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    Zip Lining!

    That's one of my goals!!!!! That's so awesome I am so happy for you. Reading that just made me even more excited about this journey.
  2. angieprks

    August Sleevers Check In

    How is everyone doing? I have noticed I can eat a little more. I am assuming this means my stomach is healing or (healed). I am loving my sleeve. I am feeling more energy. Just trying to get an exercise routine down. It's hard for me I work 3 12 hour over night shifts in a row. Those days I don't get much accomplished, but on my days off I am trying to get my routine going.
  3. angieprks

    August Sleevers Check In

    TMI time.............. So I have had a horrible time with constipation since surgery. Like every week I have had to do an enema to have like 1 BM a week. This week I have gone regular for 3 days ! And now today it's been nothing but water. Every bite I can feel my intestines doing a dance. I feel like crying but scared to lose anymore water lol. Can I get a break?
  4. angieprks

    August Sleevers Check In

    So let me tell you only after two weeks out I had gotten my period. Well it came back with a vengeance! Not only was I swollen from surgery but bloated as well. I lost nothing that whole week! My period stayed around a little longer than normal and was heavier, but apparently that's normal after surgery. Stick it out don't be alarmed if you don't see the scale move this week and just stick it out. It will be better when it's over!
  5. angieprks

    August Sleevers Check In

    @@Blessed14Life @@GenaH @soniaJ. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate your responses. It makes me feel normal that I am not alone. I felt like I was being ignored from my doctors office when in fact it just seems to be normal pain. I tend to be a bit of a nervous nelly.
  6. I have tried bariatric advantage capsules and the celebrate chewable a (a little more tolerable) however both of them make so nauseous. Is this some thing that will pass or should I keep trying different kinds? So many people on here I see buy the chewable ones over the counter. I would try it if it wasn't for the fear my NUT instilled in my head about vitamin defficiencies down the road and that we HAVE to take bariatric specific vitamins or we are not getting what we need....... Please anyone share your experience.
  7. From my findings apparently that is normal for some, but my doctor insists it has to be bariatric Vitamins. They claim they are made different for us to absorb. That we can t absorb the over the counter ones the same and in a long term look we could end up with some kind of vitamin deficiency. So as tempted as I am to buy the gummy over the counter chewable they have me scared out of my mind not to.
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    My pictures I hate looking at.

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