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  1. 18 month post-op


    1. Sweet as peaches

      Sweet as peaches

      Looking good!!!!! Yoo hoo!!!!

  2. mamie60

    What ya eating tonight?

    Two sea scallops, 4 green beans
  3. mamie60

    July RNY Page

    I am very thankful because on July 8, 2014 i had RNY. I have not had any problems with vomiting or nausea or any of the other problems people have had. It will soon be six months and as of today I have lost 101 Pounds! So thankful for my family and friends support, my surgeon and his clinical nurse specialist. And thankful for all of you here at bariatric pal for your support!
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    From the album: mamie60

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    Constipation Club

    I take 3Xs the normal dose of Miralax per my docs order! Works well but sometimes hard to swallow.
  7. mamie60

    New glasses RX

    I had surgery five months ago just got my eyes checked my far vision which seeing Faraway got better which has not gotten any better since I was seven years old I have really bad eyes and my close up vision got worse so I don't know if it's related to the surgery or not but that's my story my friends are too big for my face and I have one more appropriate in proportion
  8. I am five months postop on Tuesday and I still eat 1/4 cup per meal. That's the instructions I got from my nutritionist and I pretty much follow the rules. Keep up the good work you'll do just fine
  9. mamie60

    Do you snack?

    I drink a shake for breakfast
  10. mamie60

    Do you snack?

    I had surgery July 2014. My surgeon and nutritionist both go by the rule that you eat three meals a day no snacking. I've been doing that since I had surgery and I've lost 90 pounds. I really honestly do not feel hungry since I had surgery. I seem to be doing well so I'm staying with the three meals a day no snacking.
  11. My nutritionist told me that I should not drink fluids through a straw due to the fact that It could give you gas and stretch out the pouch. I am been doing a lot of walking and I'm now doing a 5K walk run almost twice a month has anybody experience the amount of gas that it makes you uncomfortable with drinking through a straw? I'm looking into getting a camelback but I don't want to cause my self harm.
  12. mamie60

    hands freezing

    I have never ever been a person that ever had cold hands or cold feet or was generally cold. I was always the one that was so hot. Had surgery July 8 I've lost 88 pounds and my hands and my feet are always freezing and I'm generally cold! Oh boy what a change for me. Mamie60
  13. I am 4 1/2 months post-op and I can honestly say that I have not felt hunger since the day before surgery.
  14. Wayne, I am worried that if you stay in your current pattern you will gain more than just the sophomore 20! Have you thought about meeting with a therapist who deals with post gastric bypass patients? The surgery fixed you stomach but you have to fix your mind( cravings, obsessiveness or compulsion ).
  15. I still think you should ask your nutritionist I don't think I will be eating 8 ounces until I am at goal. I've lost 80 pounds in 16 weeks
  16. I am currently eating between 1/4 and 1/3 cup per meal ( 2-3 ounces). Are you losing weight?
  17. I would speak to your nutritionist. In my experience (RNY 4 months ago) 8 ounces is a lot. You should eat a meal in 20 minutes.
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    Gallbladder pain is typically on the right side, accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  19. mamie60

    Kellogg's shakes

    Pure protein shakes you can get at Costco are my go to.
  20. Tamg26k, glad to meet you. I pretty much eat protein like you said no room for much else. Congrats on your success so far. Gee our stats are almost the same. A hooray for us and gastric bypass! Keep up the good work.
  21. She and I had a long discussion and decided that as long as I have energy, my blood work is ok that I would advance slowly. I am no longer diabetic, no more high blood pressure. Off all meds.
  22. My nutritionist has me eating 1/4-1/3 cups of food 3Xs per day and one protein shake a day. Between 300-450 calories per day. I had surgery on 7/8/2014 and I have lost 74 pounds as of today! Feeling great walking 5 miles a day and going to the gym 4 days a week!
  23. I paid for my short term disability so I used it! Why not?