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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. towrecovery

    Guys ~400lbs that had DS

    I was 400 when I had my band taken out and the switch part of this surgery done 12/26/15. (they could not do the sleeve portion due to scaring). I was 325 on 12/2/16 when they did the sleeve. I am now 300. my goal is just to be a normal size. I dont care the number persay.
  2. yes, Walk, Walk, walk at the hospital! i think that helped a lot. It also got them to release me the next day! (i hate hospital stays)
  3. 3 things. 1) the sensations of having to defecate and gas are not the same as before the surgery. its harder to tell them apart. 2) the first night at home when you are in so much pain that you are about to go to the emergency room, go take a #2. 3) If you are having a revision from the band to the Switch, be prepared for them to only remove the band and do the switch and not do the sleeve portion. My second sergery for the sleeve portion is December 2nd.
  4. Hey everyone, I had the band for 6 + years, it finally took 3 years of enough complaining that's someone listened and agreed something was wrong. Anywho, I decided to go with the DS. Had surgery on Tuesday. Other then pain, everything seems to be good. However, the surgeon said the scar tissue was so bad around the band and the the stomach had grown around the band and actually attached to part of the liver that it took him almost an hour just to remove the band. So he did not do the sleeve part of the surgery. He did however reroute the intestines and did the 'switch' The surgeon said he said we may never have to go back to do the sleeve because he thinks this may do the trick.. I am not finding much info on the web regarding anyone else doing only 1/2 a DS. So anyone got anything they can add to help with this?
  5. towrecovery

    Gas or diarrhea?

    I am 4 days post opp and so far, the predictions of more frequent Diarrhea and gas are seem to be true. I don't mind too much, I got a dog, I can blame him :-) However, I am finding it hard to differentiate when I'm going to pass gas and when I am going to have a stool...... Will this get easier to tell the difference? I don't want to have to walk around everywhere with a spare pare of underwear or go to the bathroom every time I need to fart.
  6. Happy 35th Birthday towrecovery!

  7. 6 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 6th Anniversary towrecovery!

  8. I am Looking for a new psychologist in the Chicago area that specializes (exclusivly preferably) in the band and the weight loss. the guy i was going to was not....... well he was not they best for me & my band. can anyone please recomend a new doctor for me in Chicagoland. (sorry if this is in the wrong catagory) Jim
  9. I was banded may 22nd and I have been walking more and more, but i think it would help to find a work out buddy. I am near o'hare. I am ready to start doing ballys and other workouts let me know- towrecovery@aol.com thanks
  10. towrecovery

    pain in the middle of the night

    it is at the bottom-center the rib cage, inside- the rib cage itself does not hurt. it is more of a heavy dull pain- i think it is comming from the stomic. i hope that helps because i dont have any other way to discribe it
  11. i am 1 1/2 weeks post opp and i know pain of all sorts is a way of life. -for know. i am having severe pain in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. usually around 4am. this has happened 4 times know and i have only had 1 full nights sleep since the surgery. i walk up and down the hall and SOMETIMES that helps, i have tried gas-x and Tylenol but to no avail. today was worse because the pain lasted till almost 11am and it wasn't as strong as the day went on, but this is killing me!!!!!! help
  12. towrecovery

    post op water...Bad???

    I got my band on monday. after a day in the hospital, and the days following, i have had very little to eat or drink, mostly because of the pain durring and afterwards. Gas-X seems to calm things down, but only some. i have so many pains down there, im note sure what pain if from or for what. Doc says i should be back to normal by friday- i think thats optimistic. anyhow, over the past few days i have had pains after just drinking Water, i just chalked it up to the same pain i was having b4, but today i took a gient leap and had some cream Soup, less than a 1/3 of a cup, it went down great, probably the best meal i have had post op, then i tokk a SIP of water, that just screwed me all up am put the pain into drive. anyone else had any problems like this? BTW, i have had popsicles and caned protine shakes with no problem any ideas?:help:
  13. towrecovery

    May 2006 Band Crew

    i was just banded on may 22nd!!
  14. Hi all, I am Jim from Chicago. i will be on the cutting block on may 22nd. i am very nerous but optimistic. I am 395 w/ no serious co-morbiditys I am looking to just look "normal" in the range of 200-240
  15. towrecovery

    this diet is killing me

    i am 5 days pre-op and this diet is killing me please- no more cottage cheese, yogert, protine shakes or jello if this is killing me now, is post- op going to be this bad? i am so hungry for something of substance any suggestions?