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    I put a tablespoon of benefiber powder in my breakfast shake every day. I can't even tell its there. The water I drink the rest of the day helps the benefiber do its job. I'm miserable if I miss a day.
  2. Mayaresearchmom

    Post Bypass Surgery foods I can eat

    I have found that my taste has changed. I'm almost 2 years post op. I still don't get hungry. I have to remind myself to eat on a schedule. That being said, I still enjoy Popeyes fried chicken. I usually order the kids meal that just has a leg and get a side of red beans and rice. I just take the skin off the chicken. At Wendy's it's a small chili with added cheese and onions on top. I usually stay away from burgers and fries because of the carbs. If it's pizza, I eat the toppings off and leave the crust.
  3. Mayaresearchmom

    Hellllp LOL.

    Yes, you have to sign on through web, you cannot do it through the app.
  4. Mayaresearchmom

    Hopeless ..

    Contact your insurance company and ask them for a provider list.
  5. Mayaresearchmom

    Found a new portable food

    My favorite is the ranch flavored. YUMMY!
  6. My doc always weighs me without shoes on. Wear loose pants, and get some of the ankle weights that you can buckle around your ankles.
  7. Sounds like you have reflux. They have over the counter Prevacid. I would start taking that, but also find a local doctor to see. There are labs that you should have done on a regular basis, things like B12 shots that you need. I had a prescription for Protonix daily for the first 6 months, and now just use it occasionally. Good luck!
  8. Mayaresearchmom

    What's on your Superbowl snack table?

    Look at http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com There are lots of good ideas there.
  9. Mayaresearchmom

    Help! I need to learn to eat slow!

    I was told to chew each bite 40 times, and to put my fork or spoon down between each bite. I also used baby spoons and forks at the very beginning to get used to the smaller bite sizes needed. LOL, believe me, if you use those you will have no choice but to eat slower.
  10. Mayaresearchmom

    January 7, 2015 was my surgery. Looking for a mentor.

    Have you tried a scoop or half a scoop of protein powder in a carton of greek yougurt? I find it more palatable some days than the shakes. I'm 9 months out, and there are days that I just can't stomach any type of Shake, but need to bulk up my protein intake. Vanilla yogurt with strawberry protein powder works well for me.
  11. Mayaresearchmom

    Help !????????????????

    You may not be feeling stressed, however your body has gone through a major stress, and continues to be stressed as you suddenly start to lose weight. In our pre-op group meetings we were told to expect major pms symptoms, and possible changes to cycles, as the weight loss causes an increase in the release of estrogen and other hormones. Not to worry though as it begins to level out after the first month or so.
  12. Mayaresearchmom

    I'm new here

    Yea! Only a few more days for you! I remember feeling the same way the last few days before my surgery. And then for a few days afterwards thinking "what the heck have I done to myself?" Now at 9 months out, and 90 lbs less, I know that it's the best thing I have ever done for myself. Congrats, and best wishes for a smooth journey.
  13. Mayaresearchmom

    Old and new

    I've heard the same thing about Dr Woodman. I would not even consider seeing him, or referring anybody to him, nor would my PCP. Dr. Weaver is in a different group, she and her staff are all so nice. She was so down to earth. Not some fancy Schmancy dressed to the nines type of doctor, who talks over your head. She actually listened to what I and the other patients had to say during our group pre-op meeting. She wasn't in a rush to push us out the door, and took the time to answer all of our questions. Every doctor I saw during my pre-op work ups asked who was doing my surgery, and all 3 of them said the same thing, that they would send their own family to her for WLS. My cardiologist actually said he would not clear me for surgery with Dr. Woodman, that's how much he didn't like him. Big sigh of relief when I told him I was going with Dr Weaver. I was self pay, so I can't say how they work insurance deductibles etc.Anyway, it's really important that you feel comfortable with whoever you eventually choose. Best wishes for a smooth and successful journey.
  14. Mayaresearchmom

    Old and new

    Hey, I'm in Memphis, we are closer than Nashville by half the distance. You should check out Dr. Virginia Weaver. She's great!
  15. Mayaresearchmom

    Walking post-op? I can't now!

    My doctor suggested walking in short intervals. Start out at 5 minutes, then when you can do that without being short of breath etc, double it to 10 minutes. It doesn't matter how fast or how far you are walking, it's just that you are up and walking. I had my surgery to prepare for a knee replacement after a horrible fracture through my knee that did not heal properly. I walked with a cane, and was lucky to get from one side of the bedroom to the other side without having to sit down. I had a list of exercises from my physical therapy from my fracture that I had to do when I was in a wheelchair for 12 weeks after the fracture. They were all done laying in bed. I still do them even now if I'm laying in bed watching tv etc. Maybe you can ask your PCP to refer you to a physical therapist. Tell them you are interested in learning safe ways to build muscle tone and endurance.
  16. Mayaresearchmom

    What types of food can you enjoy down the road?

    Like others here, I can pretty much eat anything. However I stay away from fried foods, breads and rice. Also chicken breast as they are way too dry. I dislike the pain from dry chicken.
  17. Mayaresearchmom

    Hunger Question

    I usually don't feel hungry at all, I do however get headaches if I skip a snack, or if I get busy and am late eating a meal.
  18. Mayaresearchmom

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I got into the drivers seat of my daughters small car, and I didn't need to move the seat back! I've never been able to do that before.
  19. I would say that the gas is normal after surgery, just from what i have read here on BP, and personal experience. (LOL,it's bad enough to clear the room sometimes). However, the pain sounds more like lactose intolerance. Try a non dairy product like soy milk, or almond milk.
  20. Mayaresearchmom

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    Getting into my daughters car to take it to the shop, and not needing to move her seat back to fit into it!
  21. Mayaresearchmom

    What is the purpose of eating slow

    Your stoma is about the diameter of a pencil. If you do not chew your food well enough, the food may not be able to pass thru. That is also why my nut said no thick soft chewy bread (one of my favorites), because it turns into a dough ball and just sits there. What does not go thru, must come out another way. I don't know about you, but I hate puking. Chewing well is so much easier.
  22. Mayaresearchmom


    6 months out, I average between 900 and 1100 calories a day.
  23. Mayaresearchmom

    What iPhone apps do you use?

    My fitness pal. It allows you to customize the levels of protein, fat, and carbs that your doctor sets for you. Also has weight tracking, and activity tracking. I use it every day.
  24. Mayaresearchmom

    Why no weight loss 3 weeks post-op?

    It's called the third week stall. Most everybody hits it. It's your body taking a break. Just stick to your doctors plan, and it will pass. Be prepared to hit stalks throughout your journey. Don't let them get you down, they will pass.
  25. At 6 months post-op, I pretty much eat whatever I want. I just still stick to my doctors guidelines. No fried or fatty foods, no rice, limited pastas and only whole grain breads. I measure everything, so I have 4 ounces total. Usually 2 to 3 ounces of protein, and a mix of veggies and carbs for the remaining portion. I have learned that I am not good at "eyeballing" portions, so I really appreciate the digital food scale I use. I don't worry about calories, I just track what I eat, and try to get my daily requirements of 60 - 80 grams of protein, and no more than 100 grams of carbs and no more than 30 grams of fats, and no more than 12 grams of sugar at a time.