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  1. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    Anyone else scheduled in October? Let's stay in touch during this process! I have to take one more informational class. Have an EGD done and do a 2 week liquid only diet. During the the diet I have to drink the doctor's Protein drinks. Hope they are good!
  2. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    Almost done with day 1. Not really hungry but have had a headache all afternoon, came home and went straight to bed. Got a little emotional at work this afternoon. Hope the days keep getting better. 13 to go!
  3. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    Started my pre op diet today. Can only have 4 Bari advantage shakes and 1 8oz cup of broth.
  4. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    It's finally October!! ????????good luck to everyone having surgery this month!
  5. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    4 days left till it's October!! Congrats to all and good luck on your pre op diets! ????????
  6. fitbefore30

    Dr. David Kim - Dallas, Texas Yall!

    Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow Shannon!! Watched your youtube videos tonight, great info!! Can't wait for future videos and to see your progress! Best wishes!
  7. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    Dr Holden, she's in DFW
  8. fitbefore30

    Keeping it a secret

    I feel the same way, I haven't told many people. Only my mom, dad, aunt, my boss and 1 other person at work because she planing on doing the same thing. I just don't want to hear any negative opinions before surgery.
  9. fitbefore30


    I started this process in April and I finally have a surgery date!! 10-30-2014 Yay!!!!!
  10. fitbefore30

    I was denied!

    Aetna policy says you cannot gain anything from your first weigh in. That's what my doctors office told me. Before my appointments I would go on a strict diet with Isopure Protein drinks and might sound bad but I would take a laxative before appt. It will clean you out and if you are backed up lose a pound or 2. Good luck!
  11. fitbefore30

    Chewable Vitamins - HELP!

    I found it at barimelts.com. Looks like you can get a sample pack of the multi, iron,b12 and calcium. I'm going to try it! It says there all natural.
  12. fitbefore30

    October 2014

    I hope September flys by for all of us!! I'm counting down the days... 56 days till the big day? How many weeks is everyone's pre-op diets?
  13. fitbefore30

    Dr. David Kim - Dallas, Texas Yall!

    Sorry to hear that! It's a very busy place. I called them to get scheduled and glad I did because the lady said she had 80 patients to schedule. Hope the time flys by. One thing you get to celebrate halloween and thanksgiving!
  14. fitbefore30

    Dr. David Kim - Dallas, Texas Yall!

    Emmalu222 when is your surgery? Dr Holden is also doing my surgery at Baylor in October. Good Luck!! Stay in touch, would love to know how everything goes.
  15. fitbefore30


    Thanks everyone! It was Aetna.
  16. fitbefore30

    Any fort worth tx sleevers?

    I'm from frisco area, i'm also going to Dr Kim's office but Dr Holden will be doing my surgery in October. It's a very busy place, when I talked to the scheduler today she said she needed to schedule 80 people this week.
  17. fitbefore30


    I started this process in April and I finally have a surgery date!! 10-30-2014 Yay!!!!!
  18. fitbefore30


    I started this process in April and I finally have a surgery date!! 10-30-2014 Yay!!!!!
  19. Aetna approved my surgery!!! Now just waiting for the doctor office to call for surgery date. Almost there!

    1. beautysleeve559


      That's awesome!!.. how long did it take for an approval??

    2. fitbefore30


      About 10 business days. They said they have up to 15 days to decide.

    3. beautysleeve559


      That's good...congrats to you. I'm currently waiting for my approval

  20. fitbefore30

    Aetna Help!

    I called Aetna today and they approved mine on the 18th and they received the paperwork on the 5th. Now I'm just waiting to get scheduled!!! Almost there!????
  21. fitbefore30

    Waiting for approval from Aetna

    Good Luck! Aetna received my paperwork on the 5th and they told me they have 15 days to make a decision. Hoping to know the answer by next Tuesday!
  22. fitbefore30

    File Submitted....

    I also have Aetna and waiting on approval. I finished my 3 mt program on July 24th, my doctor office told me they have up to 30 days to give a response. I have called Aetna 2 times and they don't see anything in their system.

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