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  1. endzone

    Surgery tomorrow

    Thanks for this post! I am tomorrow....very nervous about after and the healing phase ...nice to see someone feeling good already
  2. endzone

    June Surgeries

    Hi there I’m pre op for mini gastric bypass on the 17th I am allowed decaf coffee.....any ideas for creamer? Is powdered allowed? I was using a shake but it is so sweet
  3. endzone

    June Surgeries

    I’m on day 4 and it’s three shakes a day and some vegetables.....sucks!!!
  4. endzone

    June Surgeries

    I am June 17 th ....let me know how you are doing! Good luck!!
  5. endzone

    May Surgery?!

    Canadian here !!!! # postponed and pissed .....
  6. endzone

    May Surgery?!

    Yep I got postponed too.....no surgeries allowed right now in Ontario 🥵
  7. endzone

    May Surgery?!

    I am May 13 th .....from Mississauga
  8. endzone

    Scared and Nervous

    I feel the same way!!!! I have never had such nerves in my life!!! My stomach and my chest are aching with anxiety
  9. endzone

    Calories? ?

    I know we are not supposed to be on a"diet ".....But roughly how many calories are most of you eating? I have lost 50 lbs but have stalled since Jan. ....
  10. endzone

    Canadian self pay

    Is or has anyone claimed their surgery on their taxes?....even to get a little bit back would be great thanks
  11. endzone

    Canadian self pay

    I got 5 grand back. ...The hubby got the check since he is the lower income
  12. endzone

    Banded 2/26/15

    Congrats! Hunger at first is normal, you will probably not notice any difference at all until a fill....don't feel discouraged, your body needs to heal first, take care
  13. endzone


    I was stuck last night for six....yes six hours.....I could not get the food to pass or come up....(I really tried) just kept on sliming, .....my question is do you have a sure fire way of getting unstuck??? Six hours was too much for me and I am afraid to eat now......
  14. endzone


    Thanks everyone, nothing works for me lol, I agree with B 52 I can not even drink when stuck.....I will not be having fluid taken out either I will eat smaller bites and eat slower ....learning curve!
  15. endzone

    Egg drop soup

    Yes it is a great thing to have!
  16. endzone

    Slim band false advertising

    . I had mine done at the same place..they are great!
  17. endzone

    Any tips for soda cravings?

    I still drink diet soda..usually ginger ale, my nurse said it was fine
  18. This thread made me laugh......I look forward to my clothes falling off lol...I am down 45 lbs and still wearing the same darn size.....wth????
  19. endzone

    Describe your green

    Thank you for describing your green zone, I am not there yet, but close I think ........sometimes I can go 4hours and other times about 3 other times maybe 5 ....still all over the place but when I go the 5hours I eat too fast and get stuck...still learning....also still learning the one cup portions LOL
  20. endzone


    Good question I would like to know also
  21. endzone

    3 wks post op. New Bander. New here

    The veterans have said it all, I am fairly new too, but I am happy I made the decision! And you will be too! It takes some time to get the "hang" of things.....just give yourself a break and it will happen!
  22. endzone

    Privacy: How easy or difficult was it for you?

    I also wear a uniform and had time off.....I told people I had a minor surgery, .......no one asked what it was but I was ready with a ulcer, or some other excuse, gall bladder .....whatever ....my uniform is getting big on me now, but nobody has asked and when they do I will say I am watching what I eat
  23. endzone


  24. endzone


    I am experiencing my first slime episode.....omg trying to sleep wtf......only ate 2'bites and they both came up over an hour ago...what can I do to sleep???
  25. endzone

    First fill

    Had my first fill this morning on my way to work......for anyone wondering it is a piece of cake!!! I barely felt anything...so do not be afraid of the unknown!!

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