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  1. It seems like the further i get into my journey which its (3yrs) in. It seems like every discussion/ argument ends up with (oh now that u lost weight). Ugh I'm so tiered of hearing the same old record. I chose to loose weight because of health problems and to feel better. I mean and of course what women does not want to look good and sexy with it all. I really don't comprehend what is happening in his head. But im done with this relationship and this situation. I seen a lot of stories on youtube about how they had partners that did not agree with their decision and caused them to divorce, and i always told myself i was not going to go through same situation and Here i am! So just wondering if anyone is going through the same or similar, or have gone through a rough patch as well?
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    Any Relationship Problems?

    Thank u all for the advice. All ready tried counseling. But I've been dealing with this problem for about 10yrs🕘 with this man. And yes 336Mike I did love him❤. I've been the one to give him the benefit of the doubt and have fought for this relationship. Especially since we have kids involved. But now like I said prior, it has gotten worse. 😢 My way of being had never changed. Always been a Happy 😁 outgoing person, and just to know I have to wake up too anger 😤 and insecurities at this point of our relationship, it just crazy 😵 to me. I just think the weight loss added more issues. Because that's all I hear now! But thank u all again for the advice 😘 truly appreciate it.
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    One week follow up

    Keep ur head up and keep on going! sometimes it can be a tough road but if u stay positive u will get to ur goal weight. ull have good and bad days. it just depends on how you go along with it. Hope to see progress pics soon. Good luck!
  4. Hey luv u should look in to all the surgery options. Maybe another surgery would be different with the situation ur going through. My sis in law had the sleeve and she no longer has diabetes. So there's lots of options but u have to be sure..
  5. If u do and eat wt ur supposed too and wrk out u will do great! Hope u reach your goal soon. They had my goal to be at 130lb and told me that after the 1yr everyone usually gains 10 lbs but that had not been the case. I wanna say that for the holidays I went up 4lbs but now I'm back to same weight of 111lb. So I know u will do great! keep it up hope to see progress pics soon.
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    From the album: StanCounty29

  9. Ur very welcome my luv. I just want to show people it is possible. Not saying everything was easy but if u wrk hard u can achieve wt u want. The hardest parts was when my family would eat junk food and I wasn't able too, but guess wt I would just leave the room or eat by myself and I was great!
  10. Thank u luv. And nothing out of the ordenairy, when I first got it I had to remind myself to eat, but now it's different I wrk in the medical field and sometimes I don't get to eat as often but I do still eat my portions and eat healthy, not that I don't hv cheat days but even then I portion everything I don't over do the eating. I really do luv having the bypass. But I did also research all of them before I got it and I felt like it was the best one for me.
  11. Awww larry971 thank u luv. And there's always someone for everyone ur never too old for luv. ❤❤
  12. Kblanc... No luv not at all. I've been thinking about a consultation for my tummy and thighs but then I chk out mainly because of how expensive it is.. But I think if I did have the money I probably would just the little things I don't like..lol
  13. Well you are gorgeous. But you can't be posting pictures like that. Give us old guys heart palpitations. Definitely sexy. Congratulations Sent from Larry's S7 Well thank u MR. Larry but that was not my intention..lol just showing my progress.. please don't have a great attack.. ❤
  14. For biatriatrica14 and jazzyjay I didn't do nothing special I followed directions, and waited until the Dr cleared me to go to the Gym. Before he did that I would walk my kids to school and home, but when I was cleared oh boy right away I got my membership at the gym. I basically motivated myself, had lots of friends that said they would support me and come with me and they all became lagers. But I didn't let that stop me a pair of ear phones and Pandora was all I needed. I would go 2x day am and pm. U can say I became addicted to working out. When my kids were home for the weekends I would make it fun and wrkout with them which they luved, warmed up at home and took them to a trail which was teN miles back and forth. Made it fun for them but got my workout out of the way.
  15. Yes luv consulting your Dr is the way to go. Most likely your on liquids still and protein shakes maybe ur having an alergic reaction 2 something ur taking or drinking. When something goes wrong it's always good 2 call ur dr for any questions or concerns. I'm a nurse. ❤ Good luck luv.
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    I feel AH-Mazing!

    U look amazing luv.
  17. I was always super small, then life and children hit and I gained a lot of weight. I'm only 5.1 and I was close to 300 lbs. On surg day 12/9/14 I was 220 lbs. 1 yr and 3 months and I'm at 114. I'm so happy to be back. I'm not 103 like in high school but belive me I'm happy. The best part of this is my boys love that I can do anything they want. Sports, running, and now I have them hooked on working out with mommy. before Sent from my SGH-M919N using the BariatricPal App
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    1 yr 3m out and in luv.

    Lovelywholesales... Sent from my SGH-M919N using the BariatricPal App
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    1 yr 3m out and in luv.

    I bought it online one of the first things I bought. LOVELY whole sales. I was so scared because I've never shopped online and just didn't want to deal with the hassle. But I've bought a couple of things now and I luv it. And thank u. Sent from my SGH-M919N using the BariatricPal App

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