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    Other Protein Alternatives

    Syntrax Nectar was the best protein for me. It is not thick or chalky and the fruit flavors are refreshing. (Grapefruit was, and still is surprisingly, my favorite.
  2. Mike4132

    Male Before and After Pictures

    1 year 3 months post op. Life is normal again!
  3. Mike4132

    Male Before and After Pictures

    1 year 3 months post op. Life is normal again!
  4. Put on some of your old fat clothes and look in the mirror. It's a better indicator of success than the scale and an arbitrary number. (I stalled for almost 3 months and just started moving slowly down again. it's how I kept my mind and my scale from discouraging me.)
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    From the album: Mike4132

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  7. I eat at restaurants everyday with no problems. They all serve protein and I take home what I don't finish.
  8. Mike4132

    What was the deciding factor?

    I had reflux and still went with the sleeve. I take Dexilant for the reflux and it controls it. I now take less than I did before surgery. Biggest factors in my decision was that the sleeve has less ability to stretch, it's less invasive, and if ever needed it can be converted into a bypass at a later date. (I don't see the need though as weight loss and maintenance is pretty easy with the sleeve.)
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    Post # 1

    Congrats on your decision, I highly doubt you will regret it. Once you get used to it, WLS is a pretty easy (and very effective) way to lose weight and keep it off.......in my opinion. I'm only 6 months or so out but it feels longer because so much has changed. Life is infinitely better!
  12. Mike4132

    What activities are you looking forward to doing?

    I wanted this surgery to change my life and help me do the things I wanted to do, but were too difficult, like sailing and kayaking with my kids. 6 months and 92 lbs later and now I'm doing it.
  13. Mike4132

    Goodbye to beer and pizza?

    I just ate the toppings off two pieces of Hawaian pizza. It was good and I do it at least once a week! I occasionally take a bite of the crust but like most starches/carbs I just don't like them anymore. I never thought that would happen as I was a serious carb addict prior to surgery. I also don't really care for beer anymore either. (And I was a 12 pack at a time kind of guy prior to surgery....) I love my sleeve!
  14. Mike4132

    What about ?

    I eat them all the time. I can usually finish about 1/2 to 3/4 although at times I've been able to eat the whole thing. For me they are a great quick meal when I don't have time to cook.
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    5 months

    5 months out
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    From the album: 5 months

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    From the album: 5 months

  18. Mike4132

    Two days to go

    You will be amazed at how fast it melts off! I doubt you will have any trouble hitting your goal weight and then some!
  19. Mike4132

    5 month update?

    The stalls suck but for me they are mainly due to reduced exercise. I was stalled for about a month and then after 3 days of strenuous work I dropped 5 lbs. Overall, I'm down 89 lbs in less than 6 months so I can't complain! (And I feel better than I have in years.)
  20. I fought with those same type of feelings at first also. It will pass once you begin to realize the restriction isn't going to go away! The best rule of thumb IMO is to eat slowly and stop as soon as you begin to feel restriction and that will be the right amount for you.
  21. Mike4132

    Pre-Op Jitters! Help!

    Don't sweat it, it's a breeze! It's natural to be nervous though, we all were. I had a lower BMI also going in (39) and didn't have any complications at all.
  22. Mike4132

    Protein bars

    Quest Bars are good but not all flavors. Power Crunch is also very good and most flavors are excellent.
  23. There was a thread earlier this year about getting Vitamins via prescription. Does anyone still have the info on the company that this was with?
  24. Mike4132

    Prescription vitamin info?

    Thanks guys!

PatchAid Vitamin Patches