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  1. I've had my surgery since 2015 and very few people know outside of my immediate family and closest friends.
  2. Totally doable look at my stats. Hit 100 lbs loss in Dec 2015. Oh and no pre-op diet over my doctor does not do that.
  3. twittymilk

    No Pre Op liquid diet?

    No 2 week liquid diet here. How lucky are we??
  4. twittymilk

    Would you do it again?

    My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. Best life decision I ever made.
  5. @@Kathy812 I aimed for around 90grams. I was getting 50-60 before.I'm not that active at all so didn't want to overdo it.
  6. I stay away from counting calories and focus on counting macros. I stalled last month so this month I upped my Protein and lost same weight in a week that I lost in the entire month of April.
  7. twittymilk

    Has anyone lost 100+ pounds?

    Down 105 lbs in 8.5 months no pre-op diet since my surgeon doesn't do one. It's mind blowing that I only have 40ish lbs to reach my first goal.
  8. twittymilk


    Eat something before, half a Protein bar or have the shake before.
  9. twittymilk

    Flexible Spending Account enrollment

    I put $2000 and used it all.
  10. twittymilk

    Pre Op Diet

    No food funeral. After surgery especially further out you will be able to eat all the same foods you did before. Question is do you still want to keep eating the same things?
  11. twittymilk

    Pre Op Diet

    Yup, no pre-op diet either. My surgery was on Monday, so Saturday and Sunday was nothing but clears. And nothing after midnight on Sunday except for the nausea meds 2 hours before surgery.
  12. twittymilk

    Anyone else with high BMI to start?

    Wednesday will be 6 months out for me, I started at 287 a BMI of 49. Today woke up at 202 and a BMI of 34.7 which means even with co-morbidites I would be denied for this surgery by insurance company. It's been an amazing journey. Hope to be in onederland by next week.
  13. twittymilk

    What's for breakfast?!

    I'm doing whole30 this month so breakfast everyday is pretty much eggs, eggs, eggs.
  14. twittymilk

    Having a period right before surgery?

    My period started day of surgery, it wasn't a big deal except that paper underwear I had to wear.
  15. Sleeved 5/18 (5 months today) and down 71lbs.
  16. twittymilk

    You know you lost weight when

    When you can fit all the "new" shoes in your closet that couldn't fit your fat feet before. I did not expect my feet to get smaller and it is a wonderful surprise
  17. twittymilk

    Swallowing Pills

    I hate the taste of crushed pills, so I was swallowing them whole once I was home from surgery. Just the small pills, I didn't take the large multi-vitamin until my first follow-up which was 3 weeks later.
  18. twittymilk


    For me as soon as the frothing begins, vomiting is soon to follow. Which I am quite thankful for couldn't imagine frothing for hours.
  19. twittymilk

    Stubborn Sleeve...

    The best thing I've learned through this whole process is to LISTEN to my own body. It's going to do what it wants. I can go with the flow or pay the consequences. I've learned to appreciate what an awesoms machine this body is and it knows what it's doing whether I want to admit it or not.
  20. twittymilk

    Stubborn Sleeve...

    That were my instructions as well but I was vomiting, even yogurt!! The only way I could keep food down was to wait that long. Even now 4 months out depending on how my sleeve is feeling I wait at least 5 mins. I measure everything so I don't overeat.
  21. twittymilk

    Stubborn Sleeve...

    How long are you taking between bites? Fresh from surgery I would take at least 10 minutes or longer, otherwise I would throw it up too.
  22. Single digit pant/jean size Sky dive Run a marathon
  23. twittymilk

    Aetna Managed Choice Open Access

    Obamacare allows states to choose medical procedures that are considered Essential Health benefits. This specifically applies to private insurance. So I'm from NY and my state says if you offer insurance in this state bariatric surgery must be covered and my insurance does (Aetna). Aetna does not have the bariatric surgery information on my insurance documents it's in fine print. The states that require insurance companies to cover bariatric surgery, I think it's about 23 states now that force insurance companies to pay for it. So if you live and work in NY, it most definitely should be covered. I'm adding the link but the state you work in matters for whether the insurance company covers it or not: http://www.bariatric-surgery-source.com/lap-band-insurance.html#plan Weight Loss Surgery States (for Individual, Family & Small Group Plans)Arizona California Delaware Hawaii Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont West Virginia Wyoming - See more at: http://www.bariatric-surgery-source.com/lap-band-insurance.html#plan
  24. If you take Milk of Magnesia tonight, you will go way before your trip in the AM.

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