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  1. kyrickchick64

    Immersion blenders on sale

    They have immersion blenders on sale on groupon. I have this one but without all the cool attachments. Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-cuisinart-2-speed-hand-blender?utm_source=uu3288181&utm_campaign=UserReferral_ma
  2. Npr and wife you look wonderful
  3. kyrickchick64

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    He did an endo on me this morning. Looking as fine as ever. He's so nice.
  4. I've got a long way to go but I'm lighter now than I've been in 23 yrs. He 389 CW 302. 3 lbs to the 200s. No more cane. Yay!
  5. Are you using gasX? Try doing something like the wave. Raise your hands way over your head, then reach to your toes as far as you can without over stretching
  6. Okay y'all had a Dr appt Friday and I'm down 11 lbs. Hang in there! Keep doing everything we're told. That stall was really depressing! But it will pass! Thank you all for being so supportive. Misery loves company but don't give in to the "why bothers"
  7. I have the same issue. It drives me insane
  8. kyrickchick64

    This actually happened tonight!

    Did you have a problem surgery? I was throwing up too much so I got an extra day and still that was only 2 days
  9. I have been in a stall for way over a month.It's really piss ing me off. I lost allot the fist month but nothing hardly since real food. I'm keeping the journal, trying to stay away from anything too carby. I'm stuck at 60 lbs down which is where I always got stuck even when I did it on my own. Which is starting to make me get those old feelings again...You know the why am I bothering feeling. That and I tried working out this past week and strained my back(it doesn't take much) and I can't even take ibuprofen or aleves. Tylenol does nothing for my back and on my good meds I can't drive on so I can only take them at night. It's annoying but I'm still fighting. I hate the taste of water since surgery. But I still fight. And found out I still cant deal with tuna. So I have feeling lousy ate it this afternoon. Try again next month. Sorry I'm Debby Downer today but I just had to let it go
  10. kyrickchick64

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Should have know better. Jinxed myself been in a stall this whole month.
  11. kyrickchick64

    5 weeks post op. Diarrhea since surgery. HELP!

    Are you drinking and eating sugar free food. I was fine with it pre op but I can't touch anything sugar free since or it's off to the races for the bathroom.
  12. kyrickchick64

    Dumping Syndrome

    I get dumping too. My other problem is that my sleeve is tempermental. I can eat something one day then the next it makes me feel horrible. I never know what is going to set it off. It could be just feeling yucky or a straight up diarrhea or foaming. I have thought that it may be eating too much or too fast but I don't think that is the case. I usually have an egg and 2 pieces of bacon. Yesterday it was fine, today not so much. Been in the bathroom since 20 minutes after I ate it. Yuck
  13. I was sleeved March 2nd of this year. I've lost 55 lbs and I'm happy about that but I have been in a stall since my last drs appt on April 4th I haven't lost any weight since then. I've tracked my food, upped my calories to 800-1000. I'm still not able to do much exercise wise because of my back and knees but I walk some. In the past I have never been able to lose more than what I have now and I have at least another 120 to go. I'm really starting to get bummed out,I even had an ice cream last night. I know that doesn't help but I was weak. I'm not even a big ice cream fan so I don't know why I did it. I'm drinking a protein shake now and am back on the wagon. I'm just wish I could get the scale to move. I'm usually very optimistic but I'm g feeling defeated. Thanks for letting me vent.
  14. kyrickchick64

    Okay I need some reassurance

    Thanks! I'm at the doctor for something else and im down 2 lbs. Yippeee!
  15. I was sleeved 3/2 and I'm stalled already. I haven't lost any weight for over a month. I still only eat a couple bites of a meal and I'm done but that scale is going no where. I tried to up my calories to 1000 a day. My carbs are no more than 50 a day. I figured since I had so much to lose that any stall would come and go. Notsomuch :-\ Pretty bummed. I've been drinking gatorade(low cal 1 a day) and I've been retaining allot of water so no more of that. My ankles are pretty swollen. I still have no taste for water but I force it but I know I'm not getting enough.
  16. kyrickchick64

    Disappointed Family

    16 lb is awesome. Keep it up girl! I agree with cowgirljane if they can't be supportive them don't give them any info. Why share good news with people who don't cheer you on? I would take it as a sabotage to make you feel bad and go back to your old ways. Don't let it happen! If you need cheerleaders you can come here.
  17. kyrickchick64

    this hair loss is depressing!

    I'm in the same boat. I'm losing it just above my temples. And I'm at a stall too boot. I'm bummed right now
  18. After surgery you will never think you took the easy way out again. None of this is easy. I'm 2 months out and it's still hard. I can't eat some things, I get upset stomach . Sometimes I cook something abd eat it and be fine the next day eat the leftovers and get sick. Everything depends on how my stomach feels. Sometimes I fake it till I make it and just throw some make up on and go on tho I feel like I might(and sometimes do) barf. None of this is easy
  19. kyrickchick64

    I can't drink any protein! Help

    I had the same issue. I'm fine now 2 months out. I can drink the protein but I can't have any thing sugar free still or I'm on the toilet. I was able to keep the premier on my stomach. You can get premier for 8.99 for 4 servings. It's not too bad. I found them here at Kroger in the pharmacy near the ensure
  20. kyrickchick64

    Your favorite protein drinks/shakes

    You may have to look in the pharmacy of stores. That's where they keep the premier in Kroger.
  21. kyrickchick64


    People are going to eat in front of you. This was your decision not theirs. If you can't handle it you should leave the room.
  22. kyrickchick64

    Hi.. I am new here...Need advice

    Many doctors have free seminars . Definitely take advantage of them. I went to a doctor who didn't have one, didn't like him and knew I wasn't gonna use him but had to pay a 50.00 co pay. So sucked
  23. kyrickchick64

    Hi.. I am new here...Need advice

    Usually the circle of excellence hospital is a the top hospital in the area. I also had a 6 month pre op diet, psych evaluation and a bmi of 40(I blew that away lol) Some doctors also have requirements they have you do.
  24. kyrickchick64

    Help. I gained a pound

    Crosby is right. Do yourself a humongous favor. Do not get on the scale every day. It will save your sanity. As long as your following the rules (high protein, low carb, lots of water) you will be okay. I've only been on the scale 4 times since my surgery. That's when I go to the doctors office.
  25. kyrickchick64

    Hi.. I am new here...Need advice

    Depending on your insurance if you want to do this but the end of the year you need to get to it. Depending on the hoops your insurance makes you jump. Where do you live? I would suggest making a post here asking if anyone in your area has any recommendations for a doctor. If not then start with your insurance company. Look for a circle of excellence hospital to make sure you get the best care. Referral from your primary may or may not be requirement but you need to speak to your insurance company to see what they need. So to summarize(lol) make a post now asking for recommendations and call your insurance to see their requirements. Good luck sweetie

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