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  1. My story started in 2012 my moms doctor told me if I lost weight we could work on me being her living donor. So I went to my doctor said I need this to save her life help me. We got me set up for the sleeve. At almost 300 pounds I would have done anything to help her. I had the sleeve done March 2014 and after getting to 190 her doctor told me I couldn't be her donor she wouldn't survive the surgery. So fast forward to 2019 I have major heart burn so bad even Water gives me heart burn. By 2020 i was over the heart burn and the miserable life I met with my new doctor he informed me due to my sleeve it will be constant and just get worse so we did a revision and basically went to the bypass. Its been a very long and exhausting road. I wouldn't change it for anything but I would reconsider the original surgery.

  2. I did mine at UF when you went in did you tell them you didn't drink? Also once you have the surgery you are going to have not drink period your body will be limited and you can't have what room you have taken up by something that will give you nothing in nutritional value. I can't say what they will or won't do but if they make you wait and do another blood my suggestion is to work on the no drinking period. If you continue to have alcohol show up they can refuse to do the surgery. Not because they don't understand but because they don't want you to fail and hurt yourself.

  3. 1 hour ago, PetEngMLM said:

    Hello All!

    I had VSG on 2/4 and started full liquids today (with cottage cheese and pudding!? 😊 is that really a liquid? )
    I was so nervous on surgery day and slept the whole day and almost all the next too. I’m thinking it was self preservation! I also had a hiatal hernia fixed. I’m feeling ok...I still really miss food. I was told most people don’t feel hungry afterwards, but I do...anyone else?

    Its a mental thing you want texture and the oral fixation. You have to remember you've been eating for years its a habit. I blend up veggies and mix with a non flavored Protein this way I get some texture with my protein. It gets easier.

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