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  1. I’m 4 years out and one year ago I was at 123 maintaining well. I adopted a vegan lifestyle for many ethical and moral reasons. I dropped to 109 at first while I was learning many of my meal replacements and because my restriction is still so strong. But I started plant based protein drinks again just to help supplement and now I’m well balanced with an endless menu of protein rich foods and back to 120. It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself besides the surgery.
  2. Zane's Mom

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    Your eating at 3 months is anything you can handle. I had great restriction from the beginning so I had a shake for breakfast and regular tiny meals for lunch and dinner. I also had protein bars for snacks.
  3. Zane's Mom

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    I wasn't vegan right after surgery. However it is totally possible. You can change to vegan protein shakes and bars. My #1 app is Food Monster. It is all vegan recipes. Also the Minimalist baker. But for right after surgery, I would absolutely make sure you have and love your food processor. Then find your high protein veggies, beans, lentils, etc, and blend them if you need to. Also vegan tuna is the bomb. You can make almost anything vegan. And I promise the weight will come off plus the surgery. With the surgery I only recorded losses on my fitness pal. I never recorded a stall or a slight gain. That way everything was always going down. I was excited when I could make a new entry. It's just what worked for me. I did have a shake in the morning for the first three years. Please feel free to message me and I'll share any vegan info with anyone. I love my lifestyle and chose it for myself, my family, my earth, and the animals.
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    Vegetarian diet anyone?

    I'm 3 and 1/2 years out and vegan. No worries. Plenty of protein. Plenty to eat. I'm at 110. I don't think I could gain weight if I tried. Not being vegan and doing it right.
  5. Zane's Mom

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    I am 3 years 3 months out and Reached goal by one year and maintained. I was at 123 and became vegan and I have dropped to 110. But I still have my bloodwork drawn and everything is fantastic. My protein levels are perfect and I really enjoy the lifestyle. I changed my protein bars and shakes to vegan but I don't use them much because I cook all the time now.
  6. I'm almost 3 years out and I still have some days where I say why did I do this and I am way under goal. Every day is a choice of eating the right foods. Not for nutrition, but to make my sleeve happy. I eat too much or I eat too fast and I've made myself miserable for hours. I eat something I know is too sweet and I get nauseous. I know it. I do it. Just a bite. But reading your post reminds me of my journey. I had so many days thinking I wasn't normal. Even posting here, I felt so out of place. But it did pass. And I did find the things that kind of worked for me. You will work through it. You will look at this post and say oh the soup and fruit days. I remember those. I enjoy most everything in moderation. I have great restriction and I only hurt myself when I overdo it !!! It is MY choices that make my days go one way or the other. Just go with what your sleeve tells you. Good luck!!
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    Quick Question..

    I'm 2 years 3 months out and I have Diet Coke every day. I have to put it over ice. I can't do right out of the can. I'm at 122 and holding since a little over one year. No issues. It took me probably 6 months plus to tolerate carbonation.
  8. I'm 22 months out and I'll tell you what my reset is. I can easily go back to full liquids for 3 to 5 days with no issues. Kind of like the pouch test but I don't count everything. I just have my shakes all day long. When I'm ready to bring back in solids, I start with my lean meats, mostly chicken and fish. And then my vegetables. It breaks my snacking. It resets my restriction. It gets me back on track to basics of healthy choices. Then I add things back in slowly. Mostly I just have a Protein shake every day. I think that has always helped me. And the funniest is I bring my Vitamins with me in my purse and have them throughout the day. They are like gummies and they do taste ok. Every little thing helps. You need to think back to the things you did absolutely faithfully while you were losing during the first year and pick that up again. So if you've stopped tracking then start. If you were using almonds as a go to snack and you've stopped, then start again. If you swear you can never eat another yogurt because you've eaten so much, go back. Sometimes we forget what worked because the first year was hell to go through but worth it. Best of luck to you.
  9. Hey. I'm 20 months out. Sw. 192 Now. 119. Loving every bit. Read my prior post. I thought I wouldn't lose past goal weight and I have without trying. I've hit my bottom at 119 and I stay at a range up to 123 depending on the day. Still have a Protein shake every day. Still reach my protein goals every day. Have great restriction. No regular exercise.
  10. I took my athletic shoes and I'm glad I did. I was by myself most of the time and I had to get up and walk as much as possible Walking in socks or light house shoes was uncomfortable because I had to walk with my bulky IV stand and I would unfortunately kick it. So when I wore my sturdier shoes, my feet thanked me for it. If your lucky enough to have someone to keep the stand out of your way, maybe it's no concern. I needed the Chapstick and charging cable. That's it. Good luck to all the new losers.
  11. I'm 20 months out and 16 pounds under goal. Here is my take on the question. My family and friends who know I'm sleeved are vultures and take everything left on my plate the minute I start hiccuping. That's my full "tell" and it starts about 6 bites in. For those who don't know but have known me a long time I still get the "you don't eat enough. You're getting too thin". I never thought that would be an issue. And I eat a little of everything and push food around and ask for a to go. I refuse to go to a buffet. I passing dessert. I'm now lactose intolerant so no more ice cream. It's totally workable in every situation. You'll figure it out and it's totally worth it. Oh to have skinny people problems .....
  12. Surgery on 6/17 and 38 pounds down. I went to my follow up and my labs were excellent. The nurses said they have never seen Protein levels so high in a 3 month post op. The number was double most patients. Everything was All-ok. Just wanted to share. It makes me feel like I've given myself a new beginning and my body is thanking me!!!
  13. Zane's Mom

    3 month follow up WIN

    Cal2okl Yes. I think this post didn't address it. I was gaining and gaining and it was not going down no matter what I tried. I just looked back at all the past events in my life and where I was at that time and I was needing to make dramatic changes and for my overall health, including my weight. That was an old post!!!! I'm just under 18 months post op and I'm at 125 and holding. I reached my doctors goal weight at 9 months and I've been at this weight for the past 3 to 4 months. I'm feeling better, my labs are great. I have added one medication to my daily medication for vertigo, but it's as needed. I get a little out of sorts sometimes and not sure if it's the weight loss or my mind or both. Congrats on your post op. I hope for your journey to be smooth and successful. I found this site to be priceless.
  14. Zane's Mom

    ISO Low BMI Sleeve Mentor

    Hey everyone. Update. I'm 16 months post op and doing fantastic. I reached goal at 9 months of 138 and I'm at 125 now and have been for A couple months. I think this is my stopping point but I guess my body will tell me. Still not much exercise and great restriction.
  15. Zane's Mom

    Not losing weight

    You are just in the first of many stalls to come. As a low BMI you will lose a lot at first and then slowly from then on out. What I did was to record any lower weight on my fitness pal. That's it. Never an increase. If it went up oh well. Only the downs. I know you don't want to hear that right now, but you have days, weeks and months to come of weighing in and it might just drive you crazy. I started at 192. I reached goal at 9 months at 138 and today at 16 months I'm at 126. I'm maintaining here between 128 and 126 every morning depending on how my body is feeling. I haven't done an exercise routine. Just what I get with my job and family. Not much. I have great restriction and I don't record my daily intake any longer. Yes, I followed the rules 110% and worked my program to reach goal. I now know what I can and can't eat and drink without measuring every time. Message me if you need some extra encouragement. You are not failing and your body didn't stop working!!! Chin up. I had MANY days of what did I do, and I can't eat another, and will I ever feel normal again.
  16. Zane's Mom

    200 lbs sleevers

    I was 192 on June 10, 2014 day of edg and start if of pre-op liquid diet. Surgery June 17, 2014. Reached goal of 138 at 9 months. Today I'm at 126. No consistent exercise. Slow loss after first few months. But I keep losing a little more each month.
  17. Congrats. I had low BMI as well and reached goal of 138 at 9 months. I'm at 128 at 14 months without working out. 5'5" Pre op 192 Surgery 6/17/14
  18. Zane's Mom

    Pounds to lose?..

    I'm 5'5". My goal weight was literally off my doctors ideal weight chart in my patient handbook. I haven't been anywhere near this small in over 15 years and that wasn't sustained for very long.
  19. Zane's Mom

    Pounds to lose?..

    192 pre op June 10, 2014 surgery on June 17th. Reached goal of 138 at 9 months. Today I'm 129. Haven't exercised much. Very good restriction. All labs are excellent. I want to start toning and sculpting my body more than anything now.
  20. Zane's Mom

    Effexor and slow weight loss

    I take three anti depressants including Effexor and I reached goal at 9 months and I'm 8 pounds under at 13 months. You have already lost 29 pounds I less than 2 months and you are saying that's slow. I think that's great. I say be careful on getting off of them unless you truly don't need them and that's a decision you and your doctor have reached together. Good luck to you. It sounds like your doing great.
  21. Zane's Mom

    My day is June 17th

    Congrats. June 17th is my 1 year surgiversary date. I reached goal at 9 months and am at 132 and maintaining now. Pre op diet was not hard for me because I was so ready to do this. I was 100% liquid diet from the 10th to the 16th. Surgery first thing in the morning of the 17th and home the afternoon of the 18th. No complications. No hunger. Normal progression of stages of food and average weight loss with all the stalls as described etc. You can do this. It's all worth it. I'm 6 pounds under goal and have great restriction and keep a very healthy diet. Good luck to you and use this forum for support.
  22. I was on depo for 15 years and switched to merena post sleeve. My doctors were trying to see if it would help my migraines. I spot very little each month after never having a period for so many years. I hope when it's time to replace it I might be in menopause and be done with all birth control. I had no real issue with either one being difficult. The migraines are what they are and I take a daily mediCation for them and immitrex when I feel one coming on.
  23. I was 192 one week prior to surgery on 6/17/14. I reached goal of 138 at about 9 months. I'm at 132 at my one year mark. No exercise and no limitations on myself. I eat healthy and respect my body. I'm starting some strengthening to firm up. I doubt I'll go lower but we will see!!! No regrets.
  24. Zane's Mom


    I found I was lactose intolerant afterwards and if you are referring to eating traditional cereal with milk, that's having Fluid with your meal and it was a total disaster when I tried. I'm 11 months out and cereal to this day is not a go to craving for all of the above reasons. I agree with the posters above, 16 days is too soon!!!
  25. Zane's Mom

    Quick question about hair loss

    At 11 months mine is still super thin but I think the loss is now minimal. My ponytail is ridiculous. I bought some beautiful clip in hair extensions with curl and volume and I love them. I get compliments all the time. I've only colored my hair once since surgery. And I think I'm almost ready to try it again. I agree with all the others .. Taking all the extras can't hurt and hopefully will help for stringer re growth.