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  1. purplepassion70

    When to take vitamins?

    My multivitamin(Celebrate chewable) has Iron which I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and I take 1500 mg of calcium (Bariactric Advantage caramel chewable)which is divided 3 times a day.. I was told by my doctor and NUT to take the calcium two hours after multivitamin to prevent the calcium and iron from binding together becuase they will not be effective.
  2. I understand how you feel. I had my surgery last Tuesday 8/26. I am ready for pureed but I'm not hungry. I tried Greek yougurt yesterday with sugar free Jello mixed with it, it was okay but I really did not like the Greek Yogurt.
  3. purplepassion70

    Sex.......and that annoying roll of flesh

    If you are having issues with the skin then decide if you want to remove it. do it for you and not him.
  4. purplepassion70

    Sex.......and that annoying roll of flesh

    Why do you need to say anything at all. If your relationship is advancing that far then he should be accepting you for you. You do not have to say anything if you do not want unless he becomes your husband and then maybe you can tell him then.
  5. how long do it take you to finish a protein drink, my surgery was day after you.
  6. So you were able to eat in 9 days, I have to wait two weeks before starting puréed.
  7. Your story is inspiring, I saw myself in there when you spoke about being dressed well and having hair together while being overweight. I think I was to complacent as well but look forward to my new life. I was sleeved on 8/26/14.
  8. Well. I am going to bed, surgery is tomorrow at noon.

    1. hmk715


      Good luck!

    2. purplepassion70


      Thank you, everything went okay.

  9. I'm just curious, so how many days after surgery was your Clear Liquids? I am scheduled tomorrow for the sleeve and my clear is only at the hospital then back to full liquids once released. it amazes me how the diets are different with doctors.
  10. purplepassion70

    Aug 22 surgery, pre-op diet failure

    good luck on Friday, my day is Tuesday. I'm in Texas also.
  11. purplepassion70

    newbie here aug 26th surgery date

    congrats, my surgery is August 26th as well at noon.
  12. Good luck Adam, I will be having my sleeve next week. Originally I was scheduled in November 2013 and I backed out but know wish I had went through with it. So I am taking my second chance.
  13. purplepassion70

    before And after

    wow, you look awesome

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