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  1. Wow, I just got manslained. *laughing* First time I’ve worn one of my half marathon shirts to the gym. (race to robbie creek elevation half marathon) I’m feeling like a bad ass and thought no one could kill my vibe today. A racquetball player in his late 50’s and a substantial beer belly. walked up to me in the weight room. He had no idea that i was obese five years ago. He said, I can help you lose your mid-section” He tapped my midsection with his hand. I backed up, “oh hell no!” you didn’t just touch me. I told him “I’m working with patty” (she’s a trainer) He gave me a back handed compliment “you are all muscle and making the guys look bad.” What a dumb ass, some people give me motivation to work hard at the gym.
  2. Healthy_life2

    Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat as a breakfast food

    My disclaimer for anyone asking if they can eat certain foods: Trust your medical professionals advice before anyone's opinion on this site - Eat whats on your plan and stay with in your weight loss or maintenance calories. It does not matter what they are doing or if their plan looks different. If you are in Weight loss phase - Follow your dietitians food plan. (If its not on your plan don't eat it) If you are on maintenance = follow your dietitians food plan -- Low glycemic carbs are added to your diet to slow stop weight loss
  3. Healthy_life2

    When can I have toast again?

    Don't waste this surgery and opportunity to get your weight off You said, "I was instructed to avoid bread, rice and Pasta for 3-6 months " If its not on your plan, don't eat it. Trust your medical professional before anyone's advice on this site. (It does not matter what others are doing or if their plans look different) Call your dietitian/surgeons office and ask if you can eat bread, peanut butter, or BLT . Or any foods you are questioning
  4. Healthy_life2

    Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat as a breakfast food

    @Ginanatucci Glad you enjoyed your time in Italy. You are almost two years out. Do you need to work off just the 8 pounds? Or do you need to lose more than that? Five year out, All I can offer is what works for me. If you need to lose more than 8 pounds - Go back to bariatric basics. Eat the food on your dietitians plan, hydrate, log food in an app and exercise If you are maintaining and need to work off an 8 pound gain - Log and stay with in your dieticians weight loss calories and macros My carbs are around 55 to 66 grams. Yes, I have a half a cup of of whole grain oats. I make sure my carbs hit my range for the day. google bariatric friendly recipes. It may help if you are in a food rut.
  5. Healthy_life2

    The Maintenance Thread

    Love your name - I sent a request. My name in MFP is fit_chickx
  6. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Menu - (note training for distance run) Coffee - unsweetened cashew milk, banana Post workout recovery meal - Oatmeal raspberries - protein water - Lunch - Homemade chicken sausage and vegetable soup. Flat out bread and tuna salad wrap Snack - sugar snap peas and hummus Dinner - Chicken salad with hemp hearts sliced almonds marinated artichokes chick peas 50/50 spring mix - sweet potato Night time snack - Yogurt - frozen raspberries - chia seed and cashews @FluffyChix I don't believe the post on intuitive eating was making an assumption about not trusting our selves. Or did I miss something? To log or not to log is a personal choice. It's finding what works long term. @Greenfeather65 IMHO, I believe maintaining is NOT a one size fits all plan. Calories/ maros will look different for each of us. Some of us have health issues, food addictions,, have a great metabolism or a high fitness level. We all approach maintaining knowing are risk factors. Its also possible for risk factors to change with time. Some can maintain with ease. They have la good relationship with food. They can do intuitive eating, keep and eye on the scale and not get complacent. Don't need to log food anymore. Some may have eating disorders/ anorexia behavior/obsessing. They may have a harder time getting out of weight loss mode, Backing off of logging may be a better approach. Without getting complacent and regaining. Some, still are trying to increase calories/macros with tight surgery restriction. They may need to log to find where there body stops losing weight Some are struggling with old behaviors - or binge eating, food addiction, stress emotional eating. They may need to log for accountability. Some have regain years out. May need to log to get back on track. Off my soap box *smile*
  7. Healthy_life2

    Preventing Pouch Stretching

    @BoredFatGirl Good video, thanks for posting it. I like how he teaches patients on how to eat post surgery. I also like Dr. Weiners take on the subject of stretching your surgery,. *video below* The difference of surgery restriction becoming less as you progress out vs sleeve stretching.
  8. Healthy_life2

    Pre surgery liquid carb drinks?

    Nope. Never herd of liquid carbs pre - op Clear liquid diet is usually to shrink your liver pre - op. Most surgeons will recommend you adhere to a strict clear liquid diet days prior to your surgery. Clear liquids will include broth, sugar free Jell-O, sugar free popsicles, water and possibly one protein shake each day. Again, follow your surgeon’s instructions.
  9. You have done fantastic. New year and new fitness goals! I agree, It felt like I was doing something wrong. I was scared to eat more calories and add carbs. Its pretty normal to feel this way. My instructions are healthy fats, low glycemic and plant based carbs. (whole wheat,Whole grains, brown rice and sweet potato) Mashed sweet potato is my go to. It fits in my pouch better. Rice bloats me..*laughing * It's going to be trial and error to find the foods that you can fit in and tolerate to increase your calories. Avocado is also wonderful.
  10. Healthy_life2

    Can I eat whole wheat bread

    What does your dietitians plan say?
  11. Hi Jake, Congratulations on going into maintenance. Do you have your dietitians maintenance food plan? Did she mention adding in low glycemic carbohydrates? We get it, Transitioning to maintenance after living the "baratric weight loss rules" is hard. It takes time to get into a new mind set. Talk with @BigViffer @BlueCrush @NurseMichael @Albus @deadmanwalking @PWMDMD for lifting advice from a guy's perspective. This will be long, because I love this topic. I'm five years out, I got to goal in six months, I still had tight surgery restriction. You may need graze maintenance food and calories ( eating many small meals) It can feel like you are eating all day long. Did you ever think you would have to work to eat more food? Your surgery restriction will relax over time. It gets easier to eat to fuel your body correctly for lifting/running. I lift and distance run. I hired a sports medicine dietitian to learn how to fuel for endurance sports with my sleeve. Some things to think about: Exercise on low calories is counter productive. Many of us lose muscle with rapid weight loss. If you workout hard on low calories you will lose even more muscle. It's not a healthy look. When you eat your maintenance plan, you will see better lifting and sport performance results. I have done full and half marathons. I am training for an elevation half marathon trail run in April. I've learned many things from other bariatric runners and my own experiences. Fueling your body is going to be a different diet. I carb load seven days prior and do a taper before the race. (I'm on facebook - BAC with you. If you want, message me. We can talk more about running/lifting and fueling healthy. Also GardianWilliam in BAC has done competitive lifting/body building. He had RNY and is a certified personal trainer. Some threads to read on this site:
  12. Healthy_life2

    Re finding yourself?

    I had to forgive and let go of my former self. Find adventures, make up for lost time, do the things your body wouldn't allow you to do. remember the things you enjoyed as a kid, take time for yourself and discover who you are and what brings you joy.
  13. Healthy_life2

    The Maintenance Thread

    Glad you are here and back on track. Anything we can help you with ask.😊
  14. Healthy_life2

    The Maintenance Thread

    Congratulations @AngieBear New year and fitness goals! . Do you use myfitnesspal?
  15. I have days where I question this thread. Yes, we are human but it's also knowing yourself and risk factors for regain Only my opinion, Be consistent not perfect. Don't waste your three months of your best restriction and your golden first year of weight loss. The work doesn't end after goal. @hmills653 is so right, We are all fighting the same battles. Know your weaknesses with food. Five years out, I still have foods I'm addicted to and keep out of my house *smile*
  16. Healthy_life2

    Embrace the Stall

    Time to bump the thread - Embrace the stall.
  17. If your Dr. has you on it to manage type 2 then take it. You might be in a weight loss stall (they are normal) I wouldn't take victoza to "restart" weight loss. Work your plan. See embrace the stall below.
  18. Healthy_life2

    Uncontrollable binge eating PO

    Sorry you are struggling, Thank you for your honesty. The work does not end after goal. Things may come up that people don't expect. No shame in asking for help. Look into therapy and support in NY (goggle it) Keep us updated and share how you are taking control of the situation. Anything we can do to support you...let us know.
  19. Healthy_life2

    Looking for help...

    @AngieBear Your transformation has been phenomenal. Its been great watching you int the OOTD. Can you believe how fast your weight loss has been? Fitness goals are a great way to transition into maintenance. Any races on your bucket list?
  20. What I wish I knew before I had surgery five years ago. When vets told me you will be able to eat more as you progress was so true. Working on the mental battles of weight loss was not easy. Overcoming my behaviors was one of the best gifts out of surgery. They are not 100% gone. I manage them much better. I'm older 45 day of surgery - 51 now. All the stress over vanity was a bit ridiculous for me. Honestly, I look better not obese. My loose skin is livable and I have gained muscle weight lifting. It has filled out the skin a bit. I looked into plastics twice. I backed out both times. I am happy with my body and rock my old fart self. Transitioning to maintenance was not what I had expected.
  21. Healthy_life2


    You are not alone - Join the maintenance thread. Lots of support and information to stop your weight loss. The only reason you are still losing weight is you are eating weight loss calories and carbs. It's time to transition into your maintenance diet. Many of us have a hard time getting in our maintenance calories at first. You may need to graze your maintenance diet (eating several small meals) It may feel like you are eating all day. It gets easier to get them in as your restriction becomes less with time. Many of us lose muscle with rapid weight loss. Exercise on low calories can cause muscle catabolisim. Catabolism -- or the wasting of lean muscle tissue -- should be avoided at all costs. Not only do you get weaker and more prone to injury, your metabolism will slow, decreasing how many calories you burn at rest It's not a healthy look. Back off on exercise until you can get your maintenance calories and macros in. If you have a advanced fitness level, you may want to hire a sports medicine dietitian to fuel your body to support your calorie burn.
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    Training for a race in April. Brooks running shirt is my favorite. Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
  23. Healthy_life2

    The Maintenance Thread

    I'm in a strange place five years out and maintaining. I'm not focused on being a bariatric patient. I no longer obsess about the"bariatric rules" It's because I live a healthy life out of habit. I identify more with the fitness community. I am ready to move on and hopefully continue to maintain in the years to come. I know I can always come back if I need to.