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  1. jacole1820

    AZ...Dr. Blackstone

    I have been working through her and my paperwork was just submitted to insurance yesterday. r they good about working with insurance and being thorough? TIA
  2. jacole1820

    Realize band

    am i right in thinking the only difference betwen the allergen band and the realize is the way its sutured in there? is there any other difference?
  3. what does it feel like if u have a leak or somethin else is wrong? i just got a fill the other day and im not noticing any restriction! i did before i got this last fill. i have 7 cc's in a 9cc band....what is goin on? im scared!
  4. jacole1820


    Well, I am finally back on the wagon. I have been going thru a painful divorce and have gained some weight back. Food became my best friend again. BUT...I have started exercising, eating healthy and following my band rules again. Wish me luck with getting healthy again and picking up the pieces of my broken heart too!
  5. Well, I am finally back on the wagon. I have been going thru a painful divorce and have gained some weight back. Food became my best friend again. BUT...I have started exercising, eating healthy and following my band rules again. Wish me luck with getting healthy again and picking up the pieces of my broken heart too!
  6. jacole1820

    Enough is Enough!!!

    Ok I am in the middle of a painful divorce at 26 years old! Anyway, I have turned to food as my friend again. After a big gain, I am back on the wagon. I am pretending I just got my band and am following all the "rules" and walking/running for 45 min a day and 12 situps and pushups. This will only be day 3 of the exercise but I have to start somewhere right?? Wish me luck....I need skinny vibes sent my way!!!
  7. jacole1820

    I resisted!

    I wanted sooooo bad to eat my stepkids' sugary unhealthy cereal this morning....but i fought with my willpower for over an hour, shed a tear or two, and didn't eat any! i am so proud! I won! Yea! Send me skinny vibes everyone!
  8. jacole1820

    need my head examined!

    I wouldn't feel too bad about it. U don't do that all day everyday do u?? Just accept the act, and move on. this is a lifetime committment....u have to allow yourself some wiggle room and some splurges every once in a while! Just jump right back on track! Good luck!
  9. jacole1820

    Cannot trust myself

    I am back on the Slimfast plan for now. I have fallen off the wagon again and pushed it over the cliff. :welldoneclap: So I am back to basics of drinking lots of water, counting calories, and only eating 3 times a day. I will have about 840 calories today. I only plan on doing this until I can trust myself with eating "right" again. Any thoughts? Thanks guys!
  10. oh thank u so much. i have fallen off the wagon the last few months, but now i'm back on track. i'm keeping track of my calories and making better decisions when it comes time to eat. 35 lbs is great....ur doing very well. and with no restriction? thats great! thank you very much. if u need anything, give me a message. =)

  11. jacole1820


    would it be so bad if i snuck in a snack or two of apple slices or almonds throughout the day? i'm hungry a lot lately and my band is full so no more fills. i wanna stay on track but hunger is gettin to me! thnks all!
  12. I have let my inner fat girl come back out to play with a vengeance. I have let the busy demands of work, school, and family take over and cause me to eat bad food and lots of it. I am very ashamed of what I have done. I don't even wanna get on the scale and face the music, but my pants are back to being tight again.....how could i of done this?? i was doing so well. I have lost 97 lbs so far, and in my mind, thats nothing. i want more more and more gone. i have to get back my motivation. i don't exercise anymore, and eat whatever i want. someone give me the stern talking to i need, and help me get back on track. thank you all!
  13. jacole1820

    new breakfast ideas

    i am needing something new to eat for breakfast! any ideas? thanks
  14. i went to the gym today and did an hour of walking on the treadmill and 20 min of strength training.....yea! I feel good! I like feeling in control again now that i'm back on track, but everyday is a "test" and a struggle still. good luck to me and everyone. Bandsters unite!
  15. jacole1820

    Hello from Phoenix, Arizona!

    Well hello fellow AZ'er. I'm in Mesa. I got my band thru Scottsdale Bariatric. Great center! Check into them. It's Dr. Robin Blackstone. Good luck, and congrats on ur decision.
  16. two of my co-workers made some comments about how much i was eating last night and it really hurt my feelings. one said "how much of that are you gonna eat?" and "we better put the food away before she eats it all!". :confused: WOW! but i guess that is exactly what i needed to get me motivated again....i went to the gym today and will begin to eat right and listen to my band again starting today! no more slacking!! I feel renewed and that 30 min of exercise actually felt good! yea me! :sneaky:
  17. jacole1820

    Calorie count

    I want to start trackin my calories. Like for breakfast, I make myself a burrito with eggs, cheese, beans, and onions? How would i calculate that?
  18. jacole1820

    Slim Fast

    I am trying Slim fast right now cuz i just cant seem to trust myself with food....just long enough to get back in control. is that ok do u think? lemme know....
  19. jacole1820

    Slim Fast

    im using the optima blend....supposed to last 4 hrs. 180-190 cals
  20. jacole1820

    I am such a loser!!!

    hey all. the holidays threw me for a loop, and now i'm so off the wagon! i'm having a very hard time getting back on. i've lost 97 lbs so far, and want to lose about 30-35 more. where is my motivation? i feel like such a loser....that i can have weight loss surgery and i still can't succeed....HELP!
  21. jacole1820

    jump back on.....

    i am vowing today to jump back on the wagon. holidays are over...time to focus and listen to my band again. wish me luck
  22. jacole1820

    yay, holidays are over!!

    yea! i am right there with u sister! good luck!
  23. Ok, here we go! My story is the typical story I suppose. I was born fat, stayed fat all through childhood, and then into adulthood. When I was a freshman in high school, I was just shy of 300 lbs! I always just used the excuse that I was "big boned"! Thats how my family and I explained it away. My weight held me back from a lot. I was very shy and hated to be "in the spotlight" everywhere I went. One of my worst childhood memories was being at an amusement park and being denied entry into a ride because I exceeded the weight limit! I was crushed, and I will never forget that day. Well, about a year ago, my mom mentioned the lap band procedure to me. At first, I said "no way" but then it got me thinking. My mom explained her concerns for my health, and that each passing year, I just got bigger and bigger. I looked into it, and then a year later, I was approved! I am right smack in the middle of my journey right now....half way done! I have lost 77 lbs so far, and I have about 50 or 60 more to go. I love the band and I feel better knowing that I have this "tool" for life. It makes me feel empowered. I don't consider myself a success story just yet, but felt I needed to share my personal story. =)