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  1. shellyd88

    Protein and water

    What your feeling is normal everything is swollen and it takes time to get back to what normal will be discuss with your dr what you should be eating and extreme amounts of weight loss to prevent issues from coming up it's been my experience that they usually have you on liquids for a period of time and work way up to thicker liquids mushy foods then ease into solids over time pls see your dr or nurse for instructions
  2. shellyd88

    Judgemental comments

    Hi one thing I advise you to do is stop caring what everyone else thinks or how they feel this is your life and your decision you must live with the effects of being heavy not them and if it was that simple that u didn't try hard enough it's ridiculous those that haven't had this problem cannot understand it you do what you need to do not what others think or feel you should do I will say one thing though this is a tool not a miracle it will help you lose weight you will still need to decide to eat right excercise etc in order to maintain the loss but pls make your own decision don't let others decide for you how you live your life
  3. shellyd88

    No support

    Nobody has the right to be "mad" over your decision .... the dr "wanting " you to have the bypass versus a sleeve... keep one thing in mind this is YOUR choice and YOUR decision it's YOUR body and YOUR life .... make your own decision don't allow others to decide how YOUR life should be
  4. shellyd88

    No support from husband

    There will be an adjustment period and it will take time to get back to a normal meal which will be smaller for you in time you can get to go out for dinner how silly to think you can't do that you will still need to eat the difference is you will bring part of it home you dont need his approval it's your life and your body just keep that in mind I'm over 2 years out gastric sleeve I eat anything I want to eat at home or at a restaurant etc
  5. If you go to an endocrinologist a gyno or a cardiologist or a pulmonary they usually will give the clearance for surgery in most cases they are considered a primary care dr talk to any or all see if you can get it that way
  6. shellyd88

    Insurance Approval

    It means pending... in other words they are reviewing and deciding it hasn't been approved or denied as of yet
  7. shellyd88

    Question/ help

    If you see a gyno a cardiologist or a pulmonary dr regularly any of those are considered primary drs they can do it don't let that dr stop you they don't have to believe in it it's your life not theirs
  8. shellyd88


    As far as I know it's required by any program or surgeon as well as other tests chest X-rays blood work egd pregnancy test etc and sometimes a sleep study and if u have any other health issues there may be more they need to know if you have any issues so they can prevent problems during surgery and recovery I have afib which I had for years before the surgery it wasn't an issue
  9. shellyd88

    Denied and Depressed

    Don't give up get your policy out read it very well if you have copy's of all your compliance requirements such as diet weigh ins etc pre op testing etc have those ready too call the insurance company ask for a decision in writing as why you were denied they should send one anyways but if you haven't gotten one ask for it drs offices can say they sent all info but at times do not so see if it's just missing or incomplete paper work and again read the policy see what the appeal process is and get started on it typically the drs office should appeal it for you at least once don't just accept it insurance company's often deny they want you to give up and go away then they don't pay out for and expensive procedure oh and if they ask you to submit any more paper work do not ever give up the only copy of anything always keep copy's for yourself and send it registered mail so they have to sign for them and you get a receipt in the mail so they can't say they never got it and always ask for the persons name with you are speaking
  10. You keep going on the path you chose it's your decision your body your life everyone else doesn't get a vote remember that you must deal with it not them and all the crap that comes with being very heavy this is a tool that will help you loose weight it's not a magic wand you can gain weight back and what I always tell ppl who say it's the easy way out... have it done deal with all that comes with it and we can re visit this topic and you can tell me what u think is so easy about it just remember ppl who do not have this problem cannot really understand it and it's not our job to make them comfortable with our decisions for our lives and our body's and we don't need their approval or permission best of luck
  11. shellyd88


    Hey hi it's normal to be scared of what's unknown it's really not as bad as we are sometimes told by those trying to discourage us from this decision it really wasn't very painful you will be nauseas but they give you meds for that I could do almost anything after a few days listen to your drs orders and try not to let the negative attitudes and opinions of some scare you out of doing what you feel is right for you it's your decision not anyone's else's
  12. I can sympathize I keep getting asked over and over again despite how many times I've explained it ( by the same ppl) I had a sleeve if my stomach will grow back or if it can be adjusted i think wtf? I just stopped explaining I just get this look of confusion if I'm asked and I change the subject or walk away I just cannot explain it anymore to ppl who just don't want to understand
  13. There's a great solution do not tell ppl that act this way ppl that don't have the weight problem cannot understand if it was simple as just stop eating and go to the gym there wouldn't be a need for bariatric surgery it's the same as drug or alcohol addiction just stop drinking and taking drugs we gee that's so easy why do we have rehab then? I know it sucks but sometimes you just can't confide in ppl you must be your own cheerleader remember it's only your opinion that matters they aren't living in your body or with whatever issues you may have because if it they don't have to live with it you do don't listen to the opinions of ppl who cannot possibly understand the issue
  14. I think if you have thought about this or so long you must think it's worth the very small risk of complications there are no guarantees in life except as they say death and taxes... I'm 48 I had a sleeve in February 2015 I started at 462 it's barely painful I took no pain meds after the 2 nd day I was nauseas nearly everyone is they will give u meds for that I went home I had no help and I was fine extremely tired for a couple weeks but no major problems it's a process that takes getting used to im not going to lie but I have no regrets I lost 180 lbs have more to lose but that's on me to work on this is not a magic solution it will help you loose weight it will however as always be up to you to eat right if u eat like you did to get heavy u get there again best of luck it's no one else's decision but yours
  15. shellyd88

    My gastric sleeve has been a total failure!

    If you can eat junk without throwing it up then u can eat regular food u should be eating perhaps there's a psychological reason behind the nausea ? Maybe a therapist wouldn't be a bad idea at least try it see if it helps
  16. Some people will just find things to criticize others about regardless it's just their personality they must diminish others in some way to feel superior do not allow it smile and change the subject and do not respond in any way to to the nasty comments do not allow any acknowledgement to this type of behavior do not let others make you feel you aren't good enough whatever your size etc no one is perfect
  17. shellyd88

    No Support

    I'm nearly two years post op sleeve I had no trouble being on my own it's not terribly painful I didn't take any pain meds after about 36 hours I did everything I needed to do at home with no help best of luck
  18. shellyd88

    I'm too Fat

    I've had his kind of thing happen to me as well I'll just tell you I've never read heard of an X-ray table holding less than 500 lbs at my heaviest I was 462 at 6'1 the table didn't break I know how you feel I've had ppl tell me I have to make a special appt to come see if I fit in the machine when getting a scan as well I felt like they wanted to humiliate me once I had to get a radiation treatment and the dr had the whole department come watch me weigh in on the scale then they went into the hall where I could hear them talking about me then to leave I had to walk right through the group I was so mad that they treat the ppl they are supposed to be helping this way as if we aren't even deserving of basic respect try to keep your mind on getting to the place you need to be to have the procedure don't allow those kind of ppl to get in the way of you helping yourself
  19. shellyd88


    I say please don't be shamed by your own mind or anyone else's comments do what you need to do to make your life better your health improve and your mobility no one else has to agree or like your decision it's your life and if you had any other illness or a disease would you not seek treatment?
  20. shellyd88

    Feeling Angry

    I agree check what your policy states in writing as to the requirements if you have been attending weight loss surgery seminars with a dr office and been going thru a program with weigh ins etc they have evidence from that dr try to argue that get your proof documents etc and appeal if you have to they want to make you give up they don't have to pay then good luck
  21. shellyd88

    Feelings hurt

    A person who withdraws their support at the last minute is not a friend and certainly does not have your best interest or health on their mind do not allow anyone to decide for you what's best for you or what you do or don't " need" in their opinion I've found that sometimes you can only count on yourself taxi uber car service etc whatever works I was sleeved I was perfectly able to get to and leave the hospital on my own the hospital wouldn't allow me to drive away on my own I had to be picked up don't let this small thing block your path.... And keep in mind those that weren't their in your time of need and had the nerve to say they are your friend...
  22. shellyd88

    Any good comebacks?

    I haven't had many negative comments but to the few I did get I simply say if you think it's so easy have it done and in a year we can re visit this conversation and you can tell me what you think is so easy about it...and being that I'm 6"1 no one has been brave enough to comment further... To my face anyway ... Try to not to be affected by other people's opinions it's not their life or their decision you get to decide what works for you no one else has to like it as long as you want to do it then just be ok with not feeling you must explain or justify anything to anyone....
  23. This is what I have said... Do what I've had to do to get this surgery to try to lose weight for years live with the facts after the surgery because it is a process that takes a lot of adjustment and sacrifice so after all that you have the surgery and in a year we can re visit this conversation and u can tell me exactly what u think is so easy about it ... That usually stuns them silent... If only it were so easy as to just do it on our own well gee none of us would overeat or be overweight right? Yeah let's just tell the ppl addicted to drugs or alcohol hey u can do it on your own just say no... Uh huh that works I know how about ppl keep their mouths shut about something they don't struggle with or understand
  24. shellyd88

    MANAGER Giving me hell

    I'd like to add don't allow anyone to bully you if you have always put your office as a priority as you said then this person will feel entitled to make you feel bad or as if you've done something wrong so they can have what they want and if it works so much the better in their favor u need to put yourself first for once and do what you need instead what of what is convenient for everyone else good luck
  25. shellyd88

    Too FAT for GVS?

    I started at 462 I had a sleeve it worked just fine a lot of Drs push ppl to have bypass instead it's your choice your in charge not them remember that I had to do a diet too before surgery to prove I can lose weight I think most Drs do this I lost 60 lbs day of surgery was 402 in February of2015 by dec I was 280 it works don't allow them to bully you into doing what they want versus what you want for yourself I know a handful of ppl that have had sleeve at over 300 or 400 lbs non of us had a problem losing weight