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  1. Suzie E

    Poke hole in lapband

    Thanks for answering. My options are open. It's the affordability this time around. I just came back couple days ago from for a top up fill. They know I am disappointed .It was free charge this time. I am still short 4cc's saline solution. I commented below on a post if you can see it explaining. It was ask why I changed my mind to try again. Name was S@ssen@ch a lady . I was to go back in a couple of weeks and see if I loose the 3cc solution that was put it. I have my answer if so. I was right as I felt it months ago. She poked a hole. The Dr. Surgeon or assistant would not confirm or deny a poke hole. Off course their not. Lol. Every fill of 7 times it hurt every day. There was a couple times I had to lean as back as I could standing when she did it too. How professional is that. The surgeon has an office rental type and does the new balloon type through the throat. Non evasive procedure. The only responsibility they took was not charging me. I don't want the assistant touch me again. I even told her I rather have the Dr. do it she it doesn't hurt me again. I hope she felt bad when I had to say that. I am seeking out another clinic to see if they can check it . Depends on the charge. I really don't want to see their faces again.
  2. Suzie E

    Poke hole in lapband

    Thanks for listening and answering. I forgot it lasts forever the one I got back in 2007- 2008 time if no problems arise. It was confirmed again. I prefer not to get even little cut open again on the breast bone. I remember it rubbing hurting for months especially in the sweaty summer. Life gets in the way someone. It pisses me off the most when people you believe in can't be trusted to do the right thing. I learned valuable lessons through research. Knowledge is power and the unkind system is also about greed and profit. Doctors think anti depressants are the answer. They fail to give warning that memory problems , dementia can happen later in years. Your Governments want a dumb down sheeple population.. They don't want you to think to much and learn truths.
  3. Suzie E

    Poke hole in lapband

    Hi, Well not quite 60, worried if it would last forever . Don't like being cut open going to hospitals, My trust in Doctors and prefer to keep away from. Sorry to say they can do more harm than good. I have learned more about myself . When you're in high stress life, . I punish myself with anger, stress, negative emotions. I am a victim of child teen sexual abuse finally coming to terms with. When you loose a passion job you love as well and less to do boredom factor came in last couple years. Feeling more hopeful, I decided to give it another try when Dr said the band was fine . There was 5cc's he took out. Had to pay for it all again. I trusted this Dr. cause a friend recommended him. The original Dr who put my lapband in did a great job. But, this Dr had a write up about his behaviour and not allowed to practice anymore. I didn't like him when I went for a visit for fills. He also charged more. This new Dr. recommended this woman, kept going for fills and it hurt every time she put the saline in. I went again and she topped it back up . I still down 4cc's. She knew I was upset and wanted the Surgeon Dr to fill me. I made sure she saw my tears and disappointment. Didn't directly say but I feel she knows she poked my band. Didn't hurt when he check the status of it. I never experience any pain getting fills in my time with the band . Just from her. Long story short it was free of charge this time. She told me to come back and couple weeks and see. It was never confirmed or denied a hole was poked in my band. The other clinic and research I have done I believe she was an lame brain assistant and she not of been qualified to fill me. She took all my 900 cash and I have yet to ask for a receipt. The 900 I paid so far, I could of had a more professional for 1000 dollars to take of me. She had no clue the the port was somewhat on a angle and shifted a bit . She should of known like the Surgeon Dr who checked me. I am considering checking out the other clinic and a new Dr again. She held on my health card for over 2 months and caused a problem when I needed it. She sends it back with no stamp or my name on it. I feel they were trying to make more money and get me to get the balloon one. I been talking to others in their office. It only lasts 6 months and most loose 20 pounds. They mislead, lie you can loose up to 60 pounds. Well you better be ready to eat even less if you want to make it to 60 pound loss. I used to teach fitness classes, run up till few years ago till the wear and tear in my knee joints are acting up. I refuse to take big pharma pills. I want to watch my knee joints now cause it will be a bigger nightmare to get replacements. I see what my hubby is going through with 2 knees, and hip replacement from his old job. Sorry about your Gallbladder. My hubby had his out and went through hell having to wait so long to get it out. Sorry for such the long story here. Out of time . Hope not to many spell and overrun sentences. Lol.... How is your sleeve working? It's just too expensive and not affordable for me again for any band or balloon. There sure take advantage of overweight and desperate people for weightloss procedures.
  4. Very upsetting day today. I went today to find out I loss 7cc solution in my lapband. I was afraid to know my truth. I was banded in 2008 . I have no problems or erosion with my lapband. It's suppose to last forever unless problem arises. Year or so I had a scope done. I wanted my lapband out and changed my mind to try again. It can last forever and I didn't want to go through being cut and soreness again. I was at 5cc when a doctor unfilled me . At that level forever since last defill when I gave up on it. I changed my my mind and decided to give it another try. Trying to make this long story short, I was up to 9cc . I find out now it's at 2cc. It's been leaking. I was going to this woman who works with this Dr. I trusted. Works with Jumpstart program. more the balloon one now. I believe she had no clue and unprofessional. Today at visit Dr. noticed my port on an angle and moved some. You think this woman would of known this. I was going to her for several times to slowly fill back up and to find , which I believe, she poke a hole in it. She always had a hard time finding my port and was painful getting fills every visit. When the Dr. check the status of the fill there was no pain or problem checking and putting the saline back in. In my past fills when I got the band filled it never hurt once. I got my answer today, called another clinic and she could of poke a hole in it. My worst nightmare. It was working better and than stopped . I want my 7 cc 's back in , no charge or less fee.. If it leaks again I guess give up , take it out, or leave in. I trusted this Dr.'s partner and she was no professional as I noticed her treatment of me each visit. The Dr would not admit or deny she poke a hole in it. I also paid her cash as she was cheaper. Now I am wondering what's really going on?? Any 2nd opinions and feed back please is welcome.