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  1. micmt

    Pre op tests

    Wow. That's intense.
  2. micmt

    Pre op tests

    This is just the very last of the last before I start my liquid diet. This is the pre op testing and not the pre insurance testing. I'm less than 2 weeks out from my surgery date. Saturday I will start my 10 day liquid diet. I was just curious even though it's less than 12 hrs away for my spot and I will find out everything then .
  3. So tomorrow I have my pre op testing. I was curious what all the test for. Cbc. Cmp. What else?
  4. micmt

    Pre op tests

    Wow. Quite involved
  5. Zoepoodle. Those drink recipis are awesome I bought all the ingredients last week to try them out and love them.
  6. micmt

    Wife doesn't want me to get surgery

    I wanted to get started in January. Had the first appt scheduled but my wife was very against it so I canceled it. Then I needed a colonoscopy or two and 50 precancerous polyps were removed. Blew through my max out of pocket nuttin flat. Told her its now free and I want to do it. She still thinks one more diet is all I need. But she knows I really want it.
  7. Have them bill the insurance no matter what and let the insurance send you an eob. That's way you'd now for certain
  8. micmt

    Silly question lol

    I work nights and told my nut I have cut way down on coffee. She was like that's great! Then I told her I now need to cut down from the 6-8 caffeine pills a night. Omg. I thought for sure she was going to come unglued. I'm hoping to go to my day position right after this surgery so no more need for that much caffeine.
  9. micmt

    Best Bariatric cook book.

    There are cookbooks? Oh my.
  10. I had a co worker do the same thing.
  11. I will just cinch up the pants tighter. Lose all the weight. Then buy new scrubs. I have uniform scrubs and they are not cheap b
  12. I'm just saying what I have discover in the past 5 years. We now have a very competent patient care coordinator that we let deal. The reason y I brought all this up is that insurance companies can be tricky.
  13. Or another just as good. Me" how much does the plan cover for such and such ". Ins "x amount up to xx amount". Me. " great". Patient is helped. Insurance payout comes 90 days later at only 1/10 of quotes it won't even pay for device. Oh and no balance billing. I call the insurance up. Me" so why did I only get paid 1/x. " ins" you needed to buy the product from our approve third party supplier instead of directly from the manufacture" They are sneaky is all I'm saying. They will tell you one thing but not everything you need to know. And if you don't know the exact questions then it's useless.
  14. Oh believe me I have called multiple times and I am told no more out of pocket. But I also own a company that does medical services and we bill insurances. You would be surprised at some of the crap they pull. One scenario that comes to mind ...me " so what's the coverage on such and such service". Insurance " 100% of approved charges". Me" ok how much is the approved charge". Ins " oh we can't tell you that until you file a claim". Me "why not I'm the provider". Ins"sir we do not give that information out until you file a claim". Me. "Sorry mr so and so I can't sell you a much needed medical device until we get the approved amount from the insurance".
  15. Haha. My date was set earlier than I was mentally ready for too. But I'm not going to pass up an earlier opportunity.
  16. I had two colonoscopies and two ct scans and two er visits this year. My max out of pocket was met a while ago. My bariatric should be free. I say should because insurance companies like to play games.
  17. My pcp would never help with meds or anything besides straight dieting. Watching my weight go up and tell me you just need to go on a diet. No crap. Lol.
  18. So finally told my mom that I have a date set for my surgery. She tells me "why don't you try dieting one more time. ". "Your brother is doing great at this all protein diet." "You know your aunt Betty had it done and had diarrhea every time she ate anything" Ok I should have never told her. I know that now. Am I backing out no. Second thoughts no. Pissed that she wants me to delay and try another diet yes. I explained to her this is my one and only shot. If I try another diet I may never get gastric done. I have tried dieting my whole adult life and look what I have accomplished. Gained a second person. Another diet will prove nothing that has been proven already. I can't diet. I need hard stops that tell me no you can't eat this. That's why I am going through with this.
  19. micmt

    Psych appointment help

    I had a 100 question test online at home. The psychologist received the results before my appt. based on this test she said I'd do great.
  20. micmt

    Pre op diet liquid options

    The day before the surgery is there a colon prep that cleans out everything?
  21. micmt

    Approved, yay!

    Oh wow. That's quick
  22. micmt

    Psych appointment help

    I took an online test. Multiple choice. No right or wrong answers. Just pay attention to what they are asking.
  23. micmt

    November Surgery Date

    Im nov 4th

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