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  1. I want to thank all of you! I am slowly learning to accept me for me. As many of you know, it is easier to say I lost 88 pounds than to see it. I do, but my brain doesn't accept it as well as it should. About my mom....I appreciate all of your kind words. She was a huge part of our family and we are all learning to adjust. Cancer is a horrible thing. :(

    I just finished my associates degree over an extended period of time, work full time as well. Now in August I will begin my journey towards my bachelors degree. I am double majoring in Human Services and Psychology.

    Proudgrammy: my hubby is VERY helpful! He though also works full time and has also started working towards a degree, Our boys our almost 15 and almost 14 and they are both active in school and sport activities. We balance the best we can around our hectic schedules, but he does help. :)

    I will be making some smaller goals to work towards, and I will be looking into the Labor Day Challenge Jane13, I don't know what this is. I am interested though. I have considered the 5 day pouch test and I am going to be looking into that as well. Anybody do that?? I have a hard time with the Protein drinks, they taste horrible to me...sadly. I might revisit them though and see what if any that I can get down. lol :lol:

    Again thank you ALL for your help and kind words! It feels great to know that there are those out there who are going through the same thing as you and who support you. :) :D

  2. So, I will be one year out on August 12th. I have lost 88lbs and that is all!! I was doing sooo good. I have had some major life changes over the past year and some of them pretty huge, but I felt like I was still pushing forward. I lost my mom in November, two weeks later my daughter told me her family (my son in law and grandbaby, not even a year yet) were moving 9 hours away from me, and I graduated with my first college degree in May, all while taking care of my family (2 boys still at home and my husband). To say I have been stressed is an understatement and my doctor (GP) told me that stress and sleeping issues can have a big impact on weight loss and to be happy I am not gaining.

    I wanted to be at 100 lost by my 1 year anniversary, but that will not happen and I am slowly accepting that.

    I think that I have been so discouraged that I have been a bit more snacky and I am wondering what you all have done to help get back on track? Where do I start so to speak? I need some kind of intervention.....something!!

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated!!!

  3. I have a couple of questions. I was first wondering how many carbs, fat, sugars you all keep your intake around? I have been told a few things and so I am curious to know a ball park all of you stay around. I will be a year out on 8/12/2015. I have done well I think, for the most part, I am down 87 lbs and really wanted to be at 100 lbs down by my year date. I am not sure I will make it. I have slowed down quite a bit. :(

    I am working out, (doing my first 5k next month) documenting my food intake (around 900 cal most days) and I am really working at getting my Water in. I am very close with my Protein amount needed as well. I just don't get it.

    Also, has anyone done the 5 day pouch test and did you get good results? I have been looking at it and I am wondering if you have felt more restriction in the tummy area after doing this, and what your results were?

    Thank you all for your time and input. :)

  4. Thank you for the response. I have done all those things. :( I crush my ambien and use biofreeze on the painful areas. I hope this passes. I just want sleep! I start back to work on Wednesday and I work long days 645am-5??pm. I can't be feeling THIS tired. I mean I already get tired easily, but this is more than it should be. (if that makes any sense).

    Again Thanks!

  5. So I was wondering if anyone is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and has gotten sleeved. I have been diagnosed for over 10 years and I still work, I push myself everyday and I am one of the busiest people you would know. I don't ever let it define my life or get me down (often) When I have a flare up it is usually very brutal. If I can't push through then it is BAD. So I was sleeved on August 12th. I think I am doing Ok, I did my first week with Water, broth and sugar free Jello, then on Tuesday added some Meal Replacement drinks, cottage cheese, refried Beans, and egg. I thought on Wednesday that I was doing well but the last few days I have felt really just "icky." I am tired all the time, and I am sore (I am thinking it is Fibromyalgia related).

    Everyone who has Fibro knows that it is an endless cycle...You hurt, you can't sleep, you can't sleep, you hurt. Well, since the surgery I haven't been able to sleep. I have insomnia and chronic fatigue (a lot of fibromyalgia patients have this as well) and even though I am able to crush my Ambien I still wake up almost every morning at 330. I toss and turn all night long and I am having a very sore low back, and hips. Laying on my sides (which I can finally do) is very uncomfortable and painful. I guess after this whole rant....has anyone with Fibromyalgia who has been sleeved, have/had pain after and what did you do that helped? Did any of you have a hard time sleeping? What worked for you?

    I realize my body has gone through a big change and I am still adjusting, that it will take time to feel a new normal...all those things, but I am and have been miserable for a few days. Any ideas or thoughts to help me sleep are very appreciated!! (oh, and sorry about the whole story and blah, blah!)

  6. I am not going to lie....I was worried about this as well, but then after talking with my husband who pretty much said the same thing I knew this was the best choice. I feel that as I progress on this journey I am going to only feel better about myself and that will show in our relationship in good ways. Several good ways (def. not trying to be racy....but, how could it not help in that area). I am very happy that I did this. I am only a week and two days out and I just get better with things everyday. It is new and I don't necessarily care for change, but it can only get better from here!

    You will do amazing!! If your relationship is solid and strong, your relationship is going to be even better after doing this!

    Congrats on your journey and Good luck!!!

  7. Ok, so it has been awhile since I have done anything on here. Just trying to figure this sleeve thing out and this new way of life. I will say I am doing SOOOO much better. The Friday after surgery was probably my worst day. I was miserable and weepy and thinking "Why the Hell did I do this to myself!?" But I then woke up on Saturday practically a new woman and even over did it on the activity. The gurgling and pressure and bloating in my tummy was almost completely gone!! I was soooo relieved. I had to sleep propping myself up and it still feels better to not lay flat on my back, but I tried sleeping on my side (which is how I always have slept) and it was not to bad. Sleep has seemed to be my biggest problem. I wake up A LOT during the night, I adjust constantly and it is causing me to have back pain. (Once I can lay on my tummy I am going straight to the chiropractor!) lol. Other than that I am doing very well!!

    I don't know the difference between my scale and the scale at the hospital but if I just go off numbers and no differential I have lost 21 lbs in a week and two days!! I don't say that to many people because it is just so surreal to me. I still can't even wrap my head around it.

    Tuesday I went from Water, SF Jello and broth to being able to add a few things like my Protein Drinks, instant Breakfast, SF popsicles, and the three biggest ones are refried Beans, cottage cheese and eggs. I have been nervous to add these new things since I really just pushed my water more than ate to much broth, or SF Jello, but I have tried them and it is crazy how little of it fills you up. I am still learning "my full feeling" so I don't want to push it.

    I hope everyone else that has been sleeved is doing well and pushing forward on this new life we made for ourselves! :)

  8. Ok, I have the same kind of slow add ins but I am a bit concerned. I had my surgery on 8/12 and I have followed everything by the book. The doctor said when I was leaving that if I didn't feel like having the SF Jello, and broth that was fine, just push the Water. So I didn't have my first broth or Jello until I was home about 48 hrs. The last few times I was only able to add like three bites of jello and three sips of broth. I have been doing really good (I think) with my water, but today when I sat down to eat some Jello, I have eaten almost a whole little container (almost). And that scares me. I feel ok. Like I could eat more. :( I hope that doesn't mean that the sleeve isn't working. I mean, I can feel it when I drink to much. I am not sure of that "feeling" of full yet. So this bothers me some. Also, I wasn't affected by food at all!! When the kids ate, or my husband or whoever...I just wasn't even interested. But last night, I felt like "mmmm that looks good" Today at church, my stomach growled and I thought the same thing...that looks really good. Am I broken???

  9. Ok, So I just had my surgery on Tuesday the 12th. Today I am not doing the best. I hate that feeling of gurgling and gas in my tummy. At times it cramps up and is uncomfortable. I also catch myself counting down the minutes to my pain meds. I realize that it is only a few days out and that this is a process, but I was wondering when that gurgling feeling goes away? I was also wondering when I will start feeling somewhat normal again? I have been uping my drinking of course. And I personally think that I am doing the best I can. The nurse told me I wouldn't get 64 oz in for a while and today its 508pm and I have drank 30oz so far. Is that good? How long until I can drink more? Thank you all for these answers they are truly helpful!l

  10. Ok, so I just had my sleeve done on Tuesday the 12th. Today is the 14th and I think its going ok. I had gas pain, maybe still some at the moment. But I have a question. Or a few....

    1. I keep having this rumbling, gurgling sounds in my tummy. More in the digestive track, not up high, but sometimes I get a pain high as well. Or a sharp gassy cramping feeling low. Has anyone else had this and does it just go away? Is it from drinking to fast, to slow?

    See....I have been pleased with the whole drinking thing. I think it is going ok. I am to scared to take any bigger of a drink.

    2. Did any of you gain while in the hospital, and if so (since they told me at the hospital that it was normal to gain some weight with the fluids they give you etc..?) How long until you saw the weight start coming off?

    I think I am doing ok. I was scared to drink the stuff to check for leaking cause everyone said it would make me gag....but it didn't. I am drinking fairly good. I know I have to work up to more everyday.

    On a different note...I can't get comfortable when I am trying to rest, and have woken up every morning I was in the hospital at 330am. I am home today, but getting comfortable is a huge challenge. I know it will pass, once I am healed, but it is making me cranky, and hard to be around I am sure.

    Any advice or positive encouragement is welcome. I have a long way to go, but I am just a tad miserable at the moment. I also know it will be worth it in the long run. Just needing some pick me ups and to make sure some of the things I am experiencing is normal!

    Thanks for your time!!!

  11. I just had my surgery on the 12th (2 days ago) and I have had a few rough nights. I wake up in pain, and even though I thought I was doing so good yesterday with my liquids and breathing and coughing, and walking...this morning I woke up miserable again! I was having chest pains, hurt to breath etc. I guess it is probably just the gas still, but I am not sleeping well at all! I have been up at 330 almost every morning. Also, I have gained weight since surgery. I was wondering when you start seeing the weight loss. I get that the Fluid they pump into you will make you gain some, but its a bit discouraging. I also want to say congrats to all of you who have had your surgery and are getting along well!! I'm looking forward to some little victories. Soon...I hope!

  12. I'm tomorrow as well! I am so scared, but excited, and nervous, and just really an emotional mess right now!! It doesn't help that I had to drink that magnesium citrate and I am now feeling pretty crummy and nauseas. :( I felt positive all day too. Well...good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery!! Excited to see how it goes for you! :)

  13. Ok, so I have to be at the hospital at 6 tomorrow morning. I am starting to get the anxiety mess. I am crying like such a baby. :( I want this, I really do, and I have come so far (been working on it since January) But I am starting to get the what-if's. My boys just went to stay with my daughter a night early so that they don't have to get up so early to go there, or sit around alone at home. Besides my youngest son is worried about me (which breaks my heart), and I just start crying when they leave. I know I will get through this, but why am I so emotional??? This has been one rough journey. Good luck to those who have surgery tomorrow! I look forward to hearing all of your wonderful progress!!

  14. I want to say thank you. I am having a hard time leading up to my surgery. :) I have my surgery on 8/12. I have days where I am really excited and days where I am a wreck. Today, I am a wreck. I am tired, and worn out and I'm starting to question my sanity on getting this done. I am happy to read that you are doing so well. It makes me think that I can do this today. :) Congrats and Good Luck!!!

  15. I am having my sleeve on the 12th of this month and I am doing my pre-op liquid diet. I started out great, then the second day I felt like crap, then the third day I had to fast for blood work and got 440 calories under 1200 and I am having a hard time with getting my Protein where it is supposed to be, even for the pre-op, how am I going to get it in when I can barely do it now. I am worried about the recovery period, the pain, the nausea, eating this way for the rest of my life. I SOOOO want this. I finally want to be thin, healthy, and active. I want to wear skinny jeans, sit comfortably in chairs EVERYWHERE, maybe ride amusement rides and fit, chase after my granddaughter when she starts walking and running, exercise with ease, go up stairs without knee pain...I mean the list goes on and on!! I keep telling myself I got this! Being on this site mostly helps ease my mind when there is positive feedback and posts from people who have done it and succeeded. Then there is the one that scares me a bit more with excessive pain immediately after. Know I know that I will have discomfort and some pain. It is to be expected. But I am scared outta my mind at this point. 1 week, 3 days to go....I got this.....no, WE got this! :)

  16. Ok, so I am new on here. I am scheduled to have my surgery on August 12th. I am a whole lot of emotions wrapped up in a big bundle. :) I am excited and nervous mostly. I guess I am asking for any advice or expectations I can look forward too. I want to make this an easy transition. I will take anything. Most recently the people (a few anyway) that I thought were supportive, have been to say the least, negative(ish). I am doing this to be the best ME I can be, and It sucks to have negative nelly's surrounding you. I guess I am reaching out for positivity and advice, and guidance. Thanks all in advance. :)

    Brandy V.

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