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    FYI.. I blend the Beans in bean with bacon Soup for the extra Protein.. funny how I used to grab a pizza or bag doritos... now I am thrilled with bean with a couple of Tablespoons of bean with bacon soup! Times they are a changin'
  2. Ready 4 Changes


    Hi All! October 21 surgery date, down 20 pounds since pre-surgery diet. Seeing some differences in dietary phases... I am still on full liquids but notice many people around same surgery date have moved onto soft and mushy.. I have "cheated" by having a few (2 tablespoons at a sitting) of mashed potatoes and gravy, and have incorporated 2 tablespoons of yogurt in the morning as well. Not that I am limiting myself to 2.. thats just what fills me up... I get most satisfaction from the broth of cream of potato and bean with bacon broth. Trying to incorporate a little of variety instead of crust chicken and beef broth. I have noticed a stall in my weight loss, do I need to add more Water daily to jump start again? I can not add more Protein... I feel pretty good that Im drinking almost 2 premier Protein shakes in daily approx 60 grams of protein. G2 has been my go to liquid more than the water.. It sounds weird, but I don't love water, or flavored water. Have made caffeine free ice tea... much easier for me to drink. I bought Premier Protein shakes at Sam's chocolate I add a banana in the morning, strawberry cream I add frozen (no sugar added) strawberries in the afternoon. Helps by having a bit of a routine to get in all in. If anyone has food tips and tricks, what works well, what doesn't... it would be great if we all could share:) Glad we are all in this together its nice.
  3. If I were you I would definitely take a friend or family member. Travel in itself can be draining.. luggage, airport, taxi, etc... let alone after major surgery. Although I did not have significant pain, I was very nauseated and overall weak for several days. I am exactly two weeks post op today and feel good now in the mornings, but still get tired by mid afternoon. Your fears are valid, however you are in the right spot for support. We have all been where you are now, and are a few steps ahead of you. Although I don't want you to be "afraid" of the upcoming surgery, it is a significant procedure and I don't want you to underestimate the need for physical and mental support right after, it does take a toll on your body for a bit. But for me... it is certainly worth it. Good luck to you Blessings.
  4. Ready 4 Changes

    Prayer please

    You are just in the first few hours of post op. You may not be feeling great and may have concerns or second thoughts. The fear is normal. Don't let yourself get stressed out. Its a process. Accept you are going to have a few rough days, followed by weeks of learning. Soon.. you will see results and be glad to made the decision. Prayers for good health Blessings.
  5. Ready 4 Changes

    My first blog

    I am two weeks post op... your fears are normal. You are exactly where you need to be... asking and sharing with people who have been exactly in your shoes. Education is power... I personally made the decision to move forward with the GS because the health issues I was afraid I was facing far outweighed the risks on the surgery for me. Good luck in your decision making process. Remember, one way or another, the decision has to be yours... this is your life, your desire to change, your health. Blessings.
  6. Ready 4 Changes


    My Dr. Also said as soon as I feel up to it. (He didn't mention my husband may be up to it.. before I was even considering it...) I am 2 weeks out... and the last few days my husband and I have had sex twice. Heading into TMI area... but being honest... first time... I was a little nervous, afraid he might hurt me with too much weight on my abdomen, so I held his body up with my hands a little... Second time, I was on top, so no pain or pressure on my stomach. Just a thought ladies and gents... kinda private and embarrassing,.. but a real question deserves a real answer. We didn't go through all this so our spouses and significant others wouldn't want us... this is a good thing. Its nice to be loved, just be careful.
  7. Ready 4 Changes

    Can I take ibuprofen?

    NO Ibuprofen, NO Aleve. Call your DR for recommendation. They will probably suggest Tylenol.
  8. Ready 4 Changes

    My body feels awful...

    G2 Gatorade was my go to drink for hydration... refreshing and not thick. I bought premier Protein shakes vanilla ( I blend in frozen,,, no sugar added strawberries) in the chocolate I blend in a banana . I will be two weeks post op- tomorrow. Key is small sips at a time, stop when you are full, alternate between shake and gatorade. You MUST stay hydrated... stay tough kiddo... dig deep for strength to push yourself. You did not so all of this to give up and end in the hospital. I have also bought chicken noodle and vegetable Soup to drink the broth... it tastes better than the plain broth... (no chunks unless blended) . Pour the broth in a coffee cup sip ... The flavor and warmth is a nice change from the cold Protein Shakes. You can do this... every day you will tolerate a little more liquid, and you will gain more strength. Make sure you are taking your multi Vitamin and B12. Good luck... don't give up.. it'll all be worth it Blessings
  9. Ready 4 Changes

    Freaking out

  10. Ready 4 Changes

    Freaking out

    Stay strong ladies!!! We got this!
  11. Congratulations on your decision towards a healthier life! You are not alone... we are all out here supporting you! Blessings!
  12. Ready 4 Changes

    Woke up with pain this AM

    I think anytime you are concerned.. you should call. If for nothing else, peace of mind and suggestions. I am anxious to see your progress. Stay calm... carry on Congratulations on your commitment! Blessings for a pain free day
  13. Ready 4 Changes


    My surgery is tomorrow. I am sure I will be in your shoes soon. However, I have read a lot from others who do indicate a bit of anxiety after the surgery. More like a buyers remorse.. "what have I done to myself" fear. It does seem to be common. The anxiety I will assume is related to the "unknown". I have confidence in you (and myself) that the fear will dissipate with understanding and a routine you we get used too. Stay online.. keep talking to people who are ahead of you in the process. Knowledge is power. It can calm you through the storm. We have tough challenges ahead of us and a severe learning curve. I do believe the pros out way the cons.. stay strong, don't give in to your anxiety. Talk and (walk) your way through it. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for us both Blessings.
  14. Ready 4 Changes

    Freaking out

    Mind over matter.... Get your thoughts in order. You are worth the changes coming! Its not what you are losing... its what you will be gaining! I am not talking pounds... Im talking healthier lifestye! You are here like I am ... because you are overweight and not healthy. We deserve better. You deserve better. You have to get your thoughts right. No one is doing this TO YOU... You are doing this FOR YOU... dig deep, find the commitment and determination to get through it. YOU Will be happier and healthier IF you really want this. You are not alone. We all struggle or we wouldn't be here talking to strangers. My surgery is tomorrow... I have to remind myself every day why I am doing this... I want a better future for myself. Have faith in yourself. You can do this. Blessings.
  15. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! The pre-op diet... not great, I'm not going to lie. But I can do anything for a few days! It will be worth it! I am actually not that hungry... My body is accepting the changes, I know that will help me during the post-op as well. I prepared meals for my son and husband this week for when I would be in the hospital and recovering. A little tough, yes... but I am the one doing this ... not them, so they should not have to resort to take - out while I'm recovering. I feel like this is my opportunity to change the way we all move forward. A healthier mom, a healthier household I Have lost weight the last few weeks. down to 175 on my own. It does not make me question my decision... I have gained and lost so many times, I know that taking this drastic measure will help me maintain my weight and make me healthier in the long run. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous today.. I am getting myself ready for the hospital and I feel very content with my decision. I fear more for my future health if I do not go forward with the surgery. I am 45 with 3 children. When I look back at my mother when she was 45... she was healthier than I am today. Now, my mother is obese. My mother has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, joint pain, and back trouble resulting in surgery. She has trouble walking, and gets winded just walking in from the car. I do not want to become my mother. I see my future in her without the help of the gastric sleeve. Some people say I should not be having the surgery with a lower BMI and my current weight. Keep in mind, I have been much heavier, and BMI much higher.. I have lost 50 lbs on my own, prior to considering the surgery. In my mind I needed to "earn" it through my commitment to change. I am ready. I need help to maintain. I'm moving forward. Wish me luck. You all have inspired me! Although we are "anonymous"... Its nice to know we are not alone. I will keep you posted Blessings
  16. So ready! Nervous, mainly anxious and excited! READY READY READY to begin. I have researched all that I can, and now look forward to the process. I am not unrealistic. I know I am going to have rough days... but I am prepared. I see the new me in my bear future! Wish me luck! They journey begins. Ill keep you posted on the process! Blessings.
  17. I have Cigna PPO, however the procedure is not covered at all. I am a self pay patient. I had the EGD, no worries. Went in early, IV for sleepy time meds, a little spray (does not taste good) to numb gag reflex. I was in and out quickly. No pain, no major after effects other than a little groggy. (Couldn't drive) I slept for several hours when I got home. I felt well enough to drink warm (not hot) broth and cool (not cold) Water. FYI: Results of EGD showed some Gastritis, and I biopsy was taken. Results of that in a week. I was given a RX for Prilosec. l was given the surgery go ahead! I continue on the clear liquid diet, I am not allowing myself to stress about it. I have found a few internet tips : chicken broth from actual chicken noodle Soup tastes sooooo much better than the broth in a can alone. however... strain and dump noodles right away... so you are not tempted to have even a few Ramon Noodles... same thing broth tastes good. A bit of a variety. Throw out the noodles Hot & Sour soup ...again, just the broth. Three more days, I can do this!! I am ready to go for Tuesday Blessings
  18. Dont stress the "last"meal... look forward to the "new normal". My surgery is October 21st. I have spent the last few days on high Protein, and low carbs. I start my full clear liquid diet tomorrow. I have decided to not allow my mind... get in the way of my determination. We ARE going to eat normal food again peeps... we ARE going to get past the first few weeks ... just fine. Mind over matter... If you don't mind... it DONT matter... Turn your thoughts around.. not about what you didn't get, or may not be getting and think about the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be worth it! I am saying this for you benefit and mine! We are all here for a reason, we need change in our weight to experience a happier healthier lifestyle... Don't let your mind play evil tricks on you before you even get there. Stay focused on the positive, accept the reality of the work ahead of you... and don't let anyone .... get in the way of your goal. I chose to share only with my husband, and recently my best friend. I did not want anyone questioning my decision and adding more pressure. Give yourself permission to stay private about it until you feel ready. We are have doubt and fear... but you remember what is was that made you decide to do the surgery. Don't lose sight of that. Stay strong.... this is for you ... no one else. FYI:I repeat that to myself daily! I am a few days ahead of you... I hear everything you have said, I have felt what you feel. I am simply making a conscience effort to see the pros over the cons. Blessings
  19. I am still researching. I am a self pay patient, so I am trying to reassure myself the pros out way the cons. The one thing I have not been able to find a lot of information on complications. (my fear) I have noticed that several people are converting from band to sleeve... wondering why. At my BMI I do not qualify for the sleeve. I also would like to know how many people have band removed... and why. I do believe the general success of the band as a weight loss tool is patient specific, based on determination and commitment to the lifestyle. I am mentally and physically prepared to jump in with both feet. It is the unknown that scares me. Are these typical pre-surgery jitters? Can anyone post-op talk me off the ledge? I am excited, yet the fear does creep in.
  20. Thank you all for your responses! From what I have researched, the sleeve is the right decision for me. I am working on all my pre-op appointments now. I have seen the nutritionist, psychologist, (I can't believe he did't think I was nuts... some of the things he asked made me wonder if he was crazy... weird survey questions! LOL) Example: Question: Do you have a Love / Hate relationship with your family members? Answer: DDDDDUUUUHHH!!! Married 24 years with 3 children...... Question: Have you ever wanted to hurt yourself or someone else? Answer: DDDDDDUUUUUHHHH!!!! Married 24 years with 3 children..... Not sure it if that was the answer they "wanted" but it is the truth I'll Keep you posted if I "passed" evaluation or not... LOL. I probably should have been a little more "politically" correct on the answers. I'm honest, to a fault. Aren't we ALL a little looney at times? I have a few more pre-op appointments to go. Surgery is scheduled for October 21st. It can't come soon enough. I am mentally and physically ready to keep the momentum going. YOU ALL INSPIRE ME! Blessings to you all for a happier, healthier lifestyle!!
  21. I had my consultation today. Thought I was heading toward the lap band but was told today I would probably like the life style freedom of the sleeve. I did not think I would qualify for the sleeve with a lower BMI. I did. I am actually very excited about the option. I have seen a reference to Lap Sleeve procedure...is that the same as the Gastric sleeve? or two separate procedures? Also, can anyone give me an idea on the recovery time as well as what to expect for initial weight loss? My head is spinning a bit, I have researched Lap Band for weeks now, and feel like I'm starting from scratch learning about the Gastric sleeve. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  22. Thank you all for feedback. I wanted to let you know prior to meeting with the surgical DR. I had already lost 50 pounds. So with that being said, although my starting BMI is low for surgery as of now, ... it has been much higher. I just need help for the remainder of the weight loss and need a tool for ongoing weight maintenance. I have yo yo'd my scale for so many years, I feel like the surgery will help me with longterm balance. I am Moving forward. Thank you all for being there... I will have more questions and topics as I progress. Excited and motivated for continued changes Blessings to you all for good health!
  23. Ready 4 Changes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is The Gastric sleeve surgery also referred to as a Lap Sleeve Procedure? Or are they two different options?
  24. That helps! You all do. I am so thankful to have found this site to ask questions. I am not sharing my procedure with anyone other than my husband. He is nervous about any possible complications, but supports my decision. I don't need the added pressure from my family members of yet another attempt to lose weight. Im doing this for me, not them, and think its ok to keep it private. So... your responses are very helpful. I was wondering how people eat out and socialize. We live in a smaller city, and that is what people do here for fun..We all go out, have cocktails and dinner with friends. I love that you can still do that with smaller portions and good choices. Can you still enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends? I appreciate the mindset utilizing the lap band as a "tool" to be the "trainer on my back" to keep my portion and choices in check. My original fear was that I would be running out of a restaurant to vomit and be humiliated. Knowing some foods should be avoided, is it safe to say you eat typically the same foods just smaller portions? I am not a big junk food eater. I do love pizza however. I eat too many carbs. I have stopped drinking soda over a year ago. I am no longer eating bread. I am hoping that will make the transformation post surgery, a little less painful... since I have already removed them from my diet. I did go and get chewable Vitamins and gas strips for pains. What should I get over the counter for the pain? Is there anything else you would add for a pre-op gal with jitters to get me more prepared? Thank you again... what a blessing to be able to talk

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