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    Stlgirl74 reacted to HeresKimmy in The Official What You Will Need For Your Upcoming Weightloss Surgery Thread!   
    Before the surgery, I actually made chicken and beef broth and froze it. I knew when I got home I wasn't going to be cooking, so thawing it and heating it up a little bit at a time was a huge help.
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    Stlgirl74 reacted to onefunolygirl in The Official What You Will Need For Your Upcoming Weightloss Surgery Thread!   
    Pencil and pad for taking notes or jotting things down.
    List of any last minute questions.
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    Stlgirl74 reacted to mboski in Places to get liquid protein samples   
    I found this info on another website:
    Whey Protein Isolate
    It is the purest form of whey Protein. It gets into the blood system the quickest. Is generally the most expensive to use and although it mixes well it can "foam" up. They tend not to be as filling or satisfying, but fulfill the protein requirements very well.
    Whey Protein Concentrate
    It gets into the system very slowly. It is generally the least expensive to use. It shakes well and pretty completely.
    Whey Protein Blend
    Is a combination of the two above. These usually seem to be more "satisfying" and stay with us longer so we tend not to graze or crave carbs as much. Generally they shake well but may leave some clumps if you aren't careful.
    Whey Protein Meal Replacement
    They are generally a whey protein blend that is much thicker and requires a lot more Water. Best for preop and long term postop customers that are more comfortable with larger volume.
    Predigested collagen Protein
    These are collagen based Proteins, which are lower on the "bioavailability" scale. They contain some amino acids, but not ALL. Best used in addition to whey protein for additional protein intake. Easily added to Water to "cut" the extreme tastes.
    This may help as you are checking out the different protein powders.
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    Stlgirl74 reacted to gaye jarvis in 100 lbs lost in 6 months with pics   
    I started my journey on June 18, 2012 at 334.9 lbs, I was a very sad and sick woman who was not living, just existing. Well fast forward 6 months and I weigh 233 lbs (101 lbs), everything about my life has changed! I am loving my new life, enjoying my new body (so is my husband, he's like a kid on Christmas morning - every day!) and I love it! Thank you to Dr. King in Oxford, Mississippi, your my hero! The pictures below speak for themselves, the first two are before and are the most I ever weighed, the first one is the saddest I was ever in my life! The last two are last week (Dec 11) and I still can't believe it's me!

    Feb 2012, 345 lbs

    May 2012, 334.9 lbs (surgery day weight)

    Dec 11, 2012, 234 lbs

    Dec 11, 2012, 234 lbs
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    Stlgirl74 reacted to Beckyyb93 in An Amazing Clothing Exchange App!   
    I have found an app that I am absolutely obsessed with so I figured I'd share it with all of you. It's called Poshmark and is available on droid and apple for sure, I'm not sure what other phones it works on but you can also get to it online. Once you download the app you basically just take pictures of everything in your closet and describe them then price them. My favorite part of the site is trading. There is everything from $3 tops from Walmart to $1000 Chanel purses, shoes, etc. You can search for anything you are looking for and the prices are awesome! The other amazing thing is you can "bundle" so if you like lots of things from one person they will discount them and you only pay the $4.99 shipping once. When you sell stuff they give you a pre-paid Priority label and you just drop them at the post office and then get your money!
    I have bought, sold, and traded hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of stuff there. So go find yourself hot new clothes and sell your stuff that's too big!! It's easy! My username is the same there as it is here if you want to follow me.
    Happy Poshing!!
    P.S. if you have any posh questions, I'm a pro and am happy to help!