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  1. Thinkingthinner1109

    When and how to start maintenance?

    I feel getting into the maintenance stage was the hardest thing for me to do. My head said if you stop losing you will gain. February 2015 I hit and surpassed my stretch goal. I am 5'9 and weigh 124 pounds. I was scared to eat or add anything to my diet. I still struggle with it every day. My hunger has returned 10 fold so I have to make very careful choices. Or I could be back in the same boat as when I started this journey.
  2. I have seen that others have mentioned it on here, it says there is 30 grams of protein in a tablespoon instead of a huge scoop and it mixes well in hot water and has no taste. 0 sugar and 1 carb.
  3. Thinkingthinner1109


    I get hungry all the time and it's not from lack of protein or water. It's not head hinge either. I am just dang hungry I am 14 months post op. I have been hungry for about 6 months. I didn't really experience hunger before My surgery because I was always eating. Lol. Now I eat at regular times but I do get hungry.
  4. Thinkingthinner1109

    Am I the only one with never ending constipation?

    Nope I am over a year out from surgery and I still have it.
  5. Thinkingthinner1109

    Diagnosed with Hashimotos. Anyone else have this?

    I was diagnosed with it after my WLS about 6 or 7 months. I don't have it bad I am on the lowest dose. It does make me feel more like myself and not so dog tired everyday.
  6. Thinkingthinner1109

    I feel so guilty

    Thank you. I didn't end up eating the cheesecake. Lol. Got mad at my husband because he didn't eat it right away and the temptation was there. I am a baker and I love to bake it's a stress reliever for me. I love to be in the kitchen. It's somethjng I and my extended family and coworkers enjoy too. Lol. I will get this most things I can pass up and I do and will continue to. You guys are all right. I just needed to hear from some of the vets. I am new at this maintenance thing and it's going to take me a while to get it.
  7. Thinkingthinner1109

    I feel so guilty

    Wow! Awesome advice. Now to practice that! Thank you!
  8. Thinkingthinner1109


    So we had to return a piece of 4 x 8 sheer of breadboard to Menards today. My husband said lean against this board it was against the side if our enclosed trailer. So I did. The wind caught the board lifted me off the ground and threw me back to the ground. Scraping my hand and my knee. THAT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED AT ALMOST THREE HUNDRED POUNDS! But at the same time it made me feel good at 5'9 and 139 pounds that the wind blew me away. Lol. So when people tell me the wind will blow you away. I know now it literally can. A big NSV I could have done without.
  9. Thinkingthinner1109

    Is it just me or what?

    I weigh at the same time everyday immediately when I get out of bed in the same pajamas. Lol. I will even change the pjs to the weigh in ones. Lol. I am Very meticulous. Oh on the same scale in the same Place on the floor. I posted in haste. I know I was sticking to my plan. I after my surgery I never stalled nor did I ever gain only stayed the same once in 7 months. So the water gain could have been that my PCP told me I had to add more salt to my diet because my BP runs low. Not Confident enough to weigh once a week yet. Maybe in time. But I am Going to work on not stressing.
  10. I have no problems drinking from a straw. I doubt very much it can stretch my sleeve. So why can't we? Or why aren't we supposed to?
  11. Thinkingthinner1109

    Enough drama . . . what's for dinner this week?!

    I love turkey kielbasa!
  12. Thinkingthinner1109

    Totally frustrated and don't know what to do

    Ask him every morning what his strategy is for the day to be a respectful, loving husband. Sounds like to me he has just a hard of time doing that as we all on this forum have had a hard time losing weight. Geeesh! I have been i. Both a physically abusive relationship and a verbally abusive relationship. Neither is acceptable but the bruises healed the mental abuse never did. Now I have the most awesome husband ever! He supports me in everything I do or want to do!
  13. Thinkingthinner1109

    4 weeks out, tried some regular food

    I am seven months post op and at goal. We had baked chicken last night and I can still only eat two ounces. Which I think is a good thing. However..... I was at goal 9 pounds ago. I am trying to figure out how to eat enough to stop losing without over eating or eating the wrong things.
  14. Thinkingthinner1109

    10-15 vitamins a day?

    One multi Vitamin a day One calcium plus vitamin D And one Vitamin A That's it for me and my labs are great!
  15. Thinkingthinner1109

    Jumping to Conclusions!

    Don't let some people ruin your experience with this forum. Sometimes you just need to vent. And you do t need a bunch of so called experts ruin it for you. People seem to think that because what works for them then it is gospel. It's not! We are all very different, we all go through the surgery with different experiences. You will work it out, I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I wish I could just eat a piece of cake. A big piece of cake not a couple bites. Lol. But when I go shopping for new clothes or out on my designer jeans and they look good. That makes me happier than the sadness that I can't eat like normal people. Keep your chin up. And just ignore the remarks that are not kind. You can do this, It's not even a day to day thing....its a minute to minute thing.
  16. In the back of my mind I wanted to be under 150...at least 149.9 in my six month anniversary. I make it the morning of my six month anniversary I weigh 149.5. I thanked God he helped me through this. I am Ecstatic! It works. I love My sleeve!
  17. Thinkingthinner1109

    Scared of weight gain

    I have to admit I also am scared to death of even gaining 2/10ths of a pound. It feels like I don't have control over my situation. I am 5'9 weigh 144 pounds. Probably 8 pounds of that is skin. Lol. I log ever single bite i eat. If I cannot determine how many calories is in something I don't eat it. It is definelty a mind game. I will get it and relax. But the maintenance thing is a challenge. I drink at least 100 ounces of water a day. If I let myself get too hungry my mind will wander Nad I think oh this or that sounds good and I start to crave foods that I should not eat. I do not eat them I do grab something with protein usually a few nuts. I like the salt and since my BP is running low my doctors said go ahead and eat more salt. She said to me She couldn't believe she was telling a patient to eat more salt. Anyway I know I got off track here but YES I FEAR OF GAINING WEIGHT. my husband has spent way too much money buying me cute new clothes to gain any weight back.
  18. Thinkingthinner1109


    Seven months out and have had the issue since day one.
  19. Just curious what other women about 5'9 goal weight is? Most people do not take height into consideration. If I tell someone what I weigh they seem to judge me. I am 5'9 and weigh 153. My ultimate goal weight is 149.
  20. Thinkingthinner1109

    counting calories and carbs?

    I count calories and I limit carbs. Carbs are also very addicting to me to. I am at goal and I still can only eat about 800 calories a day and I am still losing. I am trying to get my calories up so I stop losing now. I will always count calories. I use MFP also but I set my own calories. I change mine manually, I also manually set my protein goals on MFP.
  21. Thinkingthinner1109


    Do you take your vitamins on an empty stomach? That makes me nauseous. Idk. I do t get that randomly out of the blue. Jsut one time when I took my vitamin without anything in my stomach.
  22. Thinkingthinner1109

    What Can I Expect

    Well first off we were all different in some way. I don't remember much of my hospital stay. Thanks to the pain pump. I was able to sip in the hospital and I didn't real start to have issues until I got home. Then crushing my meds was all but impossible. I could taste them in anything I out them in. And I ended up with the most awful headache I have ever had. I think it was the liquid pain med I was sent home with. The compression garmet for around my waist helped tremendously, so if they will give you one of those it certainly made my life easier. Easier to sleep, get up out of bed, etc. to this day and I am nearly 7 months post op and at goal I have constipation. I went back to work which is a desk job in two weeks. I Stick to my plan religiously. I get all my protein and fluids in. In my own experience the first two weeks were the roughest for me. I was unable to tolerate the protein drinks that I drank before surgery immediately after surgery as they made me nauseous. Zophran helped with that. My surgical team was a God send. So there is my story. I found a new norm for me. I was lucky to not have vomited. I don't get slides or dumping. Exercising is really important too. Best of luck to. You will soon be here with us on the losers bench.
  23. Thinkingthinner1109

    Something to watch out for...

    The best place I have found to buy Nioxin is on Amazon. I use it whenever I wash my hair which after surgery is every other day. I also use the Nioxin scalp treatment.
  24. Thinkingthinner1109

    Going to the bathroom

    Yes I am almost 7 months post op. Had this problem since day 1. It's frusterating.
  25. Thinkingthinner1109


    Been there in a violent relationship in the past. RUN FAR, FAR AWAY! You are a better person than that! You can do this! My prayers are with you.

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