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  1. MarieMarie

    Canadian self pay

  2. MarieMarie

    Canadian self pay

    I didn't know that I can. I will look into it
  3. MarieMarie

    Banders #6

    I had a little backslide. Had a bad fall in ice. Bed for two weeks and working part time two weeks. Now physio and doing little. I am trying to get back on track. Swimming and walking. I have to start watching what I eat and get back on track
  4. MarieMarie

    1 band, 1 year, 1 new life

    An amazing woman. To believe you are important is very difficult as a mom, caregiver and daughter. Keep up the good work!
  5. MarieMarie

    Lap band and income tax

    Thank you. I didn't think of putting it on my income tax
  6. MarieMarie

    First fill

    Mine puts in 1cc
  7. MarieMarie

    Hating that I told my friends from college

    I was honest with everyone. I had a hernia repair. Just didn't mention WLS
  8. MarieMarie

    Flavored Water issues...

    When I am nervous the band acts up. You have had a lot of changed in your life
  9. MarieMarie

    Food going cold.......

    I noticed on the weekend my friends finished their food before me. In the past, I ate quickly
  10. MarieMarie


    I go to bathroom and gently try to spit out what I can
  11. MarieMarie

    When And Where And Who Did Your Surgey

    Slimband, Toronto Aug 2014
  12. MarieMarie

    possible complications

    Absolutely. Don't fill it to the point where you cannot eat or drink
  13. MarieMarie

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    I had breast reduction 17 years ago. There hasn't been one day that I regret. The surgeon lifted things and they look great
  14. MarieMarie

    Slim band false advertising

    Strange how people join support groups to put us down. I paid Slimband I am enjoying my 40 lb loss and looking forward to 40 more. It is important to follow your doctors rules for all wls. I support my friends choices for their WLS and wish them well in their journey
  15. MarieMarie

    Finally a reset

    I gained 2 over Christmas. Time to get back to the hard work
  16. MarieMarie

    Banders #6

    He could have been shy.
  17. MarieMarie

    Banders #6

  18. MarieMarie

    Goal Weight ?

    I agree. My goal isn't to be skinny. It is to feel comfy in my skin
  19. MarieMarie

    Banders #6

    I danced Saturday night with two men I had met before. They barely recognized me until I spoke with them. Had a fun evening
  20. MarieMarie

    Banders #6

    Update on date?
  21. MarieMarie

    Accountability Group

    I am not prepped and ready but willing to wing it today. Gym with daughter after work.
  22. MarieMarie

    Finally a reset

    I haven't had enough nerve to step on scales since Christmas but will before work
  23. MarieMarie

    Finally a reset

    I will write it all down tomorrow