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    Surgery was wednesday and I couldn't be more pleased with having so many toots!
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    For those of you who have AETNA, be careful about your weight gain. I have AETNA open access and I called the insurance company to verify because I was told previously that it was ok as long as there is no net gain at the end of my 3 months. WRONG! There cannot be any weight gain during your 3 month or 6 month weigh-ins with your PCP or surgeons office. You will be denied. Make sure you have lost weight each time you go in to weigh-in. With that being said make sure you know what your policy entails.
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    twittymilk reacted to AvaFern in 100 Pounds Down!-"Normal" BMI- Almost at Goal!   
    When I first started posting on this forum in August 2013, I loved, and still do love, reading the stories of people who had hit certain goals. My surgery was in September 2013, and I knew the three postings that I wanted to make....the one year surgiversary post, the 100 pounds lost post (which is the exact pound that puts me into the normal BMI range), and of course, the day I reached my final goal weight.
    My one year surgiversary was in September, so knocked that one out, but as of today I have lost 100 pounds and I am finally in the "normal" range on a BMI chart! In the past I have lost 80-90 pounds a few times, but never 100, and I am now 1 pound thinner than I have ever been over the age of 21. Also, 137 is the cut-off for my height between "normal" and "overweight", so technically my entire adult life I have been classified as "overweight" according to the evil BMI chart, and as of this morning, I am normal!!
    Thirteen months ago I was sitting at my computer reading through all of these posts wondering if I should risk my life (surgery freaks me out) in the hope that maybe I could lose weight with a sleeve. I am now totally in the group of people that can say that the only thing I regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I have 8 pounds to my original goal and 18 pounds to 119 which was always my goal when I was younger. Fingers-crossed I will get to make my third posting sometime soon!
    Thanks to everyone for all of their postings over the last year- it has been nice to not feel alone on the sleeve journey!

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