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    NJChick got a reaction from piercedqt78 in NJ May 2008 Chat   
    Hi Chickies,
    Its been an aweful week. We had to put down my darling Susie. She had cancer an her tumor was just so big she wasn't eating anymore and could barely walk. It was the first time in 20 years I saw my DH cry. My DD said "daddy, I didn't know you could cry." My house and heart feel so empty.
    I need to bite the bullet and just go for a fill...yeah I've been saying that for a year now but I've gained 10 lbs back WTF. My boss is out this week so hmmmm wednesday sounds like a good time to go.
    Sherry hope DS had a good birthday Sorry your fill is acting ******-up. Mine does too. But boy can I eat.
    Kat I'll be praying for your DD oh and congrats on the new ring...you go girl.
    Mandy have fun with the bike
    Diane we'll both envy the girls and their bikes. I wouldn't dare get one here. To much road rage in these parts.
    Jetti...how ya doing sweetie? how is your band?
    Betty Boop !!
    Well kiddies, I must go clean upstairs, the fish tank and the hamster cage. I have a 2 PM dinner date with a friend
    Where's the rest of the gang????? anyone hear from Cindy, Beanie, etc.???
    Pat !!! I see you !!!
    Forgot to add a picture of my beloved Susie....

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    NJChick got a reaction from Iluvharleys in April chat for NJ!!!!!   
    Good Morning, .......... I HATE THESE FONTS !!! It really keeps me from spending any extra time here.
    TGI GOOD FRIDAY !!! A bitter sweet day for us Christians wouldn't you say. I am fasting today, its just something I do every good friday. I'll have my coffee and Water, iced tea, but thats about it. Can't hurt to lose a lb LOL. OY!
    I'm home today with DD...she's got the squirts so there's no way she's going into school.
    Since there are TWO PATS on the boards, I'm gonna call the new Pat ... MR. PAT so I don't confuse anyone :) yeah I know US confused LOLOL deee de de.
    Speaking of Pats.... where is Pat? don't make me get those monkeys out again.... Darcy's gonna get pissed.
    Mary good to see ya love. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's son... at 30 yet...gee thats sad... he'll be in my prayers.
    Afrykanvyolet are you studying in Montclair nursing school ? I think thats awesome your going to be a RN. Don't worry about eating to much before your fill, it is VERY normal. I was able to eat a hero sandwich with no sweat and when I told my doc he didn't even flinch. I'm due for a fill and will get one either next week or the week after.
    Mr. Pat.... how are things going today?
    Beanie, you working today?? How is DH feeling, is he over that thing that he had?
    Betty... you too girlie, you off today or you working? Hows your back?
    Dianne love, sounds like things are calming down a bit for you. Did you find your girls a new home (bra)?
    Darcy, enjoy the cabin, thats neat that you are thinking of buying it... you going there for Easter?
    Cindy how are you enjoying being home? are you still with the school part time?
    Kat glad the dish washer is working I always washed dishes by hand except for a few years ago when I got my FIRSt dish washer... OMG !!! there's no turning back now. Love it !!! DH is on an appliance kick. He wants to get a new frig and washer & dryer. WTH? they both work fine but they are 12 years old and he thinks they are gonna be on thier way to appliance heaven soon LOLOL. He thinks we should buy now and not in a few years when prices will be higher... men LOL. I told him what ever LOL.
    Sherry.... where are ya ?
    Patty.... how are you dolly ???? how are the boys, did they make it home alone this week LOL
    Mandy enjoy disney... I'm thinking of going there either this summer or next winter.
    Well girlies... my coffee is making it daily run so I must be going for now LOLOL
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    NJChick got a reaction from mousecrazy in April chat for NJ!!!!!   
    Good Morning,
    This is all you'll probably see of me until next saturday LOLOL so .....
    Mandy sorry to hear about your friend's dh omg... thats to sad. But on a lighter note WHOOT on the good test results
    Today is MIL's 80th birthday and we are celebrating at noon time b/c its hard for FIL to stay awake, so I'll be doing a little cooking this morning, sausage & peppers and yes..... spinach dip (made that last night b/c its better the day before).
    Got a busy week coming up, the lady who is leaving (the new job I'm taking) this is her last week... I HAVE NO NAILS LEFT!!!!! lol, so I'm gonna be freaked out to try to squeeze in every last bit of info from her.
    Other than that...sosdd
    And you ?
    Have a great week everyone.
    Love yah, Eileen