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  1. Kate M

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Kate Kate M 206.6 today Goal 190
  2. Kate M

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Can I join in? I've been away since March traveling. I'll send you my weigh in and goal weight tomorrow. Thanks Kate
  3. Kate the NP here- once it opens up a little like that it is not a good idea to try to close it with steri-strips. As someone said above, it Ned's to heal from the inside out. Rinse it with peroxide and than make sure it is dry ( alcohol wipes will help that) then try to keep it as dry as possible - covered lightly with a gauze pad. If the drainage turns a nasty color it is infected. It's hard to tell from this picture but it looks very superficial. Of course, your PCP should be your primary source of advise, but this doesn't look, from a picture anyway, that is is anything near dehiscense.
  4. Kate M

    Easter's Challenge

    Today's weight 216.6
  5. Kate M

    Surgery tomorrow!

    You will totally rock this!!
  6. I switched a month before my surgery after getting similar runaround a from my original surgeon. The new docs were awesome and the hospital was a Bariatric Center of Excellence. After 6 months of getting the runaround from my first doc, they told me finally that they would submit for approval-a process they said would take a month.Then they said they didn't have openings for surgery until May ( this was in December.) I went to my new doc on January 8 and was in the OR on Feb 11. All I ever paid for was the initial consultation at the first docs office. How much did they charge you for all the stuff they did??
  7. Kate M

    Easter's Challenge

    Kate M Current 219.2 Goal 200
  8. Kate M

    Easter's Challenge

    Kate M 222.4 Goal: 199
  9. I had a Dilaudid pump for 24 hours and Toradol IV every six hours IV. I only used the pain pump towards the end of the six hours for the Toradol. I was switched to Lortab on day 2 and probably took it 5 or 6 times total.
  10. Kate M

    Cheated every day of 7 day pre op diet

    No way I could have done liquids for 2 weeks! Fortunately my doc didn't require it.I was required to lose 10% of my total body weight, so maybe that accomplishes the same thing?
  11. You are not required to reveal it unless you are asking for special considerations due to work requirements. Like a back problem that would prevent lifting if required, or a special headset for hearing if you had hearing loss. Don't sweat it
  12. Kate M

    Fast Tracked - 2/13-ish

    Me too! After all sorts of f#*^-ups by the staff at my first surgeon's office I transferred to another group and had my initial consult there today. They are accepting all my results from testing, psych, etc and will be submitting to my insurance this week.Hopefully I will be scheduled by next week! So excited!!
  13. I am already dreaming of a beautiful "Mother of the Groom" dress that doesn't look like a tent!!! A friend of mine (who had three sons) told me once " the mother of the groom wears beige and keeps her mouth shut". Not this girl. The new me is going to wear a color!!! No hiding in the back in the pictures either!!
  14. Well not really ran, but I never would have made the train 20 lbs ago!! I wouldn't have even tried.