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    Extramarital temptations...

    Hey ladies...I've found myself in an interesting, complicated, exciting situation... Background: 36 years old, HW 374, sleeved Sept. 24, 2014 at 327. Current weight 203. In a common-law relationship 5 years. I've struggled a little in this relationship with attractions to other men and have come close to acting on them...well I guess have crossed the line a bit, but stopped short of actually bumping uglies with anyone else. At times I feel frustrated with my partner...he doesn't talk about his feelings much even when I ask very specific questions, he sweats the small stuff so much it makes me crazy, the sex is decent, he is not able to participate in the kind of intellectual discussion I crave. I do love him very much though.,We moved to a new place far from my lifelong home 3 years ago. I have had a harder time making real friends than I anticipated, largely due to the shiftwork my job requires. The best friend I have made here is a man who works in the same general field as me, but not with me. I have had a passing attraction to him from the moment I met him. At some point in my weight loss journey I admitted as much. Our friendship has always been a very open, no holds barred type. This spring and summer we became increasingly flirtatious and then nearly did cross a line. Once this happened there was no going back. The temptation was too strong. I wound up suggesting an open arrangement with my partner, offering him a "hall pass" but not actually directly saying I wanted one. I told him I love him desperately and want to spend my life with him, and never want to betray his trust or hurt him. He declined the offer, but told me to do whatever I want, just not to tell him. Soooo, I have been enjoying a "friends with benefits" situation with my friend. It's working very well for me in terms of meeting my physical and mental needs. I am so happy, and less frustrated with my partner...but part of me feels guilty. I guess what I want to know is have others struggled with increased confidence and energy, the surging hormones released by fat loss, and outside temptations? I'm not alone in this? Thanks.
  2. Lallylocks

    Any other Canadians out there?

    I stayed 2 nights. Only a little bit of nausea in the first 24 hours. Initially more pain than I had anticipated, but easily managed. Went home with liquid tylenol/codeine for pain. Only needed a few doses in the first two days, then only at bedtime for a night or two more. I was walking from the moment I got to the ward. A little trouble peeing at first, and had to have a straight catheter, but then no trouble following. Took a while to get my bowels moving again, and learn my new norm, but all went well. Very hard to eat and drink enough early on, but I managed. Still working to stay appropriately hydrated now. If you haven't already, get in the habit of sitting at the table, eating slowly and carefully, being fully present, etc. And get those gas-x thin strips! They help with gas pain! Hope your surgery went well and post-op day one was good to you.
  3. Lallylocks

    Any other Canadians out there?

    I had Dr. Malik! I was very pleased. 20 months post-op and 2 pounds from my goal...have lost a comfined total of 192 pre- and post-op. Good luck!
  4. So, I am down 180 pounds since I started this journey...130 of that since being sleeved last September 24th. I set a goal weight pre-operatively of 180 pounds. I am 36, 5'8", and have a fairly sturdy frame (yay viking blood). I picked 180, wanting to be safely below 200 pounds. I am 15 pounds from that goal. I am now able to wear a size 12 and anywhere from a medium to large up top, and large to extra large on the bottom. Last time I was this size was before junior high! I am really happy at this size. I've got droopy skin and a squishy midsection yet, but my face, neck, shoulders, forearms and hands are looking almost gaunt (for me). I don't really mind if I stay this size, and I am actually a little afraid of getting too scrawny looking in the above mentioned areas. I am going to see my family doctor and talk with her about this, but am interested to know what those who have reached goal and are maintaining think. Should I keep fighting for this last 15, or should I focus on maintenance? Is this just a number I'm hung up on? Thanks!
  5. I presently am about the size I was at 10 or 12 years of age. I have a ring my mom bought me when I was 9 that in junior high I could only wear on my pinkie, then not at all. Now it's almost too big for me to wear on any digit!
  6. Lallylocks

    Shoe size

    Down from an 11 or 11W to a 10. Yay!
  7. So I'm sitting 184-186 these last few weeks...this last 4 is a bugger! Still not sure if I will try for another 6 to make my total weight loss an even 200. But am thinking it is soon time to try for maintenance as I'm starting to get comments about being too skinny and wasting away! Lol
  8. I am just over one year out, with 12 pounds before I hit my goal weight. I am wanting to find out from others who have gone before me where thry went, or who they saw, for their plastics; what procedure was done; what SaskHealth covered for you; and what the process of referral, consultation, and coverage looked like. I really want a 360 body lift, as opposed to a simple panni...I cannot find information regarding coverage in our province. A colleague of mine has lost 200 pounds and maintained the loss, and finally saw a surgeon who apparently doesn't do the 360 lift. He has recommended, and had coverage granted for a tummy tuck, thigh lift, and arm lift for my coworker. Has anyone had a 360 lift in Saskatchewan? Was any part of it covered by our provincial plan? My colleague has suggested I start the process now as it has been a lengthy wait to see the surgeon and she won't receive her surgery until next fall.
  9. I work a mix of 8's and 12's, days and nights. The surgeon I started seeing advocated for no shift work, because it is hard on our bodies, but I've been doing very well.
  10. Soooooo much better! More energy, increased flexibility, more confidence...all around just better! Enjoy!
  11. Bought some new pants for the winter...flannel lined khakis...they didn't have a size 14 in the colour I liked, so I tried a 12...success!!
  12. Lallylocks

    Protein Problems

    That's too bad about the Premier...I really like it. One of the best ones I've been able to find in terms of high protein and lower calories. Never noticed any grit...are you shaking it enough? I'm over a year out...I supplement with that, syntrax nectar, visalus shake and Pure protein bars. I aim for a minimum of 80g daily.
  13. Lallylocks


    I'd say to be cautious. The type of harness, how extreme the coaster is...you don't want anything getting squeezed or otherwise manipulated when you're still healing.
  14. Lallylocks

    Any other Canadians out there?

    https://maps.google.ca/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-ca&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=ca&sll=48.42277,-123.350023&sspn=0.0002136,0.0004291&q=academy+dental+victoria&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D Hi! I am in Victoria and was sleeved Sept 8th by Dr. Amson. I waited 11 months. He is a great surgeon as are all the surgeons in the Victoria RJH Bariatric Program. The wait times have lessened as there are more surgery times allotted now and there is another surgeon in the program now for a total of 3 top notch Drs. Unless you have extenuating circumstances with your health there should be a reasonable wait time. We have a Facebook group for people looking into the surgery, have had it or are about to. It is currently a secret group but is changing to a private group in a few weeks. If you would like to be added please email me at 305.gsl@gmail.com New members are welcome! There is also a support meeting on Nov 17th at RJH - Woodward Bldg. 6:30-8:00. Hope to hear from you! ???? Hey...I tried that email, it didn't work?
  15. I think it probably contributed to some of the stalls I've had...3 periods in less than 2 months this summer when I was stalled for quite a while...some more of the same early this fall.
  16. Lallylocks

    What is your most embarrassing NSV?

    Radar, I was there! Wearing my 5x uniforms and trying to put off buying new ones...finally got a few pairs of xxl yoga pants and found a few xxxl and xxl tops...still trying to wear some of the xxl tops...lol. Now fitting into L and M tops, and XL and L bottoms. I'll say this, I can buy stuff more easily, better selection, and better prices!
  17. Sounds like some hormonal issues. My hormones have been wacky my whole life...my weight before getting healthy threw things even more off kilter. The weight loss has dropped me into a second adolesence! Crazy periods after almost none for a couple years, with insane cramping and bloating, and breakouts! And then there's what it's done to my libido...
  18. Lallylocks

    Getting intimate

    A friend of mine who was sleeved and lost a lot of weight told me that before her body lift, her guy used to play with her extra skin. I thought it was cool he was ok with it, but kind of weird. I now find myself with extra skin...which I play with...and a very good male friend of mine is fascinated by and plays with. My partner seems completely unaware of it. So I think the kind of people it would be an issue for are not the kind of people worth knowing.
  19. Lallylocks

    What is your most embarrassing NSV?

    Constantly finding out my panties I have only had a couple months are too big! Hard to feel sexy rocking sexy panties with a saggy ass! Lol.
  20. So I have just stepped over the border into onederland!! Took a little longer than I thought it would, and the last stall felt like forever! I still have almost 20 pounds to lose to reach the goal weight I set pre-op...180...I figure that's reasonable for my 5'8" larger frame. I haven't been under 200 in over 20 years! *happy dance*
  21. Lallylocks

    Windows and mirrors

    I actually scared myself a few times, seeing my reflection and thinking "who the fuck is sneaking up on me?" Before I realized it was me. Lol
  22. Diagnosed with severe OSA in 2010 as part of the screening requirements for WLS. I wasn't surprised as I have snored terribly since I was a child, and from my teen years on have been told I stop breathing at times. Struggled horribly with daytime sleepiness. Used my CPAP religiously from the moment I got it. What an amazing difference that made! My known highest weight was 374. Surgery was Sept. 24, 2014 and I weighed 327. I am now just under 200. I stopped wearing my CPAP a few months ago because my mask is pretty thrashed, but also no longer fits! I had a sleep study done this summer as I was reluctant to buy a new mask if I no longer needed it. My partner told me I almost never snore now. The sleep study indicated my OSA is cured! Yay!
  23. Lallylocks

    A very personal NSV..

    Dub, you could totally still rock a Maiden tee. Do it! ????
  24. Lallylocks


    With my weight loss all the gnarly varicose veins I have are way more visible and I have lots of bruisy looking places.
  25. Lallylocks

    Current Non-scale Win

    Ray92...lucky! I am breaking out more now than I have since my late teens and early twenties! Thankfully nowhere near as bad. My hormones have gone bananas with this weight loss and in some ways it's like a second adolescence. But I can deal with it...small price to pay to be fit and healthy!