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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from MowryRocks in Do you find that vomiting has become part of your post VSG life?   
    I haven't thrown up a single time since surgery.
    However, there was one time that I wish I could have thrown up - about 4 months post-op and I had eaten too much of a good thing. I have learned that there is a very fine line between just enough and 1 or 2 bites too many. Some days I recognize that line before I cross it, and once in awhile, I don't and I'm miserable for about a hour.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from MowryRocks in Do you find that vomiting has become part of your post VSG life?   
    I haven't thrown up a single time since surgery.
    However, there was one time that I wish I could have thrown up - about 4 months post-op and I had eaten too much of a good thing. I have learned that there is a very fine line between just enough and 1 or 2 bites too many. Some days I recognize that line before I cross it, and once in awhile, I don't and I'm miserable for about a hour.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to White Sale in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    I am also in agreement with Alex. Although I am quite green on this site, I have experienced some of the issues he mentioned. I wasn't sure if it was just me or a site-wide problem.
    I, for one, am quite disappointed that many veterans, and therefore their experiences/knowledge, are leaving the site.
    On the other hand, I didn't care for the way some veterans responded to myself and to others. Perhaps that was never their intention, but posts on a message board are usually taken quite literally and as such, one's tone should be considered.
    Hopefully, things around here can head more toward the positive. If one finds themselves getting upset or irritated by the posts of the more uninformed members, perhaps take a few days off, or choose not to engage such people.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Alex Brecher in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    BariatricPal Members,
    I wanted to remind you all about BariatricPal’s purpose and policies. If you do not want to read this entire post, please at least read the following points!
    BariatricPal is a safe place for the weight loss surgery community. No rudeness or disrespect will be permitted. Your use of BariatricPal implies your acceptance of the Forum Rules. Failure to follow the Forum Rules can lead to consequences included lifetime bans from BariatricPal. Now for the complete version:
    I created BariatricPal in 2003 to help other bariatric surgery patients. I want the forums to be able to help everyone reach their weight loss surgery and health goals. My goal is to maintain the forums as a place for weight loss surgery patients and potential patients to come for information and support.
    BariatricPal is intended to be a safe place for the entire weight loss surgery community. I want EVERY SINGLE MEMBER to feel welcome on this board. You should feel comfortable asking questions, expressing doubts, and sharing advice, insights, and experiences.
    Unfortunately, this has not been the case recently. I have heard from multiple sources that some members are uncomfortable here. They feel attacked when they post. I have heard this not only from newbie and veteran members, but also from bariatric surgeons, nurses, and psychologists who are members of ASMBS and who have heard concerns about BariatricPal from their patients.
    A tiny minority of BariatricPal members are responsible for creating these concerns. The vast majority of BariatricPal members have wonderful, helpful, positive, and informative posts. I thank you for that. You are responsible for BariatricPal’s success.
    A few of you, I suspect, truly want to help, but may come off sounding a little harsher than you meant. This can be off-putting to members who have sincere questions and are looking for guidance. To prevent accidentally hurting other members, I urge you to re-read the Forum Rules for suggestions on making your posts helpful rather than hurtful.
    There is a tiny minority of BariatricPal members who have gone far beyond the occasional misconstrued post. It is these members who have prevented the forums from being a safe place for everyone. They repeatedly and intentionally start threads or respond to members with disparaging or rude remarks. They often imply or state outright that they are correct and that other posters are doomed to fail. They send private messages urging their friends to bully other members who disagree with them. This does not create a safe space for members!
    Anyone who violates the Forum Rules is subject to consequences, include being permanently banned from BariatricPal.
    The Forum Rules state, “All members have the right to express their opinions and are encouraged to do so while maintaining a courteous tone.” Disagreeing with someone and expressing yourself politely to say so is one thing. Intentionally hurting others is quite another. If you are unsure of how to respond to a post without being rude, please refer to the Forum Rules for examples and guidelines.
    Again, I thank the overwhelming majority of BariatricPal members who are just trying to help, and who have done a wonderful job of lending a hand or ear to those who need it. I hope you all recognize the value you each bring to the boards, and you consider how you can contribute in the most constructive way possible.
    Thank you!
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    @@ShelterDog64 -- Thank you for that helpful information! I think I'll order some GENEPRO tonight. Even at 2+ years post-op, it doesn't take much to fill me up so I want to make the most of everything I take in. Unflavored Protein powder is my newest best friend; before that it was vanilla
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    I mix it with the cold cream I'm going to add, it will occasionally get a few small clumps but I stir it briskly into the hot coffee (straight out of my espresso maker) and they usually disappear. For lattes, I mix it with a bit of cold Water, then add that to the latte after I mix the steamed milk and espresso. Once it's been mixed with a cool/cold liquid, it's never clumped when added to the hot liquid. Good luck, and I hear you about the coffee filling you up...I usually just have my protein coffee, then eat a bit of yogurt mid-morning since the coffee is all I need first thing.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to aqua24 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Shelterdog64 has offered very sound advice.
    I haven't posted much on this site because honest sound advice is not appreciated. People jump all over those who try to help others with this sound advice. It seems to have become accepted to bully those advisors. This has intimidated me from seeking out the assistance that I need or providing advice.
    Being a medical professional is not an indicator of superior communication skills. There are many people offering questionable advice while claiming to be medical professionals.
    My program is run by someone who is a hardcore straight shooter. Many people don't like her...her job isn't to be liked. Her job is to ensure people are knowledgeable and prepared for their surgery. After surgery, her job is to provide support and ensure success. She doesn't pull punches but it is because people did something drastic and need to be successful and stay safe.
    You may not like the advice but it doesn't mean the person was inappropriate.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    @@bleonhardt It doesn't change it at all, at least to my palate. I use cream in my coffee, so I mix the scoop of GENEPRO with the coffee cream, then mix that into my coffee. It's really helped me and made my weight loss more successful!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to bleonhardt in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Does the genpro change the consistency of your coffee at all? I can not wait until I have a taste for coffee again lol but think that is a great idea to meet protein goals! Just can not do a consistency change as I won't enjoy it! Lol Sent from my SM-N920P using the BariatricPal App
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Tufflaw in The need to eat until stuffed   
    I think part of the problem is that it's impossible to tell tone from a text post, especially from someone you've never met in person, and someone might say something intending it to be taken a certain way and the reader takes it completely differently and then a war breaks out. Some people speak very plainly and very bluntly, with no malice, that's just the way they are, and others may not be used to that. There's also a lot of the "facebook syndrome" where we might talk to someone online in a manner we'd never use in person.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    @ShelterDog64 -- You mentioned earlier using unflavored GENEPRO in your morning coffee -- do you have to keep the temperature of the coffee at a certain temp to keep the GENEPRO from clumping? My morning coffee alone fills me up, but has no Protein so I'm wanting to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and I've seen that several folks use Genepro in their coffee. I just want to be sure before I order a tub of it. I use @@unjury Protein Powder to supplement my daily Protein intake and love it, but it will clump if the Water temp is above 140 deg. (chicken Soup flavor). I make my own latte in the afternoon and have switched from hot to iced so I can use the unflavored @@UNJURY in the latte. This is working well so far, however, sometimes I want a hot latte in the afternoon. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to sesargent in The need to eat until stuffed   
    thanks for the chicken salad recipe, sounds delicious. I will def be trying that! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to smith08817 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    I notice you don't say anything about drinking Water. Next time you want to reach for a snack, take a drink of water instead. If you don't like plain water, add some Crystal Light. I like the Crystal Light Pure that has Truvia (stevia). It's not overly sweet and there are good flavors available. Sometimes I will mix a scoop of GENEPRO Protein Powder in a bottle of water with the Crystal Light. It's a good way to get in 30 grams of Protein, 16+ oz of water and avoid eating something you really don't need. My nutritionist and doctor both stress drinking at least 64 oz of liquid every day (water, tea, milk, Soup, etc.).
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    It's almost ALL about self-control at where you and I are post-operatively! You're not meeting your protein goals, which is devastating to weight loss and feeling satiated by your food. I've not done the best job during the holidays, and I'm in a 3 week long stall right now. I know it's because I'm not keeping my carbs down and my protein up, and I'm not tracking every bite I put into my mouth. You should be losing more/more consistently than you are, maybe a re-start with Protein shakes and then advancing yourself through the different stages to reset your diet would be helpful. And you don't mention using any Protein powder...I still have to use it to get my protein grams high enough. On a normal day, I use GENEPRO unflavored in my morning coffee, so I start off with 20-30 grams of protein in a 12 ounce mug of coffee, with Monkfruit sweetener and cream. Some days I have a container of plain yogurt with a little low-carb granola mid-morning, or cottage cheese with a tablespoon of pureed fruit stirred in. lunch, I eat a cheese stick and a couple of slices of deli turkey. I have a handful of almonds or half an apple with Peanut Butter for an afternoon snack, then 3-4 ounces of my family's dinner protein and around 1/4 cup of vegetables. And I almost always have a sugar-free popsicle before dinner.
    That typical day gets me about 850 cals, 95 grams protein and 50 grams of carbs, with only 21 of them being sugars. I lose when I'm eating like that...80 lbs since the end of June. You've got the tool in place, you just need to commit to using it correctly, find ways to distract yourself when you're hungry (exercise, clean house, work, garden...whatever works) and get back on track. There's literally no reason for you to NOT be successful! Go get it, you CAN do this!!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to nnagle323 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    @@Tufflaw thank you!! I totally forgot about tuna fish! During the soft food stage I ate SO much of it I even put it in deviled eggs! Which I forgot about too!! Thank you. I'm also going to try that chicken salad! Do u just eat it with some veggies or eat it with a fork?? Sounds so good!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Tufflaw in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Remember the scene with "fish are friends, not food!" Well, right now, fish are your friends, AND food. tuna fish is great, it's filling, and has ZERO fat and ZERO carbs (get the stuff in Water, not oil). For dinner tonight - 0 carbs, 0 fat, 26 Protein, and only 120 calories! I added some lite mayo, 1 carb, 3.5 fat, 0 Protein, 35 calories. Also put 1 oz of shredded cheese on top just for taste, 1 carb, 9 fat, 6 protein, 110 calories. Healthy, protein-rich, low carb, low fat, low cal, and I was stuffed at the end. Very filling.
    If you're craving bread, I've heard good things about a cauliflower crust pizza - just make the base and don't put any toppings on if you don't want, and you've got a bread-like snack that's much healthier.
    For several days in a row I had homemade chicken salad. I put 4 chicken breasts in a crockpot with some low sodium chicken broth and a little barbecue sauce for taste. Next morning they were really soft. Ground them up in the food processor, add some some lite mayo, sweet relish and mustard, and it's great! One 4.5 oz serving (are you ready for this?) - 0.5 carbs, 3.1 fat, 39 (!) protein, and 196 calories. That's half your protein in one meal. And it's filling too.
    Just plan ahead, I know it's a cliche but if you don't plan to succeed you're planning to fail.
    One last suggestion, I've been eating Shelly's Ricotta Bake almost every day (it's amazing) - one serving is 6.8 carbs, 12.5 fat, 16.3 protein, and 206 calories.
    You can do it, just remember why you got the surgery in the first place. Nothing worthwhile is easy, just tell yourself that you WILL do it.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from ShelterDog64 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    @@Torriluv87 and others who could benefit from talking with a dietitian - Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer health coaching; if so, you may be able to access a dietitian that way who can help answer any questions via a phone call. I utilize the health coaching through my insurance provider which has been a great help over the years, and I've been able to talk with the same coach over a long period of time (ie 3 coaches over an 8 year period). The coaches have always been RNs, some more specialized than the others; however, if they didn't know the answer, they were always able to direct me to appropriate resources. It's worth a shot. Another option I've used before is one of the dietitians at powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury (Unjury.com). I use their Protein powder to supplement my Protein intake and whenever I have a question, I've called their 800 number. They've been a great support over the 2.5 years I've been using @Unjury.
    I wish you the best!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to OutsideMatchInside in The need to eat until stuffed   
    If I eat 4 ounces of steak or a pork chop I am full for a while and I can't eat anything else even if I want to. My suggestion is to eat DENSE Protein, really dense. Like Steak.
    I eat every 2 hours sometimes 3, so I can meet my Protein goals of 100-120 grams of protein a day. I don't think eat every 2 or 3 hours is out of the ordinary.
    I have lots of days sometimes it goes in phases of weeks where I am really hungry. I think it has to do with hormonal and metabolic changes but I really don't know for sure. I know a lot of other sleevers go through the same thing.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to MrsPenguin in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Your post was very helpful to me. I started eating a few carbs as I hadn't had them for so long, but the good news is, tomorrow I can refocus myself and improve. I just love these forums for that reason...to remind me that I'm not alone in all of this.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Healthy_life2 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Understand there is no way I could have known your recipe for low carb meat loaf and enter every detail correctly. It was a guestimate. My intention was not to upset you. It was to get you instructions that you did not receive. I call that support. Take what you want from the site that is helpful...Wish you the best.
    moving on.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Healthy_life2 in The need to eat until stuffed   

    Wow! Relax and take it down a notch. I get it..You are new and this is your 3rd post on this site.
    I'm not calling you out or personally attacking you. I am coming from a place of concern...You did not list your meal accurately in your original post....All I did was enter what you listed you ate for the day, It was a guestimate at best.
    Bottom line, you did not get what you needed from your dietician right? You are winging it...trying to do this on your own. Negligence on their part.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Brandeis in The need to eat until stuffed   
    My NUT was VERY serious about 3 meals a day + maybe one small snack. It sounds like you're just eating whenever -- maybe what you need to do is instead of winging it, really plan your meals. Plan when you're going to eat, and what you're going to eat. I eat at 10, 2, and 7, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I don't actually do a snack [considering adding one in these days, though].
    Planning is your best friend, honestly. Planning is EVERYTHING. Because if you plan ahead, and you plan the right things to eat [high protein] and you have a routine, you can train your body to it. If you're just winging it, you won't train yourself.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Healthy_life2 in The need to eat until stuffed   
    Surgery and following our plan is not easy for any of us.
    "everything I try to eat is low in carbs and high in Protein or sugar-free" Not according to the day you listed above. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings...I'm saying this out of concern.
    If your surgical team/dietician didn't give you instructions. Call them. It's negligent to perform surgery and not give you nutritional information/instructions you need.The goal is healthy, not malnourished.
    If your surgeon's office/dieticians office do not have instructions for you...Any of us here can give you our surgeons office number to get what you need to be successful and healthy.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from Jessibird in Protein powder   
    My suggestion (and that of my dietitian) would be to make sure that whatever brand you are buying is a whey Protein ISOLATE and NOT A CONCENTRATE. With whey Protein isolate you get a lot fewer carbs in the product. Whey protein CONCENTRATES tend to have a lot more carbs.
    The Protein Powder of my choice is @@unjury which is ordered via the Unjury website. The cost works out to be about $1.25 per serving.
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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from sbg224 in Reply to wake up call, just want to repost for me, 18 months out   
    @@James Marusek Excellent article!! Thank you for sharing your story.