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  1. ElectricBoogaloo


    I’m back, but have to catch up later today! I feel so patriotic... weighed in at 177.6 this morning. 😂🤣
  2. ElectricBoogaloo


    Hey there, peeps! 3. 2018 Goals: Goal weight: 140 pounds (less if my body says so...130-135 would be my college weight) Get back into my goal clothes. I never made it to goal with the band, but truly believe I can with the sleeve. Interestingly, I have great clothes in the mid-range/still fat (where I settled with my band), but will happily donate those clothes...when I get back in them (5-10 more pounds)...kind of addicted to clothes...love jeans...just counted, have 53 pair...WTF?! Who does that? I promise I am not a hoarder. Breast reduction/lift and brachioplasty.
  3. ElectricBoogaloo

    If you had to have an "excuse surgery" ....

    I am hard pressed to come up with a procedure (laparoscopic GI or esophageal repair issue? Hernia repair?) ...but more importantly, how about.... None of your damn business...I will be away for a few days! Have the kids stay at family or friends during your surgery...no reason for him to be at your house while you are away. At least for me, po wasn't bad, I could interact with people without them noticing. It is also none of his business if/how you are losing weight...so go ahead and count your points on WW! You are no longer married to him, owe him nothing...he is now her problem.
  4. ElectricBoogaloo

    Non Scale Victories

    I purged my uber fat clothes from my closet and am now wearing my 'you are still kinda fat' clothes!! Donated three yard-size bags of clothes to G-dub and donated 10 suits to an interviewing/back to work nonprofit.
  5. ElectricBoogaloo


    I love that bustier!! The good news/bad news it that soon it will be way too big!! You will have to buy another one!😊
  6. ElectricBoogaloo


    Hold the bus...wait for meeeee.... SW: 210.8 CW: 180.8 GW: 140 January goals: Exercise 5-6 days/week 80 oz water/day Lose an inch in the hips!
  7. ElectricBoogaloo

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    I appreciate you sharing this article. It really resonated with me.
  8. ElectricBoogaloo

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Very insightful @sideeye! I will work on incorporating the 5-year mindset! Congrats on leaving the brittle, Renee!😊
  9. ElectricBoogaloo

    Lap band January 2019 surgery date

    I was banded in 2014 and actually loved my band. Even though I didn’t make goal, I counted my experience as a success because I was probably on my way to my very own episode of M600PL and the band prevented it with also an associated weight loss! I was recently revised to a sleeve because I was diagnosed with esophageal dilation due to my band (scary stuff). That part...not so good. At the time I elected to get the band, I wasn’t at a place where I would consider anything more invasive. It is definitely a tough and personal decision. There are folks who are wildly successful with many years under their belt and those where the band has to be removed for whatever reason (even if all of the rules are followed), with significant symptoms and comorbidities due to the band. Have a thorough discussion with your team about the pros and cons for you and do extensive research. If I had to do it again, I would still get the band because I wasn’t ready then. If my first surgery were today, I would have opted for the sleeve instead, but I now have a different mindset (can’t distinguish if my mindset has changed based on my experience with the band or just overall wisdom/lack of fear of the other surgeries). I wish you well with your decision.
  10. Challenge Starting weight: 190 Current weight lost: 30 Losing or maintaining weight: Losing Fitness/exercise goal: 6 days/week...didn't happen consistently Total weight loss at the end of challenge: (Post January 1st 2019): 9.2!! (CW 180.8) Check in: Tell us how you are doing - (How is your diet and exercise plan going? Any struggles? Stress level? What have you overcome? Any strategies that have helped) Struggles: During this challenge, I was in a stall most weeks with an overall loss of 9.2#...SCORE!!! On the weeks that I lost, it was one pound or less. I went to DisneyWorld for Christmas (5 days) and came back to a 4 pound loss!! Thanks Mickey...I think. I'll take it!😊 Thanks @Healthy_life for starting this challenge. I can't remember a time when I lost nearly 10 pounds (or any pounds?) over the holidays!
  11. ElectricBoogaloo

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Ha! In before the lock!!
  12. ElectricBoogaloo

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Try being away for a day or two!! Yikes! Lots of catch up on. 😆🤣 A great group!
  13. ElectricBoogaloo

    Help for user Orchids&Dragons

    Welcome back!!! You were missed!😊
  14. ElectricBoogaloo

    Could Someone 'Splain This To Me?

    Agreed, which is why I wanted it to stop and forever let that discussion end. I think it has been accomplished!
  15. ElectricBoogaloo

    Help for user Orchids&Dragons

    @FluffyChixI also got that message a couple of posts ago.

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