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    Severe dehydration

    Wow! I'm so sorry! I had a bout with dehydration and it was awful. My nutritionist recommended sugar free popsicles to help with hydration. After my bout with it, I had one every 30 minutes and it helped greatly. Thinking of you!
  2. Lissapmkn1

    Major break down

    Hi, My incisions turned red around the site and oozed while they were healing. There wasn't anything wrong as there was not a smell and the color was a clear/yellowish tint to the liquid. I used a warm wash cloth to clean them and a little neosporin ointment. Also, as they heal they will get itchy...this is a good sign! If it turns green, gets hot or warm at or around the incision sites or begins to bleed, call your Dr. Everyone deals with pain differently and each surgeon stitches and handles the insides differently. Remember that you had your insides re-routed and it is major surgery, even though it is now done through laparoscopic means. I have a really high pain tolerance because of health problems (arthritis, lupus, etc...) throughout my life. I have also had a hysterectomy, C6-C7 neck fusion, shoulder surgery and sinus surgery prior to this and had some idea of what I would be in for. Please, give yourself a break. Rest as much as you can! I remember that I was told to walk around the house and the first couple of times made me super tired. My big exercise one day was to shower, get dressed, get in the car while a friend drove me to Walgreen's, walk around in Walgreen's getting items, talking to a friend in the store, picking up my medicine, paying, walking to the car and then back home. By the time I finished all that, I needed a NAP and slept for an hour and a half. Don't push anything and when you body says ouch, stop. When you feel tired, rest or sleep. Eat on schedule, take your Vitamins and don't push it. You can do this and by listening to your body and responding accordingly, your pain will lessen naturally. Best wishes and keep us posted. YOU CAN DO THIS! Clarissa
  3. Lissapmkn1

    Depression and regret

    Hang in there! While I was sooooo ready to have the surgery and be done with the weight, the mental part of it all is something you have to figure out while you heal and move forward. Most of our weight issues are mental and psychological and that takes time to heal and change habits and behaviors. I actually see a psychologist once a month who also had the surgery and she has helped immensely ! It isn't a perfect process, but neither am I. I am happy with my weight loss, but not the thinning hair or the saggy skin. But I do feel so much better and I am healthier. The mental part is taking time, but it took time for me to become so overweight in the first place. As the weight goes down, the mental/emotional issues that were buried under the weight are coming to the surface. If you can talk with someone, please do. It will help you in this journey you are on. Remember, we are here too! Clarissa
  4. Lissapmkn1

    Need Protein Help!

    If you are using milk to mix your protein with, switch to water or lactose free milk. I became lactose intolerant after the surgery and had the same symptoms. I ended up really sick and dehydrated because my pouch hurt all the time and once I switched it all went away! Keep me posted C
  5. Hi Suzie, I had RNY bypass on June 30, 2014. I had 2 weeks pre-surgery Protein shakes (lost 28 lbs) then 2 weeks post surgery (different kind of Protein shake = 4 oz at a time) shakes. I then went to soft foods for a month. After that I have been back on all foods with caution. Because carbs and sugar are my downfall, I have chosen to stay away from bread, crackers, tortilla's and anything with refined sugars or that's processed. I eat lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, occasional ground beef) cottage cheese, greek yogurt, hummus, organic Peanut Butter, lots of veggies and fresh fruit and still have shakes with fruit and veggies in them. Even though I am cleared to eat anything, with the exception of yeast- soft breads as they can expand and clog the passage between your pouch and intestine, I am eating a more paleo diet. The hunger hormone in your stomach will be gone for 12-18 months, your pouch initially will only hold 3 - 4 oz of food at a time, you won't have cravings so it's a really good time to change all your eating habits for the better. I drink Water primarily and occasionally a cup of coffee or ice tea, but nothing else. (I have to be careful because caffeine dehydrates you and it's hard enough to get in the required 64 oz. of water a day!) I also eat Quest Protein Bars as recommended by my nutritionist because I have to get in 92g of protein a day! The bars have 20g of protein per bar and the 21 grams of carbs, such that when burned translates to 3g of NET carbs! Low in sugar (2g or less), actually taste good and are VERY filling. It's a nice treat to eat one that tastes like a brownie with none of the bad side effects of a real brownie! I am walking 20 minutes a day right now and see that I need to begin toning exercises due to being "jiggly"! This was, hands down, the best thing I have ever done for my body, mind and soul. It is a life changing experience and if you follow Dr. instructions to the letter, success is not only attainable, but fast and simple. I look forward to seeing your progress! Best of luck to you! Clarissa
  6. James is right…the walking was the key to no pain. I came out of surgery around 4 pm and was walking at 7 pm and did walk every 2 hours, with no pain. The only "pain" was dragging the IV around. They will send you to have do a "leak" test and that required drinking a little Fluid so they could see if it went through without leaks. The beds aren't very cushy, so I sat up in a chair in the room a lot because the bed hurt my bottom. Made it easier to get up to walk also. While I had someone stay in the room with me, I found the staff to be really kind and attentive and sent my mom back to the hotel so she could sleep. My surgical location was 4 hours from where i live, so the journey home was a bit arduous - had to stop every 45 minutes to walk for 15 to prevent blood clots. Once home, my incisions never hurt (they were all laparoscopic and small), and getting up and down wasn't difficult either. I was on Protein shakes for 2 weeks after and I think that was the most difficult part. Everything tasted super sweet but I plugged my nose and drank 4 oz 4 times a day! I was also sent home with medication for my gall bladder (for some docs,it's standard procedure) to prevent any gall bladder issues. You will have some trouble getting in all the Vitamins, Water and protein to being with just because your tummy is so small. Just be diligent every 15 minutes or so to drink water and take a Vitamin or pill when you do. Once I was on soft foods (2 weeks out of surgery), I had to focus on getting in 92 g of protein. I had a hard time doing so because my tummy was so small - had to really plan! I went back on all foods on August 15th however, I have kept out of my diet anything but lean protein, fruit, veggies and sugar free popsicles. I was a carb eater and so I have left out bread, tortillas, crackers, Cereal etc..and my weight continues to decline. Started at 368 prior to surgery and am now at 298. I am eating Quest Protein Bars and have found them a great help in getting in all my daily protein. These were recommended by my nutritionist. I order them on quest.com and they are shipped to my door in about 3 days. They are made with sugar alcohol and can be pretty sweet. I eat half a bar at a time because they really fill me up and are so sweet. I did have some odd sensations when it came to smelling food because my appetite is gone. Some smells nauseate me and I don't like things I used to , but all in all it's a good thing! My head likes to tell me I am hungry when I am not, so I have been really paying attention to that issue. My goal is to be down 100 pounds total by Christmas and down an additional 75 by June. Again - good luck!! Clarissa
  7. Lissapmkn1

    Protein shakes

    I switched to lactose free milk and my stomach issues disappeared. Never had a problem before surgery either! Hope that helps!
  8. Lissapmkn1

    my new addiction

    If you love Peanut Butter, try peanut butter Protein balls. 1C PB2 1C Protein powder - your choice of flavor 1C Steel Cut oats 1/4 C Natural, unsweetened applesauce Mix together and then roll in more oats to keep them from being to sticky! YUMMY! One batch = ~17 balls Each ball has 72.7 calories and 5 -6 grams of protein.
  9. Lissapmkn1

    Not enough food?

    I have had trouble getting in 92g of Protein a day and this has stalled my weight loss. I made some protein balls the other day to help me get in more protein without having to have a shake. I didn't get in 92 g yesterday and consequently was at the same weight today as yesterday. Concentrate on getting in all your protein and your weight will go down
  10. Sugar free pudding has dairy in it!
  11. Lissapmkn1

    Incision ooze?

    Hi My drain hole oozed for several days. The area around it is still red as it heals. Dr. checked me out and said it was fine. My oozing stopped after a several days. if the oozing changed color - greenish and had an odor to it, I was instructed to call. He did say to clean it with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide/1/2 water, but I never did. Was checked again this past week and everything is good. Glue is coming off and so are some of the scabs. All normal. When in doubt call - only you know how your body has changed!
  12. Lissapmkn1

    milk making me sick?

    I am one week post gastric bypass surgery. Have had all your symptoms, plus horrible gas and diarrhea and finally remembered that they did advise us we could become lactose intolerant following the surgery. I didn't eat anything yesterday and cleaned out my system. Today I started with lactose free milk and am fine. Watch out for hidden lactose in sugar free products! Combine those with the milk and it's horrible. I was eating my Protein shakes with Skim Milk and Carnation Sugar Free Instant Breakfast and it literally had me in bed, in pain, with a fever! All is well now that I have eliminated lactose! Best of luck! Clarissa
  13. I am having surgery on Monday, June 30, 2014 and am so excited! Would love to hear more about your journey. Keep posting
  14. My surgery is on Monday in El Paso, Tx with Dr. Acosta and I am so excited I can barely wait! My Top Ten Things: 10. I want to go shopping with a friend and not have to go to "my specialty store" but rather try on clothes at the same store! 9. Being that I love to travel, being able to ride in a plane comfortably without people desperately trying NOT to sit near me would be fantastic! So humiliating, especially all the way to Europe. 8. I would like to never, ever hear again in my life that I have a beautiful face and IF I lost the weight……ugh….story of my life. 7. I would love to be able to ride a bike and swim in public without glaring stares. 6. I would love to ride the rides at amusement parks 5. I would like to walk into a room and sit comfortably in the first chair I see instead of scanning the room for the largest chair or squeezing into one for a 2 hour meeting. 4. I would love to have the physical energy and ability to take care of my home and my yard. 3. I would love to be able to commit to someone without fear of rejection due to my weight. 2. I would love to be at a healthy weight before my parents pass away. 1. I would love to be married.

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