years and need one badly. I will take the dessert over the beach, this time.....
  18. I had my surgery two years ago now through Medica. I had to show a 2 year history with BMI over 35 w/comorbitities or 40 without. Also I had to have 6 months of supervised diet. These insurance companies are all so different. My insurance now covers absolutely nothing. In fact, my annual blood work wasn't covered because my PCP used the word bariatric in her coding. It cost me 2300.00 I had to go back to my bariatric center and ask for a letter showing medical necessity for annual metabolic nutritional panels. This happened in June and I had to pay it or they would send it to collections. So I paid it, and ever since I have been working on the appeal so I can get my money back. you have to stay on top of them both before and even years after your surgery. Maybe someday they will change all this so that they cover it on all insurance. (Yes I know I am dreaming) This is a metabolic disease after all.
  19. "I'm not saying that the Sleeve is a bad choice but I know of a few people who have been sleeved and two years later they want a revision and they are trying to get approvals or they are trying to diet like they did post opp and losing the battle." @@danithomas I just wanted to say that most that are successful post surgery do not think of their meals as a diet (other than the first couple weeks of liquid post op) Having WLS of any kind requires diligence around eating a high Protein, lower carb well balanced food plan. For me it got a lot easier when I stopped thinking of my new life as a diet that I had to follow and focused more on the foods that make me feel good, lose or maintain weight and look good. I know that if I though of this as a diet, i personally would fail. I say this because I really was a professional dieter before my RNY. I would go on a diet and lose lots of weight. (80lbs was my biggest loss on Atkins) and then I would go off the plan and start eating what I thought was normal. I literally would gain all of my weight back and then some. Most folks that have been through this have similar stories. For me, the 9 months leading up to surgery were critical. It allowed me to change my thinking and many of my bad habits. Don't get me wrong I still have some bad habits like eating while watching TV or working on my computer. I am so thankful now for that time because it really helped me. That does not mean that I don't get off track because I clearly have. For example I allowed myself to stop tracking my food through the holidays and I gained 7lbs. Now it is taking forever to get that weight back off. It is simply hard to get back on track. Because I am having surgery in 12 days I don't want to try the pouch reset honestly because it will happen then. And of course when you are having plastics they don't want you to make such a drastic change to your food plan right before. If I were not having surgery I would probably use the liquid diet simply to reset myself. When I allow more carbs/sugar into my system, I then begin craving them and therefore eating more of them. So, I know the liquid diet would detox me from that in just a few days. So for now, I am simply back on track by eating my high protein, lower carb diet and reducing any bad carbs that I let in over the holidays. That will allow me to maintain and possibly even lose a bit of weight.
  20. @@10stackzz You are right about the mind being so important. I believe that having bariatric surgery is 10% about the surgery and 90% about the head games regardless of which surgery you choose. I don't think it is a quick fix though.... at least not for me.
  21. I think your question is excellent. The first few months for me were obsessive mostly because I was just trying to figure out what foods worked with my new stomach and which ones didn't. Once I figured it out, it just became a way of life for me. It is almost like my brain is retrained to think about food to survive. I eat to live, I don't live to eat...... That being said, I did find myself going a bit off plan over the holidays and had a 7lb gain. Now, I am working my butt off to lose that weight. Because I am at goal, losing 7lbs is actually a lot and you have to work very hard for it. The good news is, my tool (new tummy) will always be there to help me. I will also suggest that if you have an addictive personality it might be wise to work with a therapist that can provide you with some tools to help you remain focused. I leveraged one in the beginning and if you have the right one, they can be very helpful. This is something that can be provided via your bariatric center of excellence. They specialize in bariatric care. I hope all goes well in your class! Good luck to you!
  22. @@danithomas One of the reasons for revision post sleeve is sometimes gerd gets very bad and RNY will cure it. When you suffer from gerd and it is at its worse, you have to do something to resolve it or it causes damage. Many doctors will recommend RNY, others leave it up to the patient and they choose the sleeve because they believe it to be less invasive. A lot of patients never had gerd and the sleeve because of its design will then cause it. Keep in mind that many are able to treat the gerd and the sleeve is just fine. The sleeve is a fantastic surgery and there are many people on this site alone that have been successful in losing just as much weight as the RNY. My gerd was so severe that RNY was definately the best option for me. Best of all, I am 2 years + post op and have not had a single episode of Gerd.
  23. Djmohr

    Anyone else?

    @@lisaBme Not a dime. I actually took on a pretty major project to make enough to pay for both surgeries. I am still not quite there but close and they have a care credit program with 0 percent interest. It is difficult to get insurance to pay for any plastics. For some insurance companies they won't even consider it but for some if you have lots of documentation from the doctor on infections caused then you might get the panni removal covered. At least that is something, the rest we are pretty much on our own. I am in Milwaukee WI so it is a bit less expensive than if you go to NY or CA. I paid 6500.00 for my arm lift and 17,200.00 for my abdominalplasty and breast lift with augmentation. That is as far as I can go for a while and honestly it may be all that I do. Plastics is not fun. Instant gratification but painful. My bypass was a walk in the part in comparison.
  24. Djmohr

    Anyone else?

    You may have a little bit better outcome because of your age. Your skin may have more elasticity. That being said, it can also be genetics and of course how much you have to lose. But, I am guessing if you are already dropping, it will continue to do so. Also you do need to give it some time to bounce back. Congratulations on your weight loss! I am a bit older (53) and I have had a lot of comorbitities and I feel fantastic! I always say my only regret is not doing this much sooner. You are nice and young, I am guessing you are already feeling pretty great. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be that young again. LOL I have a 13 year old granddaughter who is trying to grow up so fast. She stopped playing with toys at 7 and is quite the diva. She acts like she is in her twenties and I am always telling her to slow her roll. She is in such a hurry to grow up, then again I think I was like that at her age too.
  25. Djmohr

    Crushed pills

    As someone else said it has everything to do with swelling. Once it goes down it should get better. I will say, I still cannot swallow fat pills but I can swallow longer tablets. For example, I cannot take NyQuil liquidcaps, they get stuck but I can take the caplets with no problem.

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