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    BandedSwords got a reaction from Alkieffer1 in taking bites every few minutes   
    My nutritionist told me if it takes me longer than 30 minutes to eat, then stop eating because after 30 minutes you will begin to just replenish what has passed thru the band, therefore prevent weight loss.
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    BandedSwords reacted to plopez in June LapBand   
    Well I'm heading to San Antonio tomorrow and Friday is the day. I'm soooo excited but worried about slowing down on the eating and drinking.
    I have not cheated 1 time in 13 days.
    I GOT THIS!!!
    But you can still say a prayer for me. Lol
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    BandedSwords reacted to La_madam in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    Here is my before picture taken the night before surgery.
    Ok Here is a pic taken this morning Feb 11th in a size 12 Old navy pants

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    BandedSwords reacted to kristie in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    I cant tell you how much the lap band has changed my life!

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    BandedSwords reacted to BelBo2 in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    I should retake pictures. After my TT I have even lost more inches. I love my band.

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    BandedSwords reacted to m_rose in June 2014 Dates!?   
    Hi everyone!!! SO happy to see we have established such a great group of people on this thread!!! June will be here in 2 days - can you believe it?? Our lives are going to be changing drastically THIS MONTH. How exciting!!!!
    Today I have a pre-op appointment for my Endoscopy which is scheduled June 6th. *Did anyone else have an endoscopy pre-op?
    June 9th I have my one and only meeting with the nutritionist.
    I have until June 13th to knock off my last 3 lbs required by insurance. I CAN DO IT! On my home scale I weighed in at 228.6 this morning. Typically I have noticed I weigh about 2 lbs more at the doctors. *Anyone else see this?
    June 16th I have bloodwork.
    and June 30th is THE day! AHHHHH
    I look forward to having everyone update as they get closer, right up until the minute we go in, and every day afterwards! We all need to support each other and reading everyone's stories has been so comforting - we are NOT alone on this journey.
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    BandedSwords reacted to Writerjennifer in June 2014 Dates!?   
    For months I have been buying shakes and other things I will need for the pre and post-op diet. A box here, a can there, etc. Even got some puddings and extracts to add to shakes. I didn't want to have to pay for it all at once, the $2 per shake times 3-5 shakes a day times 4-12 weeks kind of worried me. I was lucky, I won a Makeover and $100 worth of vitimins from my surgeons office so I have the vitimins. So I think I'm all ready... 18 days to go... gulp
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    BandedSwords reacted to Loveskinnyme in June 2014 Dates!?   
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    BandedSwords got a reaction from tigerlily14 in June 2014 Dates!?   
    My surgery date is June 23rd. I am currently at my pre - op appointment. I am a bundle of nerves.
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    BandedSwords reacted to Nancyisgettinghealthy in June 2014 Dates!?   
    Hi All!
    I have a surgery date of June 25th!! I am excited and scared, yet also realize my journey to health will start with this major step. I have many health issues, no thyroid, huge knee issues, bp issues, etc., at this time. I read WLS books and have seen my nutritionist and surgeon 2 plus times already. My surgeon first removed my gall bladder in 1994, so I know him well and trust him completely. I live in the Seattle area, so am having my surgery at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. I have been doing all the healthy things I can to set myself up for success.I have a trusted support team of my husband and daughters and a few trusted friends, I KNOW this is not a quick fix, a diet or just a way to get thin-this is my journey back to Health and wellness and being able to move without constant pain, shower w/o a shower chair, and to LIVE again. I am so tired of isolating and hiding from fear of comments by strangers...thoughts of...will I fit in the chair....what if I cant fit in the skinny bathroom stall,....heaven forbid-can I even wipe my butt? And the list goes on.....I need help, support and to know you all are human too..,,
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    BandedSwords reacted to cutiepieinchi in June 2014 Dates!?   
    Preop class was last night. Our bariatric nurse will be calling in our pain meds,injections ,zofran(nausea med) and prevacid. I will pick those up Monday. I learned that I will have a drain until I go home and have a Foley for one day. I have to go in for more pre op testing which will include blood work,breathing test,cat scan and an ultrasound. I've started an instagram which is watchtiffshrink_ if you want to follow me.not much is on it yet because I'm still pre op but it shall get exciting soon . 18 more days til surgery
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    BandedSwords got a reaction from hcintron21 in Surgery Tomorrow May 28th!   
    Good luck too u. I'm not far behind you.
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    BandedSwords got a reaction from tigerlily14 in June 2014 Dates!?   
    My surgery date is June 23rd. I am currently at my pre - op appointment. I am a bundle of nerves.

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