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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. sleevemode

    Quest Protein Bars

    Anyone tried the Quest Pasta yet?
  2. sleevemode

    Great New Snack

    I agree. Given that General Mills makes them there's certainly a possibility of getting them in other areas I suppose.
  3. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    Ding, ding: Winner! You're welcome to have any of my opened and full, but digusting, protein shake containers....
  4. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    Points for suggesting I roll my eyes at lot - sometimes, they're actually tired after work.
  5. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    That's seasonal work.
  6. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    Ding, ding: Winner!
  7. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    Like Barney Fife? Nope. It's not something I can wear sunglasses doing.
  8. sleevemode

    Guess my Occupation

    Any guesses?
  9. I loosley followed it, primarily for Breakfast and lunch, but had a normal dinner. The one exception was the day before (clear liquid). That I stuck to exactly.
  10. sleevemode

    medical bracelets for Sleevers?

    Thanks, though I posted my idea because I can't wear jewerly for various reasons.
  11. sleevemode

    What are the best vitamins?

    I was wondering about these. Did you try the chewable or "gummy" type?
  12. sleevemode

    medical bracelets for Sleevers?

    I was thinking of just using a small labeller and putting "Gastrecomy - no NSAID or NGT" on the bottom of my license. GIve that I'm also a guy, it's extremely unlikely that I won't have my wallet on me and my license is right in front. Thoughts from the nurses/medical professionals?
  13. sleevemode


    At my one month followup, my surgeon said my incisions looked good enough that I can go into the pool or beach now. I'm excited to hear about that. So from my own experience, I'd say 4-6 weeks, so you should be able to catch some late summer sun and fun.
  14. sleevemode

    Sleeved on april 23rd!

    You can stretch your sleeve out. Also, if you consume HC/HF foods that slide through your narrow sleeve such as ice cream you will regain.
  15. sleevemode

    Sleeved as of 4/22/14

    I'm assuming the zofran was proscribed by your surgeon? What do they say about your nausea? Can you give some examples as to pureed food you are consuming?
  16. You can't have an egg? Odds are you won't be able to eat more than that anyway.
  17. sleevemode

    post op from April 29th

    You should be fine. Using straws isn't recommended because you will intake air on every sip causing more gas. For some wls folks the opposite seems true.
  18. sleevemode

    post op from April 29th

    Using the BA chewables. So far, no issues.
  19. sleevemode

    post op from April 29th

    Not normal. Have you spoken with your doc?
  20. sleevemode

    Problems with H2O

    It seems to get better with each passing day, for me at least. I stocked to cabinet full of Crystal light just to help.
  21. sleevemode

    Constant saliva

    Are you on an acid inhibitor such as Prilosec/ omeprazole? The excess saliva seems to be a common gsv issue.
  22. sleevemode

    Any Pa sleevers?

    Hey PA Sleevers! I'm a little over a week out. No issues other then some head hunger. Would love to make some local sleeve buddies. I'm now in Media (delco).
  23. sleevemode

    Sleeved on april 23rd!

    Well 20% regain is expected by many programs. Outside of that, I've found that most people regain larger amounts because they stop going to support meetings when they are years out - they really help keep you on track.