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    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    no, I was planning to keep my Band forever and ever! I had lost so much and had not one problem until last March, I started having problems eating anything. I even tried protein drinks and I would get stuck! It was horrible. It turned out to be the massive scar tissue. It caused my band to be super tight even though I hadn't had an adjustment in over a year and a half. I was compliant with every rule and had few fills and not one unfill or even a small unfill. I went into have it removed and the insurance approved me for a revision.
  2. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    I hit the 323 lbs lost mark and then gained a little - it was my first gain in almost 5 years of Banding. My band was causing me a lot of problems so I had to have my first unfill! I revised to the Sleeve so that I don't regain all of that weight back! My band was a mess inside me. The tubing was wrapped around my internal organs and the scar tissuew as massive.
  3. Everyone is different. I had no pain with my TT or my LBL. My Doctor uses the epidural and twilight sleep. If I had not had an incision, I would have never known I had major surgery - except for my extremly flat and beautiful Tummy!
  4. for the best result and the chance of not having to have a revision, it is best to be at goal and to be stable at that weight for 6 mos to a year. You can have it done earlier and I did due to mobility issues, but I knew going in that I would need a revision. I was fine with that. After losing 270lbs I had 19 lbs of excess skin to remove from my tummy and arms.
  5. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Drinking While Eating!

    drinking while eating can also increase the size of your pouch, you're adding food and adding liquid, it will flush your food through, you'll eat more and not sat as satiated as long. My doctor's rules were no drinking for 60 mins post meal, but you could drink up until your first bite. AND no drinking during your meal. This has been one rule, I have followed to the letter since I was banded 2008. I have lost over 270lbs and I think this is a good rule to follow.
  6. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Had My Surgery December 19th!

    If you're doctor is one who uses drains, I'd suggest getting several Lanyards. I had two that I attached together for my drains. My last surgery - I had 11 drains. I used two for my shower and two during the day. It makes it much easier if you have something to hang your drains on.,
  7. I've had my band for almost 4 years. I've kept it on the looser side because I want to continue to be able to eat solid proteins without having sliming and stuck episodes. I've lost over 250lbs and have truly been able to eat anything and everything. I can eat brown rice, whole grain pasta, all breads toasted and not. Steak and chicken (as long as it's very moist) Raw brocolli and cooked carrots have been bad but I was hungry and ate too fast. I can however eat raw carrots and cooked brocolli! Insane! Everyone is different, what you may have issues with, others may not. To be successful, I advise logging every bite you take, everyday. I have! I use www.fitday.com and I have since the day before my banding. I also follow the rule of measuring my food and eating my protein first. You have to be mindful of what and how you eat. Liquids are for immeidate post op only. Drinking your meals is the worst for banders because they just flow through the band and you're hungry right away. Be strict with not drinking with your meals. The banders I know who have had slow weight loss, drink with their meals. They push that food right through the band and they are able to eat more. I, on the other hand have done it once and I got so stuck! PM me if you have any other questions!
  8. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Flat Breads Anyone?

    I haven't ever had problems with bread of any type, Soft, toasted or tortillas. I do think most do much better with crackers, flat breads and wraps. It's a matter of not keeping your band too tight and eating slowly with tiny bites. I get stuck when I rush my meals because I've waited until I'm starving to eat!
  9. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Looking Sick Post Band?

    I absolutely looked much older after having lost over 250lbs. I had a total facelift and that helped a lot. I never lost any hair and my skin and nails are lovely. I do notice that most RNY patients look very pale and sickly. I think it depends on the LapBander's nutrition. Do they eat crap? I don't. I eat mostly protein and good whole grains and fruits and veggies. It's being wise with your food choices!
  10. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Loose Skin In Your 20's!

    I have a really good friend who had plastics the same time I did - she had lost 100lbs and she was 22 years old. she had to have a lower body lift, thigh lift and breast lift. her arms looked pretty good, however, but she said she never carried any weight in her arms. it all depends on your genetics and how you carried your weight, If I were you, I'd start saving your pennies now for some tucks here and there! Believe me, it is the icing on the cake!
  11. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    Cazzy! We should do a thread for people who have lost over 200! I have lost 278lbs since my highest and 228 since the LapBand was placed! I plan to lose 300 lbs since the band and 350 from my highest. I used to wear a 6xl and now I wear a Large. I've had plastics done - and I am in better physical condition today than I was in my 20's! I love my LapBand!
  12. Skin doesn't weigh much at all. My TT was 13 and my arms were 6. I just had a LBL and Thigh Lift with full face in May and it was another 13 lbs. The thing that is cool about plastic surgery for some patients is that it increases your metabolism. I was starving and ate a lot post operatively. Mostly protein because I wanted to aide with my healing. And I lost 24 lbs the first time and 18lbs the second time. I was really swollen due to all the collateral circulation. I am so happy with my work. I had it done in Monterrey with Dr Francisco Sauceda, He's the best! Very experienved with Massive Weight Loss patients, all inclusive, full service hospital and two week stay at the Hampton Inn with an RN who visits every morning to help you shower and redress your incisions! I'm going back for my breasts and upper body work soon. I've lost over 250lbs with the Lap Band and I am a whole new person! BTW, the best part about Dr Sauceda besides his bedside manner and excellent skills - is he charges 1/3 of what I was quoted here in the states!
  13. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Unrealistic Weight Goal ??

    Hey anything is possible! I've lost over 250lbs with the Band and I still have 40lbs to go! I want to be 170! A normal BMI for me since I am 5-10! I'd love to be 150's and maybe I will try for that once I get to 170! I hate people who tell me it's impossible to get to your goal with the LapBand! It's not! I am proof and so many others are here to tell you that it is totally possible! You have to work hard, yes! But if you're willing to follow the rules and listen to your body, you will reach your goal! Don't listen to this blowhard! Go for it!
  14. I had Dr K and have been very successful! Natalie is a Doll! I cringe too when I hear about the bizarre pre-op diets they have patients do! I have a friend who had to only eat no sugar jello, black coffee and sugar free tea. That was all she could have for 7 days! What on earth was wrong with that doctor? She was feeling faint by the 2nd day! I think many doctors do these bizarre diets pre-operatively to just torture the obese, like, "if you really want this LapBand you're going to have to suffer for it!" Like we haven't suffered enough already! Dr K's diet and Dr Weaver's diet is the true Liver Shrinking Diet! - Carbs is what causes the liver to swell, not fat, not calories! Carbs! Anyone who knows anything about nutrition and the body, knows this! Off my soapbox now! Glad this thread has been started! I need to get in and see Dr Weaver! I was waiting to get my finances in order after the holidays, some dental work and some business trips I hadn't been reimbursed for yet! Yikes! TMI! I'm sure no one really needed to hear my woes! Take care folks! dee~
  15. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Had My Surgery December 19th!

    I hate to ask you this, but have you really checked out your doctor? I have heard horrible things about him. I have a friend who almost died from your doctor's malpractice. He put her in a taxi cab after her plastic surgery and sent her alone to a hotel. She was very ill. She tried called him and he wouldn't respond. I have seen what he's done to others. I would really really advise you to be 1000% sure before you trust your surgery to this doctor. I had my surgery done in Mexico, but not with your doctor. I was in the hospital following my surgery. I had a LBL/Anchor Cut TT/extended thigh lift with lipo and brachioplasty. My surgery was done under epidural and it took close to 12 hours. I stayed 4 days longer and had a total face lift including neck and eyelid lift. My doctor takes you to a hotel nearby and his RN visits you daily to help with your shower and dressing changes. He visits every evening. It's all inclusive including your airfar and hotel if your surgery costs $7K or more. I'm very serious about having concerns with your surgeon. Go to Obesityhelp.com and ask for their opinions there. There are many on the plastic surgery forum who have either gone to him or know of patients who have and they can direct you to more information. Good Luck!
  16. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Question Regarding Lap Band

    Actually, the sleeve is the first part of the DS (Duodenal Switch), not the RNY. The RNY is totally different configuration of the stomach, the DS starts with the sleeve first. Many have the Sleeve if their BMI is over 65 and then return for the rest of the DS procedure.
  17. I've had the Anchor Cut TT and my port sticks out much more now. I will eventually get the Low Profile port, but for now - I am focused on getting my breasts done. I've had my face and thighs and arms done along with a lower body lift and I never had an unfill at all. My doctor uses an epidural and not general, so I didn't have the post op vomiting that I usually do. I had a hernia near the port location and my ps said that is pretty normal. He sees that a lot with Banders. He fixed the hernia. You can move the port to lower tummy area, near your belly button, but I would think that would feel strange when you sit down. I'll just keep mine where it is and get the lower profile.
  18. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Drinking After Meals

    It can also enlarge your pouch. You have food there that is blocked by the Band and can't go down, then you add liquid to it. The pouch will stretch. Not good over time...
  19. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Drinking After Meals

    If I have that feeling, I suck on a piece of ice only! I've had my band for almost 4 years and this is one rule, I can honestly say I have never cheated on.
  20. PrtyAntOvrYt

    "old Lady" Thighs

    Honey! Don't gain! Get some plastic surgery done! I've had an Lower Body Lift, An Anchor Cut Tummy Tuck, An extended Thigh lift with Lipo, A brachioplasty and a full face lift with upper eye lift! I'm returning for my breasts and upper body lift with my second stage of my thigh lift! I went to Monterrey Mexico to Dr Francisco Saucedo! He is a miracle worker! I have a better body today - after losing over 250lbs than I did when I was 20 years old!
  21. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Question Regarding Lap Band

    i've had mine for almost 4 years! I wouldn't want to remove it because I might gain my weight back., I don't plan to get any more fills and just ride the restriction I have now. I had many people try to talk me out of the LapBand. BUT it saved my life! I've lost over 250lbs with the LapBand and I totally believe in it! The sleeve is nice, sure, but you will lose 3/4 of your stomach, permanently. I'm not sure I wanted something that drastic!
  22. PrtyAntOvrYt

    Help Please

    You can usually consult with several plastic surgeons for free. This may or may not be covered by your insurance depending upon your coverage. My insurance had a total wavier for anything related to plastics, regardless of why or what I needed done! I had my first TT done in 2009 due to chronic back pain and it helped emensly. I have no further back issues! I had the same excess skin that hanging down between my legs over my private areas. Call a plastic surgeon and see if they can give you some free advice. You may need some documentation from your PCP stating that it interferes with your mobility or causes you other medical issues. Good Luck!
  23. hey! So happy to hear you're doing okay! A little O2 isn't a biggie! It can help you have more energy! So when can you start eating regular food? I would love to see you all in Jan at Red Robin and there is another new person who would like to join us. January 18th would be perfect for me, as I will be there in town. What about anyone else?
  24. Wow! Marie! So good to see you posting again! I have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing! Hearing that you're back on the bandwagon and getting your fills sounds great! I saw a study recently that stated the most successful LapBanders are the ones that get fills - not big ones, but small fills every 4 to 6 weeks - they tend to lose consistantly and do well. IT also keeps their minds on track for working out and being accountable. I know that when I was doing my best, I was seeing Dr K or Tom regularly. Sometimes life gets in the way with work and stuff and we get off track! What is so sweeet about the Band is you can return and start back from square one! Don't be a stranger!
  25. Many of us have been there post op - the french onion soup was a very very poplular order! WE just got it without the bread and cheese.