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    Because intonation is hard to tell, I'm going to say what I'm going to say and it's out of concern for your wellbeing. If you suspect at all that you are dealing with potential cardiac issues, you need to seek emergency help right away. I don't know if you're asking on a reversal of a gastric bypass thread, if a reversal could help you with that, if it is unfortunately no one except a bariatric surgeon could help with that. And that should be one you see in person. I didn't give you the exact answers you wanted because unfortunately in the questions you brought up brought up different kind of questions that I think might take precedence. If you feel secure in your health status and just want vitamin input from a 10 year plus grad, you might be better served starting a new thread on this forum site to best suit your needs.
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    I am 8 1 /2 years post reversal. We all vary, for those of us who've had them. I got gerd unfortunately, but I got rid of gi bleeds and nutrient levels so chronically low that even with iv infusions of ferritin and banana bags I have irreversible subcomplications from the nutritional defiencies. If you want to email me at unstapledlisa@gmail.com for more info and/or support, feel free.
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    Nick and Ro (and anyone else who might need a reversal) There is if you're on Facebook, a group for people who have had or will need a gastric bypass reversal. There are so many factors that play into gastric bypass reversals, that questions about what to expect post reversal, will depend on what kind of complications one has had, how long they've had them, how many surgical interventions they had to fix complications prior to reversal are factors that play into reversals and how one recovers from them. Closed and private group on Facebook can be found by using search terms gastric bypass reverses and takedowns, otherwise if you google "life in my frankenbelly", my Facebook friend Misty who owns and is an admin for that for that group blogs and vlogs about reversals, my Facebook friend Sue Joan who's blogged about gastric bypass and reversals for a long time, even though she hasn't had one, she was the only one who could help me, because when I had to have one to save my life in , NO ONE else in 2010 , seriously knew about them or was talking about them, so I help people online and via my blog about my reversal and that can be found by "googling" unstapledlisa or lisa kasen gastric bypass reversal. Or you can email me privately by emailing unstapledlisa@gmail.com. Hope this helps. Lisa p.s. due to my unique disability sets, I apologize for not being able to paste links when on a mobile device.......
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    Wow... I didn't know there was a forum for us reversed peeps. I had rny in 2001, reversed due gi bleeds primary, as I was going to die, secondary was long term nutritional deficiencies that caused irreversible neurological/cognitive disabilities, but would've died in 2010 without reversal and I probably was the heaviest person to ever need one and had the labs of a person starving to death. My surgeon who is brilliant didn't give me a hard time at my heaviest when I gained almost all my weight back back due to meds, starting at almost 7 years post rny. I was a size 24 again in early 2010 when I begged him for a revision, because if I had to be that sick for so long, I didn't want to be that heavy, even though I had a technically performed perfect rny. He refused saying that I was sicker than Obesity could ever be a threat to me and 5 months later when he brought up a reversal to save my life , I was ready and was going to die by then after living with complications for 7 + years that just were getting even worse. And that were going to kill me . Reversals ARE a dangerous and risky procedure, by the nature of why they are needed. I am not anti-wls and I'm not even anti gastric bypass. But I am around for support which is crucial, when going through this. I didn't know anyone who had a reversal at the time of mine. And even while my wls peeps tried to support me, they didn't know how not knowing anyone else who had one, either..... As "L Colendrea" said there is a support group on Facebook, started by my FB bud Misty (who also blogs and vlogs "life in my in my frankenbelly) and I blog , too about my reversal, as well....
  5. Lisa Kasen/UnstapledLisa

    Please Read: Keep BariatricPal a Safe Place

    Even though I'm not what I call "bariatric royalty", I have social media with most, because of how I choose to support the wls community. Of course all of us will vary in our communication styles, as well as how we perceive intent. There really is no need to be rude though, and that's why I understand the reason for this post. Also not knowing every aspect of someone's medical and mental health history, when people struggle, a lot of people jump to conclusions, that they shouldn't. I guess the best way to explain where I'm coming from is that I've seen people feeling like they failed their wls from eating Cookies. For one person that failure is eating one cookie, for another a bite of a cookie, for some it's the entire package. People can be straight to the point without being rude. There is nothing that any of us post ops, newbie to grads, can really prepare anyone for how they will respond to wls. 3 out of 5 us in my immediate family had wls, same surgeon, same DNA, all of us are grads and completely DIFFERENT experiences post wls. For my sister and my Dad, it worked better for them not participate in anything wls (even though my Dad is a revised peep 13 1/2 years ago and still SMO) I remember the first 2 years post rny, I did struggle with head hunger. My surgery did what it was supposed to do. Then I found a love of exercise at 2 1/2 years post rny and got thinner and fitter than I ever dreamed (went from a size 24 to a 9/10 the 1st 2 years post rny). However when I talked about struggling in 2002 to mid 2004, people who were grads were mean to me. Then I got thinner and fitter when they started to falter. So between being too busy and lack of support, I just lived my life, until my complications nearly killed me (I started actively participating on Facebook in early 2010) and saw that not all wls peeps are going to be hateful and that there was support to give and take. But knowing there will always be haters. I've had people bluntly and/or hatefully say they would never regain weight, like I did, from 2007 to 2009, who've apologized years later, when they ended up gaining more weight than I did, with less trying circumstances. I've had anonymous haters tell me that they will never be like me, tell me that they would rather die than lose their wls tool but they weigh over 200 lbs more than I do. I guess the best way I can explain why I support this thread, and I'm not in any wls community, constantly, is you never know what people are truly going through. And even if someone is 3 days post wls, is just leaving the hosptial and is talking about wanting to go through the drive thru at Taco Bell, there's NEVER any reason to be mean. That's a sign someone needs acute medical and mental health help and support, usually best given by a clinically trained professional. NOT a 2-3 year post wls patient who hasn't walked in their shoes. The best way I can explain what I'm trying to say and I know I'm wordy, it's not much different than when someone says "If I can do it, anyone can". No, they may not be able to do it, you/we don't know all of their circumstances and none of us are EVER an expert on someone else's experience. Whether it be WLS related or anything else.
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    Band > Sleeve now what?

    I say the same thing, about a 3rd revision, but for different reasons than most wls peeps. I gained almost 100 lbs (was "only" a 100 lbs overweight with no cormorbidities when I had my rny in 12/2001) starting at 6 1/2 years post rny, due to medications that caused both a chemically induced obsession with food and effected me metabolically, even though I threw up almost everything I ate, due to a gi bleed history from rny, for years. And my gastric bypass was reversed in 9/2010. I remain though in the wls communities to be a supportive peer, even though my responses are not necessarily popular. I'm not anti-rny, though nor anti-wls . I am saying that is it possible that you're on medications that can cause either weight gain or stalls weight loss. Or do you have a health history such as PCOS, thyroid, etc that sometimes can be problematic, as far as easier weight gain and/or slower weight loss? There's not much I haven't seen or heard in the almost 15 years I've participated in wls communities. I've seen people not be able to eat much and regain all their weight back. I've seen people be able to eat everything, i.e. my 13 1/2 year post rny sister who's maintained 95% of her weight loss and doesn't follow a bariatric regimen at all, but she does work out A LOT and is tiny, is super healthy and has never had one complication, doesn't dump, etc, as well as some other people I know. I don't talk about how I lose weight, but it wouldn't work for me, to follow a newbie bariatric regimen, even with thyroid and metabolic issues.As starvation no longer works. I'm OK with being 65-70 lbs lbs and almost 10 sizes smaller than my biggest both before bariatric surgery and after bariatric surgery (I was a size 24/3-4x both in 2001 and in 2009). I'm on average now of 12/14 and misses XL in most clothes. Sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger, depending on who makes the clothes. If you feel overall good, it might be easier on you both physically and mentally to concentrate on weight lost, not weight found. I choose to concentrate on being a 12/14 vs a 24 than the 2/4 I was, at my smallest. But if you do want to lose more weight, maybe it might help to rule out obstacles such as medical and medication issues that can cause weight gain or hamper weight loss. Hope this helps... Best of luck to you...
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    When I see a seriously overweight young woman, I have this overwhelming urge...

    Don't EVER do this, OK. Most people where I normally belong to the WLS communities on Facebook, would tell you I'm about as supportive of the wls community as I possibly can, with having horrible complications that led to my gastric bypass needing to be reversed over 4 1/2 years ago. Anyone looking at me, 6 years ago, could tell that I was really sick, physically but it had NOTHING to do with weight but my gastric bypass complications, however and I had gained almost ALL my weight back and was back in a size 24. Because of meds I was on. While NO one ever suggested I have wls, NO ONE could understand how sick I was BECAUSE of wls. I defend anyone's right to be happy and speak of personal experience of how happy they are about having WLS and/or to help others. If they ask for it. People of larger size get told messages all the time online and from society that they need to lose weight. If they want to have wls, they'll ask about it. If they don't, their body size is NONE of your business. And even if you mean to help, you'll ONLY cause unnecessary hurt.
  8. Lisa Kasen/UnstapledLisa

    Did You Have Complications After Weight Loss Surgery?

    Yes, had major complications consisting of severe long term nutritional deficiencies and multiple ulcer perfs, multiple times. Had a straight takedown at almost 9 years status post rny, as a result.....
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