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  1. I had two nutritionists that used two different formulas to calculate my goal weight based on gender, height, and build. Both emphasized that they are just ballpark numbers and they're also looking at BMI and also percentage of excess weight lost. So one nutritionist put my goal weight at 160 and another put me at 170. So I just averaged the two and came up with 165. Heavy duty math there. I'm still not convinced it's psychologically healthy to have a goal weight. So if I gain a couple pounds above 165 am I failing? I don't think so. But I think (based on zero evidence) that it is psychologically healthier to have a range of 5-10 pounds. All my co-morbidities (sleep apnea, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol) were all cured when I was still in the 200-220 range, so I was perfectly fine in that range, but my weight loss continued as I stuck to "the plan" and I went with it. I'm just sorta thinking in the long-term now as to what the "goal" is and for me it's staying "healthy" over staying at "the goal weight." I'll probably feel differently if I gain 10 lbs because I'm damn comfortable in a pair of 32s.
  2. omfg....I ate less and exercised...and now I'm THIN...did you read your FUCKING plan?

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      wow, could you be more rude?


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    How did you set your goal weight?

    Hey Always. I just had band to sleeve surgery 3/19/15. I have been commenting to people's posts too and get no response. I hope all is going well with you and your process. Hey man--sorry no one is replying...but if you're not a woman on here with a weight problem, then nobody gives a f**king **** dude..men don't count on here....sorry...take care. Just eat less.
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    How did you set your goal weight?

    @@AvaFern Thank you for your thoughtful response. I've given so much feedback on here, but in the few topics I've posted...almost no feedback. I don't know why that is...because I'm a guy? I guess only women talk to each other on here. So good luck to you all and thanks for not helping me out. Learn to use a f**king search engine. I dunno...anyway. Tired of giving responses again and again to the same questions on here and the few I ask go unnoticed. Take care all. Thanks for almost nothing. Withdrawing all my stats. I'll keep it off without this site. Whoever is in charge here...DELETE MY f**king PROFILE, K?
  5. I've tried to help people, but my posts asking for help go mostly unanswered. I guess this site was made for women to respond to each other only. Take care all. I'll do this one my own.

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      Seriously...if you're not going into this surgery understanding that it will not cure how fucking fat you are...then just fucking DIE already...GAWD

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      Hey cunts...learn to use a fucking SEARCH ENGINE...see that GEAR icon on this site? It will search all the cunting threads on here that will answer all the stupid fucking questions about why you are so fucking fat

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      You're still hungry because you thought the fuckign surgery would cure you.....WRONG....you didn't adddress your head hunger because you want a cure-all pill...you stupid cunt. That's why youre dying and no man wnats you

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    Lettuce anyone?

    My surgeon recommended avoiding fibrous veggies (broccoli stems, lettuce, cabbage, celery) until six months out. Of course, most everything is "as tolerated," unless specifically prohibited by your surgeon/nutritrionist.
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    40 French bougie

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    Omg omg omg!

    Biggest congrats!! You're on your way to the sleeved life! It's a wonderful place to be!
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    I've watched hundreds of videos and read thousands of posts. What I've seen as the two biggest regrets, seem to stem from folks who didn't understand the purpose of the surgery. I came up with these with zero scientific method and a huge use of generalizing about people. "I don't know what to eat. I think more about food more now than before surgery." These folks didn't learn what foods fit in with their post-op life and basically try to find it all in prepackaged food, Protein bars, Protein shakes, or a baked protein with zero spices. The more comfortable you are in the kitchen, the more you know what you're putting in your body and the more variety you can create. Do you have to learn how to cook? Nope...but I can whip up 4-5 different chicken dinners in the time it takes you to find one decent chicken fast food dinner of the same nutritional quality as what I'm cooking. "I'm still hungry all the time!" This the quote from people who somehow overlooked that the sleeve is a tool and would not solve head hunger. Hundreds of us have spoken about head hunger and how important it is to try and start working on it pre-op. These are the same people who say, "If I could diet pre-op, I wouldn't need the surgery." As many wise people have said, "They aren't operating between your ears."
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    Drinking to fast

    If you can train yourself to become an all-day sipper, it can help tremendously. If you guy a big insulated mug (like a Bubba Keg) and get in the habit of hauling it around, it might help. Best of luck!
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    Protein bars

    Keep in mind that many store-bought Protein bars (especially the "low carb" and "low sugar" ones) use sugar alcohols than can cause some pretty serious flatulence at best and have a rather strong laxative effect at worst. So be careful eating too much/many of the sugar alcohols. If you're not familiar with sugar alcohols, see http://breakingmuscle.com/nutrition/what-you-need-to-know-about-sugar-alcohols
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    Protein drinks

    I agree with @@catlover2565 My nutritionist says that she prefers that we don't drink our Protein if at all possible. However, early on it may be more difficult getting 60+ grams from solid Proteins only. However, I still mix a little bit of Protein Shake in my drinks throughout the day just to get a little extra. And because I have boxes of shakes.
  13. alwaysvegas

    When did you start exercising?

    cardio after one week post-op, weights one month post-op after surgeon's clearance. These topics may also help: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/337625-when-to-start-working-out/?hl=start+exercise http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/337352-toningfirming/?hl=%2Bstart+%2Bexercise#entry3803648 http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/337170-what-did-do-you-do-for-exercise-almost-6-weeks-out/?hl=%2Bstart+%2Bexercise#entry3802350 http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/199774-when-to-begin-exercise/?hl=%2Bbegin+%2Bexercise http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/334245-exercise-after-surgery/?hl=%2Bexercise http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/331851-type-of-exercise/?hl=%2Bexercise http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/329956-what-exercise-routine-do-you-recommend-its-to-cold-to-walk-outside/?hl=%2Bexercise http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/329536-exercise-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery/?hl=%2Bexercise
  14. Awesome! Just grabbed this thanks! I've been researching making bars just this week...so timely. Thank you!
  15. I felt completely prepared for all aspects before and after the surgery. Most all information I needed was on the net. The rest, especially my customized plan, was provided by my surgeon, nutritionist, and bariatric behaviorial therapist. I read voraciously all that I could regarding the surgery before I even attended my first consultation. I watched hours of youtube diaries that people have so graciously provided of their surgeries, struggles, successes, and failures. I particularly focused on failures and what people didn't consider before the surgery. I focused on what people ate and what their relationship with food was before and after surgery. I read every bit of material my surgeon/nutritionist/psychologist provided. The information laid out every aspect of life before and after surgery. Their material covered all phases of eating pre- and post-op, nutrition guideliness, behavioral modification. I tried out different shakes, Vitamins, and foods to see what I'd like for the pre-op and post-op diets. I didn't really plan menus because I'm a fairly decent cook. I can follow any plan. I attended (and still attend) support groups to help and discuss the pre- and post-surgery life. Always something new to learn! I understand not everyone prepares for the surgery for one reason or another, but there's so much that we have to do after the surgery to be successful long-term, that I can't imagine not being armed with all the information I learned. Best of luck and success to everyone!
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    Stall Panic

    I posted a thread showing my weight loss over a year. Stalls are very common. http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/335141-one-year-of-weight-loss-graphed/
  17. alwaysvegas

    Isopure drinks

    Definitely buy one at a time and try them out. They have a VERY strong bite to them. I actually liked all flavors considering how much Protein they provided and liquid. But do not go an buy a case before you're tried them out. Good luck!
  18. alwaysvegas

    The Protein Shake Up

    Thank you for the post and link to the scientific study. I'd heard 30g protein thrown around quite a bit, but never did read the actual scientific study!
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    Hi and welcome @@bbecca! I had some anxiety also. There are so many wonderful success stories on here to help you confirm your belief in WLS as a great choice. I also love that you said "...Being healthy and enjoying my life..." Because if you focus on health...all the great benefits of WLS will come to you. You'll still have to do your part by focusing on a healthy lifestyle, but the WLS is an incredible tool for helping you achieve long-term success. Best of luck on your journey! Don't be afraid to ask questions. There's a wealth of great wisdom on here.
  20. If I had contemplated the "easy way out" about the surgery too much longer, I could've died from diabetes, sleep apnea, or a heart attack. I'd rather contemplate things while alive. This weight loss tool can save lives, but it still takes lots of work on the ol' noggin' to make it all happen long-term. The sleeve helps with our stomach capacity and our physical hunger, which is ALOT of help (trust me, they're both wonderful benefits)...but we still have to control what goes down our gullets...and we can get alot more down in a day than you think possible. Calorie-dense slider foods can really set us back. That was the same before surgery and it's the same after. I've lost alot of weight without the sleeve and it's going to help me keep it off long term, but I have to keep working on the calories and exercise.
  21. alwaysvegas

    Clothing size

    Jan 2014: 46 waist, XXL shirts -> Mar 2015: 32 waist, M/S shirts
  22. alwaysvegas

    Working full time after sleeve

    Pack your food for the day..2-3 snacks and lunch. I find that I graze much less at work anyway, but eat a little somethin-somethin every two hours or so. Make sure you have a good-sized tumbler to make sure you're getting your liquids in.
  23. alwaysvegas

    Spicy food anyone?

    I started spicy foods during purees and have had zero problems. Bring it on!!!!
  24. A selection of quotes I've actually said that are indeed strange: "No, they did not remove my entire stomach. Just most of it." "No, I didn't have the bypass. I had the less complicated weight loss surgery." As if I could perform it myself or something. "No, I'm not starving. I feel great!" "I disagree. I eat more than a squirrel." "Yes, I used to be quite large." Takes out driver's license to prove it. Why would someone lie about being fat? food arrives at the table. "Can I get a to-go box, please?" "Yes, I really am full. I know I'm taking most of it to go." "No, I didn't just eat before coming to the restaurant." "Yes, bowel movements still work the same way." "Yes, I miss my manboobs." OK, the last one I never said.
  25. Big congrats on your recovery going so well! Keep us updated!